Sunday, July 01, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #76

Today is Sunday and so it's time again for the weekly gathering that we call our spanko brunch. Today's topic promises to be great fun. Most of us have a view of spanking that was shaped in part by popular media. As a child, there were certain scenes from television shows that I replayed and analyzed in my mind over and over. In many ways, those stories formed the foundation of today's spanking fantasies. So what about you?

How has the popular media shaped your thoughts and feelings about spanking? Have you any especially memorable or meaningful spanking scenes from television, movies, magazines, newspapers, books, or radio that you would like to recount? Have you ever recreated a fictional scene?

See, didn't I tell you this would be fun?

If you would like to contribute to our discussion, the process is the same as for past brunches. You may leave a comment below, send me an e-mail message, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their input, I will publish a summary.


Anonymous said...

We've both been most influenced by the internet. When it comes to popular media, spanking (it seems) is either ridiculed as an outlandish fetish for not too balanced people... or, it's shown in a mean and negative way (or at the very least, in a completely nonsexual way).

The spanking scene in the movie 'Tank' in which the mean sheriff whips Jenilee Harrison with a belt is a good example. The point of the scene is that the sheriff is a cruel SOB. Not exactly the message a teenage spanko was getting though... lol.

So, the impact of popular media has largely been negative.

We both did enjoy the movie 'Secretary' though (even though the spankos in it had some massive issues)... and would have to say that was especially memorable. Was a real kick to watch the spanking scene in a theater.

~Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Bonnie, I am of a generation where spanking was a fact of life for children.
Misbehave at school, the result, the cane, strap, ruler or plimsolls, when you went home and your parents learned of the punishment it was very possible you'd get another dose.
In many families spanking was the norm, usually with hand. wooden spoon, slipper or belt.
In the old films spanking scenes weren't that rare.
In my case, when I was around thirteen the orphanage started accepting girls. While serious punishments were given in private, impromptu punishments were given on the spot. I wonder how many of the boys from there were spanko's in later life.
Mel was never punished at school, this fascinated her, so many of our scenes were schoolgirl punishments, among others.
Warm hugs,

Scout said...

I was a kid in the '70's. We had "summer movies," when the theater would show slightly older films on weekday mornings to school kids. I remember a spanking scene (dad & kid) in "Yours, Mine and Ours" and seeing "McLintock" there, and watching, rapt (midwestern sensibilities about what's appropriate for children, obviously!). I watched lots of tv, and shows in syndication, such as "Bonanza," "My Three Sons," "The Andy Griffith Show," and "I Love Lucy," would depict or refer to spankings, both parent/child and husband/wife, and I would get all fluttery. I was rarely spanked at home, never in school, but knew I was more than curious about it from a very early age. I also loved it when a book featured a spanking. What a fun trip down memory lane! Thanks for a great brunch, Bonnnie.

Anonymous said...

good morning bonnie. as like paul, i grow up when spanking was the norm. if you got in trouble at school then you got in trouble at home. i wasnt spanked much as was never caught for a lot of naughty i know. movies goodness john wayne mcclintock, quiet man, donovan's reef etc. would play these over and over in my brain. as a teenager exploring self pleasure all of my fantasies started with a spanking. and still do to this day. enjoyed today's brunch. have a good one. jammin33333

Paige Tyler said...

I first read about romantic spanking in Johanna Lindsey's historical romance books. I was a teen then, and was immediately fascinated with the thought of getting spanked by a big, strong, handsome guy! Actually, I'm still fascinated with it! LOL!

Her books not only shaped my thoughts and feelings about spanking, though. They also made me want to write romance books with spanking in them!


MaggieDear said...

I don't remember which I saw and was awed by first. Elvis Presley giving the spanking in the pineapple field, or Rachel's husband on As the World Turns turning her over his knee. Then I was a little older and watching McLintock with my mom. I think that was the first memory I have of being uncomfortable while watching a movie with her! Come to think about it, she never missed that movie, wonder why? *g* Then of course, I Love Lucy and many of the shows of the 50s and 60s.

There was spanking when I was in school too, and like the others if you got spanked at school, you were going to get spanked at home also. Same with the neighbors. If you got in trouble at their house, by the time you got home, your mom knew and would be in trouble again. My how times have changed!

Good brunch, Bonnie!


Pagan said...

Although I have no memories of being spanked as a child (my parents split when I was quite young, and I grew up with the non-spanking parent), my earliest spanking memories are of hearing noises in the night.

While I have no intention of discussing it with either of them, I'm virtually certain that both of my parents are spankos.

I do remember seeing spanking scenes on TV in the seventies, when they were more common. I remember watching Fantasy Island with my mother and grandmother when a spanking scene came on. I was probably an early teen at the time. I had the same feelings of embarrassment and shame that others have described; I was CERTAIN that they could read my thoughts.

I also remember I Love Lucy reruns and other shows that had periodic spanking references.

I can't remember the name of the movie now, but I remember seeing one that starred Goldie Hawn and involved a sports team (football, maybe)? She has a teen daughter in the movie who dyes her hair an alarming shade of red. The details of the scene are fuzzy, but I think she gets drunk, and one of the football players carries her upstairs to bed over his shoulder. While he's doing so, he says something about her mother turning her ass the same colour as her hair if she gets caught. As you can tell, I can remember virtually nothing about the movie, but that scene is stored. LOL

I can also remember reading my grandmother's Harlequin romances at an early age (perhaps 8), and furtively rereading each of the (then common) spanking scenes.

I didn't yet recognize the 'funny' feelings I got as took a few more years (and a high school spanko boyfriend) for me to solidy the association between spanking and sex.

Marcus said...

Donovan's Reef was the first movie I remember seeing a woman spanked in. I was an adult by then, but then I found out I liked the idea of a woman's bottom getting spanked a few years earlier when I was in High School. Later on, there were movies like Blue Hawaii, On Moonlight Bay, Frontier Gal (Lily Munster got spanked there), and others that I looked for based on my interests.

Jujubees said...

I have a bad habit of remembering spanking scenes on television and elsewhere except when someone asks about them, then my mind tends to go blank. My earliest fascination with spanking and the media was with a book that we had of nursery rhymes. It was a thin children's book and it had great illustrations. I'll never forget The Old Woman who lived in a shoe. The illustration was colorful and the mean old woman had a young child bare bottomed over her lap and was whipping that child with a thin stick. The child's bottom was a delicious shade of red and there was a line up of other children waiting their turn. I stared and stared at that picture over and over for many hour and years to come.

I was spanked as a child and had a number of sibling who were also spanked, so that was also a source that sparked more interest for me.

I'll also never forget the books Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Those books talked a lot about those two bad boys getting a good switching. Even the movie of the 70's showed Tom Sawyer taking a good hard licking for Becky Thatcher. Naturally I enjoyed that part of the movie the most.

Another source of interest for me when I was younger was getting into my brother's playboy magazines stash and finding a pic of a handsome man in a robe spanking a grown woman on her bare bottom with her robe pulled up. They were smiling and having a great time. I masturbated to that picture it turned me on so much, and in fact my brother walked in on me and snatched the magazine away and laughed at me. I hope he has forgotten, we have not discussed it.

Little House on the Prairie was popular when I was growing up and they talked about and depicted spankings on that show a lot. Gosh I guess I could go on and on, but I won't. It is really fun to remember. Thanks Bonnie!

Bonnie said...

My memory is chock full of spanking references from my early years. I even wrote a post about it way back in 2005. The popular media had everything to do with the development of my kink. Perhaps I would have evolved into a dedicated spanko without those influences, but I can’t be certain.

Along with the favorites I listed previously (Gidget, Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies, Flintstones, Foghorn Leghorn, Tom and Jerry, Flipper, etc.), many others come to mind. The old Hal Roach “Our Gang” comedies were rerun on television in the sixties and seventies. They featured not just spankings, but highly ritualized spankings. The father actually said, “This is going to hurt me a lot more than it does you…” I also recall a group spanking set to music. That was a day when spankings, even in the popular media, could be fun and humorous.

My parents bought for me a magazine called “Highlights for Children.” The stories occasionally had spanking elements. However, I especially remember a comic strip called the Timbertoes. Tommy Timbertoes, who looked kind of like a wooden toy character, would occasionally mess up and the last panel would feature him OTK and getting a strong dose of his father’s hardwood palm. When the magazine arrived in the mail, I immediately flipped back to see whether poor Tommy was getting spanked this month. Of course, I imagined myself in his place.

In that era, for every spanking that was shown, there were several more that were threatened, referenced, or performed offstage. All of these spankings strongly appealed to me. As Pagan said, the images and thoughts weren’t sexual for me at the time. I didn’t know what that even meant. However, when my sexuality developed, spankings and being spanked became a centerpiece. All these years later, my deepest and most treasured fantasies remain largely unchanged.

Meg said...

Hi. 'Tis I again: Meg, AnonVII's other half. My story is major-weird near the outset but true. I got a few little spats as a young child, but nothing of real consequence. Then once, in the last of my pre-pubescent years, I found something deep in an old box that my grandfather thought he'd gotten rid of years before - some copies of _The Pearl_, some ca. 1900 porno: no pictures, but VERY graphic descriptions. No, I never told Grandmother, but I found that reading the spanking stories pushed some buttons that I'd never before really knew I had, although the male characters seemed to be more slimy than dashing and handsome.

Several times in my teens I got into trouble of the sort I didn't like over bratting in school, trying to get attractive, young male teachers to swat me (I grew up in the American South). Such would have meant instant job loss, a huge lawsuit, and maybe even jail time for them, so it never happened (very unfair to the boys who were forever getting "busted," I still think). Finally I got a taste of what I'd wanted when I pledged a sorority, but "getting it" from other women took me only so far, even when I fantasized "getting it" from a man.

Then I met HIM. He looked like a Viking, was NOT a frat-boy but a GDI (G__-D__ed Independent), had a deeply resonant voice of velvet with a gorgeous, cultivated accent, and blue eyes that were piercing (almost un-nervingly so) but ever-so caring and warm; but what drove me wildest were his hands that looked like they were chisled from granite yet, with their long, supple fingers, made me think naughtily of all manner of things in addition to getting a tingling tushie, especially all those OTHER things he could do with me over his lap. Well, as they say, the rest is history, and it's been better than any story. Now, I know what I'm in for when he finds this, and I can't wait!


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