Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Spanko Manifesto

We are spankos. It’s an integral part of who we are, but not the entirety of our being.

We spank and we are spanked. We watch, read about, write about, and discuss spankings. We dream about spankings to be and reminisce about spankings past.

We know who and what we are. We are not ashamed. Neither are we afraid. We are normal, happy people who enrich our lives through the enjoyment of this simple act.

We recognize and accept that some people cannot or will not understand. But that fact shall not deter us. We know from our own life experiences how beneficial adult spankings can be.

We are not strange, crazy, or dangerous. We respect all people and reject abuse in every form.

Within our ranks are represented every age, gender, race, class, orientation, religion, language, political affiliation, and country. We are spankos all.

We choose to band together as a community to provide support and encourage understanding. The friendship and common cause we find empowers us to reach out and speak the truth.

We spank in many ways and for many different reasons. However, we are committed in all cases to promoting safe, healthy, consensual, and caring relationships.

We know what we desire and what we prefer. We are not mistaken, misled, or misinformed. These feelings are our own and they are genuine.

We are spankos, and that’s a good thing.


Tiggr d'Amore said...

Bravo!!!! This is purrfect... says it all, and so beautifully, too!

Thank you Bonnie, for supplying us with an eternal encouragement and support network... and just for always being here!

Love and hugs,

Paul said...

Bonnie, hear, hear, thank you so much, well said.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie for the encouragement, it all seems so lonely sometimes out here.


New Beginnings said...

I love it! No one could have said it better. I may print this out and hang it some where in my house!!


Paige Tyler said...

I love it, Bonnie!

Paige (Tigger)

SelfSpanker said...

Bonnie – Extremely well done. This rookie blogger stands in awe.

Eva said...

That's a VERY good thing!! Beautiful, Bonnie!!!


Reesa Roberts said...

I'll sign that! (That is, if Manifestos are signed? lol) Great post, Bonnie!


Mike said...


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Bonnie said...

Tiggr - Aw, thanks. The manifesto wasn't something I planned to any degree. I sat down (ouch) at the keyboard and it just happened. As a writer, I live for those magical moments.

I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful community.

Paul - You're very welcome, my dear friend.

OPB - It's good to know that we are all a part of something bigger. That's what community is about.

PK - :D I'm pleased that you liked it.

Paige - Thanks!

Self - Any writer's best work comes when they write from the heart. This is a cause about which I feel deeply.

Eva - I certainly believe it is! Thanks.

Reesa - Sure! Sign away by all means. Thank you.

Mike - I'll check it out.

Tim said...

Wait, ALL countries? Even including the Irish?

Oh wait, I'm part Irish. Never mind.

Bonnie said...

Tim: Yes, definitely the Irish too.

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