Friday, October 05, 2007

Ask Bonnie: The Premier

You asked for it!

Teresa: I want to start my own blog, but I am squeamish about being found out.

Bonnie: That's a legitimate concern. As normal and positive as we may believe our lifestyles are, the world is full of people who can't or won't understand. Consequenly, most of us choose to publish under a pseudonym and conceal many aspects of our lives. For those with jobs and families, this is the unfortunate reality. But I think writing anonymously in a blog is much better than simply hiding in silence.

I've been very fortunate thus far. If anyone from the real world has recognized me, they've had the good sense to keep it to themselves.

Teresa: It is very obvious that you are a writer and I do not want to sound uneducated.

Bonnie: Each writer and every blog offer a new and valuable perspective. Flowery writing cannot save a weak story. Neither can plain writing kill a compelling one. I have no doubt that your unique voice and experiences would enrich our community.

Teresa: I have to wonder if posting weekly would be enough. What do you think about a blog that is written once a week?

Bonnie: While it's easier to retain your readership if you update more frequently, there are many outstanding bloggers who publish only occasionally. When you begin, explore the possibilities and take special note of what you like and what works best. Over time, you will quite naturally adopt a publishing pattern that fits your style and your schedule.

Prefectdt: How can I get readers into the swing of voting [in polls] on my blog?

Bonnie: It's one thing to attract visitors and another entirely to convince them to actively participate. Let's face it, bloggers never hear from the majority of our visitors. Less than ten percent of my readers vote in polls. It's sad, but true. I believe there are as many reasons for this silence as there are lurkers. Some feel they have nothing to add. Others are simply not comfortable being so conspicuous. Whatever the cause, they don't comment or even vote.

Let's focus, then, upon the remainder of your reader population. You can entice them with clever headlines, bewitch them with attractive photos, or energize them with vivid colors and bold styles. In each case, the goal is to persuade the reader to stay around a little longer and sample what your blog has to offer. If the reader likes what they see, he or she is likely to become a return visitor.

However, the best lure in the long term is, and always will be, quality content. If you present articles that readers appreciate, they will reward you by becoming regulars. This is the core group you need for successful participatory features.

Prefectdt: My first poll flopped [with] a total of six votes, including my own. Is my reader base too small to fuel a poll?

Bonnie: It's fun to see the numbers of people who pass through even a moderately popular blog. The counts simply amaze me sometimes.

However, the only number that really matters in this discussion is the size of your loyal core group. Based upon the results you cite, it may be pretty small at the moment. I often advise patience to new bloggers. It can take months to grow a sizable reader base. During that initial period, precious feedback may be scarce and that is very frustrating. I've seen dozens of promising blogs abandoned for just this reason.

I suggest you should continue with your polls, even though the level of participation is not yet what you want. Hopefully, in time, you'll see those numbers increase.

T Wolf: Are you always spanked in the nude or are you allowed to wear clothes sometimes.

Bonnie: My state of (un)dress during a spanking depends upon Randy's mood. We've tried many permutations.

DN: Could you compare how long the spank marks remain after a severe
session depending on the instrument? I know, for instance, that marks from a riding whip don't last long. How about a wooden ruler? A cane?

Bonnie: I find it difficult to give you a definitive answer. Marking and the persistence of marks are dependent upon many factors beyond the implement being applied. People have different skin textures that vary greatly in their elasticity and opacity. For example, blondes and other light complected people generally mark more often and more visibly than other skin types.

Even for one person, the likelihood of marking can change over time depending upon the season, general health, hormones, and so forth.

Also, any given implement can be used in a variety of different fashions.

In terms of a generic response, severe skin injuries tend to yield more dramatic marks, which in turn tend to fade more slowly. Of the implements you list, the cane is most likely to inflict this sort of damage (all factors being equal). The other two implements would be comparatively milder.

Denise: Ever since you stated that your blog name is a triple entendre, I have been curious. I believe I have two of the meanings, which are the easy ones, it is the third meaning that has me stumped. Would you mind enlightening your faithful readers?

Bonnie: Sure. The word bottom can mean the part of the anatomy most involved in spankings. It can also refer to a person who is the recipient of spankings.

Smarts can indicate a state of soreness or the presence of learning.

Now let's see how many ways we can connect these two simple words.
  1. The part of the anatomy is sore
  2. The part of the anatomy has just acquired a bit more education
  3. The person is sore
  4. The person has some learning to share
So, in truth, it's probably a quadruple entendre. But who's counting?

When I started this blog, I wanted a name that was distinctive, descriptive, and clever. MBS was the best among several I considered.

Jim: Have you ever shoved a magazine down the back of you panties, to mitigate a spanking?

Bonnie: No, I don't recall trying that stunt. I seriously doubt it would work for long.

Anon: I'm a Science Fiction writer, and I wonder if you share this opinion. Do you think, someday, in the future, cities will have a zone, or area, where people can openly express their "kink" as a part of their daily lives. To work live and breath in a open adult society?

Bonnie: That's a fascinating concept. I've written a number of articles that essentially pose the question, "What if consensual adult spanking were completely mainstream?" It's an utterly improbable notion in today's society, but fun to ponder.

Your premise, of a "green light district," adds a practical element where those who don't wish to participate needn't be exposed (although as soon as you introduce residences and workplaces, the problem returns).

I don't see it coming to Peoria, at least not in my lifetime. However, San Francisco, Bangkok, or Amsterdam could be a different story.

Jim: How was the birthday spanking?

Bonnie: We had a great weekend and I can assure you that the official birthday spanking was administered as scheduled. I will present the details in an upcoming account. I've been very busy and a little under the weather this week, but it should be ready soon.

Thanks to everyone who contributed questions for Ask Bonnie. If you have a question you'd like to submit, please send me an e-mail.


hermione said...

A great start, Bonnie. I can't wait for the next installment.

The title did make me pause, though. In Canada, we spell the word meaning first as 'premiere'. Premier (without the e on the end) is what we call the head of each province. So what flashed through my mind was that our Premier had sent you some questions, ergo he is a spanko!! And election day is less than a week away LOL.


Paul said...

Bonnie, interesting questions and more interesting answers. Thank you.
Warm hugs,


Thanks Bonnie.


Lee said...

I found the Science Fiction question intriguing. I'm not a writer per say (although I do journal and write stories if I get into one of those moods) but in high school I wrote several stories regarding "spanking districts" of sorts. Even now I'm amazed at how many things spanko have in common.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering all my questions. Peace&love Teresa

Caylee said...


This was amazing! Thanks for taking the time to answer, and thank you to everyone who sent in such thought-provoking questions.


Bonnie said...

Hermione - Thanks. That might gain some votes among some segments of the electorate.

Paul - You're very welcome.

Prefectdt - I'm glad I was able to answer your questions.

Lee - Yes, we have a great deal in common, especially considering that most spankos over thirty basically developed their kink in a vacuum.

Teresa - You quite welcome.

Caylee - Thanks. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Dave said...

Fantastic new feature/terrific idea.



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