Sunday, April 29, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #67

Welcome back to our Sunday spanko brunch. It's DIY week here at MBS. Our topic today is homemade spanking implements.

Do you or your partner employ any homemade spanking implements? If so, please describe their construction, how they are used, and their effectiveness. If you don't have homemade toys, would you ever consider building some?

If you would like to contribute to our brunch, I invite you to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Regardless of the medium, I would like to hear what you have to say.


mike said...

yes, we have a few homemade implements. I'm a novice woodworker (bookcases, toyboxes, a bench, etc) and pretty handy around the house. So while working on some projects, my mind naturally wandered to the spanking realm.

My favorite is a small, hairbrushed shaped paddle with a longer than normal handle. Basically a medium sixed hairbrush that looks like the handle was stretched. The interesting part is the one side is flat, and the other side is rounded like the back of a spoon. I came up with it after we played with a spoon, and I really liked the results.

Also, a couple of paddles. On long ruler paddle made of white oak. It's got some weight, so it had a good thump.


New Beginnings said...

Nick actually started making spanking toys very soon after I came out to him. He made a beautiful paddle, varnished. It's pretty big and a little scary but I love it because he made it. He also braided some leather shoe laces and attached then to a dowel rod for a version of a flogger - very stingy but quiet. He also made a larger one with some strips of leather he had. He made me a crop early on. He used the frame of a metal flyswatter wrapped in leather and a leather flap at the end. He hasn't made any lately but I hope he will. Homemade spanking toys are truly the gift that keeps on giving!!


AnonVII said...

I made us a broadsword that rivals Bonnie's MOAP. It's over half an inch thick, more than 24" long, and made of oak. It is over 4" wide at its business end and tapers to a little over 2" just above the grip, which I reinforced with metal straps to keep it from breaking. In the edge of the business end, I drilled two holes each about 2" deep and dropped long fishing weights into each hole, then capped the holes with dowel plugs epoxied into place.

The distribution of the paddle's mass (towards the outer end) produces tremendous momentum. The fishing weights float loosely in their holes. The forward swing drives them toward the back (non-swatting) surface of the paddle, but then on impact the weights snap forward, working with the momentum generated by the massive business end to give a tremendous wallop from only modest effort. The speed of the blow, with the width of the blade, produces a huge explosion on impact. We use this one only occasionally for tension relief, and only through her jeans, Capri pants, or shorts. A mere one swat produces a vicious burn. Only two or three swats can draw tears, leave her tension thoroughly relieved, and leave her sporting two bright red cheeks with white impact points in their centres. Three swats, even when administered with a measure of restraint, have on occasion glued her panties to the skin. This one is no toy!

Anonymous said...

I've made a number of paddles. My favorite one was heart shaped and had my wife's name engraved and would leave letters mark in the skin. I have also made a number with drilled holes that really hurt. I am always trying different woods and made a heavy one out of IPE from the Amazon that gets your attention.

Southern Angel said...


JD and I own so many toys but none are home-made. But now I am motivated to make a toy. :) I'm not a woodworker so we will have to see what I think up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do!!! My hubby made a heart-shaped paddle out of wood for me, and I love it!!! And yes, it's very effective!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't want to spend $150 for the suede one I saw on line and thought I can make that a lot cheaper and made 2 floggers years ago. A 15 inch long one with a 4 1/2 inch braided handle and 10 inch strands. The other is 22 1n long with a 5 inch wrapped leather handle and 16 1/2 inch strands.

I used 1/8 inch thick suede so one side is soft leather. I folded the strands in half and braided them forming the handle and finished it with a strand of suede wrapped for an inch. They can be used gently all over the body producing a very relaxing and
erotic sensation. Yummy! Or you could use then hard - we don't - like a whip.

Hugh used the long one on me last night(as part of a warm -up massage before spanking and sex) and this morning after S&S as a soothing treat.


Greenwoman said...

Yes! Years ago, I made a flogger out of a deer hoof (handle), leather shoe laces (falls, copper wire (holds laces to the hoof) and moose hide (covers the copper wire and finishes the end of the hoof). It's rather lovely. I've put up a picture of it on Honestly Speaking today. It's really enjoyable to read what others have made Bonny. Great question!

Anonymous said...

A jig saw, and some half inch ply, and I can make all sorts of fun paddles; cut the blade into a six inch circle with a two inch hole in the middle - aim for the centre of each cheek, and you end up with a glowing ring on each side; cut the blade into a large X, and you get just that on her bottom; draw round your own hand, and then cut it out - a wooden spanking hand, most effective, and saves the wear on the real thing.There's plenty more scope !

Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures said...

Being an avid spankee in the spanky scene for the last 5+ years, I've had many play partners who had homemade spanking implements. But then one day, one of my play parters was saying how he could never find a quality wood paddle. So being ever so helpful and know that my dad loves working with wood, I asked him to craft one for me. Yeah, I kinda had to give a full blown explanation and all, but in the *end* he crafted a very nice paddle out of Oak. The next thing I knew he was making ALL kinds of paddles. LOL! All different sizes, and colors from blonde to deep dark cherry. YIKES!! I think I created a monster of a paddlemaker!! LOL!!

At any rate, we started, and so far, we've done pretty well.

~funny brat girl

Greenwoman said...

Funny Brat Girl, I checked out the site and sure enough, they are lovely paddles. Great link!

Betina said...

We have a few homemade impliments, and funny enough I'm the crafty one, so I made them.

We have one thin (about 6 mm thick) oval paddel and the same model 12 mm thick. They are made from hardwood plywood. Cut out and then varnished to a smooth finish. We do not use them that often but they can be quite effective or erotic depending on use.

The latest impliment I made was a leather strap. I found an old wide leather belt in a recykle store (about 2 inches wide). I cut it to a length where it's about 16 inches (doubled) and then made a thinner piece that was doubled from the handle end with a D-ring for hanging. The handle end was glued and fastned with two chicago screws. All edges were rounded and smoothed. It looks much like the Corporal Punishment Ruler Paddle from the london tanners, exept it's a doubled strap. The length is good for otk as well as other positions.

It's a very special feeling to make a spanking impliment, that you know is sooner or later going to warm your bottom. With all the impliments I had to work up the guts to give them to my husband. I'm glad I did.

edward said...

When Lisa first asked me about spanking I made a paddle out of pine for her.It's 12x3x1/2 inch thick.Depending on how much force is used it can be intense fun or I can get her to cry within a few swats.Since then we have bought all the other toys we have.

TX Spankogirl said...

We don't have any homemade implements but D has talked about making some. As we both live in apartments right now he doesn't have a place to do any wood working. I suspect that when we eventually move into a house together he'll make some nice things!!!

~TX Spankogirl~

ron said...

Hey Bonnie!

Remember me? CeeCi's friend????

This is just WAY too cool!!

I've never been into this, but hey....I'm very open and enjoy hearing about what others are into.

Listen, I'm a professionl Foot Reflexologist...and you can just IMAGINE the questions, looks and comments I get about what I enjoy doing!!?!?!?!?

I've learned something wonderful here....spanking is an ART!

Let's see....what have I ever used?

Does a "wet noddle" count?

Anway, I really enjoyed this...and I'll be back too!

This is like "Spanky and Our Gang"

Have a great evening Bonnie!


Caryagal said...

We don't have any home made ones. Though some home items have been used because they were handy. I would love it if Papa Shrek made some! That would be really really cool!


Bonnie said...

We have several wooden paddles that were crafted by Randy. He enjoys selecting different woods, shapes, and dimensions and then gauging the effectiveness of each by paddling me. I refer to this part of his implement collection as “the lumberyard.”

As much as he enjoys his woodworking experiments, Randy is fonder still of finding new uses for previously vanilla objects. Many are ineffective, but every once in a while, he finds something surprisingly ouchie. Last week, it was the lid to a storage container. Who knew?

Jigsaw Analogy said...

Well, I'm crafty, but not so much with wood.

Back in the day, I learned how to make various floggers as part of a fund raiser for the Lesbian Avengers. My personal favorite was the plaid flannel one, although the lace one actually had a nice sting to it.

I've also made the evil loopy toy (stereo cord, split into separate strands, bound with duct tape).

I keep meaning to play around with making a duct tape tawse, as well.

I think there are other things I've made, but those are the ones that pop into my head.

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