Sunday, April 01, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #63

Today is April Fool's Day. It's the traditional day for celebrating all things silly and stupid. I considered posting a gag message where I declared that I had lost all interest in spanking. It's a funny concept, but no one would believe that tall tale!

I decided instead to focus on the foolish side of spanko life. Accordingly, our brunch topic today deals with precisely that.

Please describe a humorous mistake, misunderstanding, or practical joke that occurred before, during, or after a spanking. If you can't think of any such event, please describe a practical joke you would like to pull on your partner (or maybe on someone else's hypothetical partner...).

If you would like to submit a very silly contribution to our brunch discussion, please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of all this foolishness!


Spankoe said...

I'm currently getting reacquainted with a former flame of a few years ago and for my April Fools Joke on him I confessed over yahoo that I had found jesus, and was no longer into spankings, tiedowns, and all that heinous stuff. I had Jesus and didn't need it anymore.
Wow - no response for a minute... an incredulous "you gave up your celtic-pagan beliefs" came next... I was laughing so hard I couldn't make him go through that any more. "April Fools" I typed - I could feel his relief from 500 miles away!
I think I may end up paying for my little joke soon though! I can hardly wait!

AnonVII said...

One April 1, my dear little play partner approached me, dressed in her high platform shoes. With a contrived embarrassed expression, she looked up at me out of the tops of her big eyes, told me she'd been naughty (which, of course, was only role-playing), then pulled a wicked-looking paddle from behind her back, handed it to me, and promptly bent over with feet at shoulder width, hands on knees, back arched properly downward, and bum poked properly upward. As I lifted her skirt, she looked back at me with more than the usual gleam in her eye, so I knew something in addition to her little rump was up.

I positioned the weapon, patted it on her sit spots two or three times, then gave her a test pop like I always do with a new implement.

"Come on, get with it!" She exclaimed. "I'm so randy I can't stand it!"

I then drew back and let fly with a fast three-quarter swing from the shoulder and a quick wrist-snap. The crack of the paddle was followed instantly by the sound of splintering wood and the sound of a board hitting the hardwood floor. My right fist, which was clutching the grip of the paddle, continued sweeping across my body and became airborne off to my left, almost sweeping up and hitting the left side of my head. I suddenly realized that I was holding the grip and nothing more in my hand.

A giggle from her morphed into a peal of laughter. She had been to our local toy store and gotten me a gag gift in the form of a paddle with the back of the grip sawed almost all the way through with a paper-thin blade and the cut painted over. Guess who felt like a true April fool?

Anonymous said...

I was over my hubby's lap once while he was giving me an extended warm-up (the kind where it starts out not hard at all and slowly builds) when I got a little mischievious! So, of course, I decided to tie his shoelaces together. It seemed amusing at the time, except he noticed before I could even finish. Then he got on with the "real" spanking. OW! And yes, I fully intend to try that again soon...hopefully with success this time!
I can't possibly be the only bottom to have tried this, right?


Alex spanks Allie said...

I think it would be fun to draw a silly face on my bottom, so when Alex pulled down my panties to spank he couldnt help but laugh at it!

Bonnie said...

Randy plays a lot of head games with me, like this one. Every so often, though, I try to reciprocate. Occasionally, these stunts work. For example, I once coated the smooth handle of a wooden hairbrush with a thin layer of KY jelly. When he lifted it into the air in preparation for a brisk spanking, it slipped from his grasp, sailed across the bedroom, and bounced across the far wall with a resounding thud. I still got my spanking, and with interest, but I think I laughed the entire time.

Other times, my plans backfire (and it's my back end that feels the fire!).

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