Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spanking Through the Alphabet

A is for Apple, the color of my rear

B is for Bottom, reddened by my dear

C is for Caning, always on my mind

D is for Doggie, take me from behind

E is for Energy, spanking gives to me

F is for Flogger, put me across your knee

G is for Gratitude, now I feel so good

H is for Hairbrush, made from solid wood

I is for Intercourse, the very best of all

J is for Jammies, for when I’m feeling small

K is for Kerchief, to keep me in the dark

L is for Leather, to leave your special mark

M is for Mouths, to kiss and spread our lust

N is for Nooner, spank me quick you must

O is for Original, show me something new

P is for Paddle, in wood and leather too

Q is for Questions, I answer if I can

R is for Restraint, to keep me near my man

S is for Spankings, they make it hard to sit

T is for Tempting, you know I'll beg for it

U is for Underwear, to provide a sexy show

V is for Vermilion, a color we all know

W is for Wallop, a swat with paddles thick

X is for Xylophone, you beat it with a stick

Y is for Yes, the single greatest sound

Z is for Zap, love knocks you to the ground

It's May and romance is in the air!


DaddysLittleDeviant said...

Oh! I do like this, terribly cute, I must say. ^.^ Daddy just linked me.
Much love,

padme amidala said...

Very cute post, bonnie. :)
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Very nice Bonnie,



Denise said...


I must say that I do enjoy the way your mind works. How much more fun ro learn the alphabet your way. Thanks for the entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Love it, Bonnie!!!


Greenwoman said...

Cleverly written. *smiles*

Cassie said...

I won't be using this one at school but I love it for myself!


Tiggr d'Amore said...

This was great... very catchy! *grins and bounces*

Big hugs,

Bonnie said...

Deviant - Hi, and welcome to MBS! It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed my rhymes. Just because it's the work week, that doesn't mean we have to be glum.

Padme - Thanks, and hugs right back atcha!

OPB - I'm always glad to share a smile.

Denise - You're welcome. The way my mind works is twisted. But we do enjoy ourselves...

Tigger - Thanks!

Green - Thank you!

Cassie - Hi! Sometimes we simply need a little silliness.

Tiggs - Thanks!

Fer said...

I have borrowed your good am original idea. Sure I have written in spanish and like spanker I am. thank You

Cometospk said...

It´s so beautifl this post and oiginal too. May is in the air and spring too, but your words carry me to heaven. What amazing description of everyone letter of the alphabet. Fer has done a very good work translating your article to spanish.
Congratulations, you´ve got a superb blog!!!!

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