Tuesday, October 02, 2007

By Popular Demand: Ask Bonnie

During our anniversary celebration, I ran a poll concerning potential new features. Well, the electorate has spoken. Since many of you expressed a desire to Ask Bonnie, then ask you shall.

Here are the ground rules:
  1. Please submit your question(s) via e-mail. If you have a pseudonym you would prefer I use when responding, be sure to tell me.

  2. I will choose which questions are answered and when the responses will appear. I will make an effort to answer all relevant and reasonably respectful questions, but I offer no guarantees.

  3. I don't plan to to field questions that are too far off topic for this blog. Under no circumstances will I discuss religion, politics, quantum gravity, or football.

  4. I will answer as best I can. If I don't know, I'll tell you so. I am not qualified to give medical, legal, psychological, or programming advice. But I do have plenty of opinions.

OK, there you are. Ask away!


Paul said...

Bonnie, quantum physics are essential to spanking, how would those of us of a mathamatical turn of mind ever get a spanking right without it. *G*
Joking aside Bonnie, I think this is a very brave thing you are doing, I hope it succeeds.
Warm hugs,

hermione said...

That's great, Bonnie! I'm sure your inbox will be flooded in no time. I have a few questions in mind already.

Jim said...

Quantum entanglement is essential to those switch situatoins where: I give you a spanking, but it is my bottom that turns red.


hermione said...

Definitely no football talk, please. I have to wait for my spanking till the first Sunday afternoon game is over. I HATE overtime!

Bonnie said...

Paul - As far as I'm concerned, all quarks are off-topic!

I don't feel as though it's particularly brave. Ask Bonnie is really a lot like a slightly more organized version of the mailbag.

Hermione - By all means, send them in. I've received a few good questions so far. I'll publish them with my responses once I accumulate a couple more.

Perhaps you might feel differently if it were the spanking that went into overtime...?

Jim - You see? That's just what I'm talking about. A simple spanking just should not be so complicated.

jade said...

Surely you don't mean no soccer questions, right?

I mean, how can you get along without soccer?

I have this coach who doesn't like laziness on the soccer pitch...he has a very interesting way of motivating me.....

Anonymous said...

Question from Jim:

Bonnie, have you ever shoved a magazine down the back of you panties, to mitigate a spanking?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Science Fiction writer, and I wonder if you share this opinion. Do you think, someday, in the future, cities will have a zone, or area, where people can openly express their "kink" as a part of their daily lives. To work live and breath in a open adult society?

Dave said...

Ok. Let's see, well, do you think the Red Sox pitching rotation is set for the division series? errm.....wait a minute. I think I'm on the wrong blog. Sorry!

GoSox! ;)

p.s. I'm looking forward to this 'ask Bonnie' feature--great idea!! :))

Jim said...

How was the birthday spanking?

Bonnie said...

Jade - If you can tie Futbol in with spanking, we might have something to discuss.

Jim and Anon - Your answers are above.

Dave - Sox? I recall Randy once bound my wrists with a pair of knee socks, but maybe that's different. :D

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