Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poll: Spanking Panties

I have a small group of loyal readers who ask very nicely and wait quite patiently for me to write about women's underwear and its relationship to spankings. Well guys, this is your day to be heard.

Which of these panties would you most like to see a woman wear while being spanked?

Grey cotton bikini
White nylon brief
Pink cotton thong
Red and white striped cotton boy shorts
Rose cotton blend hi-cut brief
White cotton granny pants with lace
Green nylon thong
Flower print microfibre g-string

I fully recognize that for a significant segment of this blog's readership, wearing anything during a spanking is simply counterproductive. But please, let's allow the panty enthusiasts to enjoy their day.

By the way, before anyone asks, the bottom you see above is definitely not mine.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Bonnie,

I like tight white cotton, like in the photo, but without the writing.

Nice question, and an interesting point, knickers or bare? I noted in a lovely video at "Emilie gets spanked" recently that she wore grey cotton , and it enhanced the effect considerably for the viewer. Whether it enhanced the effect for Emilie is not for me to say.


Grizzly Bear said...

Letting the panty enthusiests have their day, I would have to go with a thong. If only because it may give the wearer a false sense that the spanking may not be quite as hard.

I love a good mindfuck, don't you?

padme amidala said...

I also go for the thong like my good friend, Griz. :)
I love to wear my thong for a spanking. Also...I have a pair of spank me panties that I love to wear also!!
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Why wear a thong; bare bot is bare bot, knickers up is covered bot, thong is neither.Susan has several pairs of cheek covering panties in a stretchy silky material, which hug her like a second skin, and hold her globes taut and firm, imparting a lovely feel to my spanking palm. Anyway, if I don't think I am making my point, I can always take them down, or better still, start on her skirt seat, progress to pantie seat, and finish the day on the bare. D.

Paul said...

Oh Bonnie, for a minute you had me thinking that you had consented to remove your jeans. :(
I voted for white nylon, though I am a great believer that the cheeks should be bare for what they are about to receive.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Voted for 'white nylon brief'... and were rather shocked to see it had such a big lead. Thought the more sexy option would be in front. But, if you're going to spank with panties on... well... there should be some actual panty THERE... lol.

~Todd & Suzy

Bonnie said...

Everyone - OK, folks, you surprised me. I knew there was a significant group of readers who favored full white briefs. After all, that was Randy's vote. But I didn't envision them carrying the day.

Randy says he likes this style because it's traditional. He also enjoys wetting them down during a spanking so they become translucent (plus it makes a great sound and it makes the swats sting even more).

OPB - The writing was an aftermarket addition. I thought it might serve to catch the eye.

I've seen a couple of Emilie's videos. I am quite impressed by her ability to accept hard spankings. She looks lovely in red and grey.

Griz - Please give us a little credit here. As someone who is spanked while wearing a thong on a fairly regular basis, I have no illusions that it provides any protection at all.

At our house, we use the thong as a silent signal that I would like to play. In fact, whether it's my idea or his, everytime I pull up that floss, I know I can expect he will redden my bottom. Our system works quite well, and it's fun besides!

Padme - Yes, there's no doubt that a thong provides a great visual for the spanker. As your great photos illustrate, it frames the target in a most attractive manner.

D - The progressive spanking, where the clothing layers are peeled away one by one, is always dramatic and fun.

Paul - No, I'm not exactly shaped like that young woman. Motherhood and years of good living have conspired to give me a somewhat rounder appearance.

As for your panty choice, I'm sure Randy would second those sentiments.

Todd and Suzy - Yes, I too was surprised by the outcome.

Crannbean - No, this poll isn't for men only. Your vote and your opinion are both quite welcome.

Aristotle - Please feel free to vote for the "granny pants." They are, at least in my mind, precisely what you described.

Anonymous said...

My preference (as dom male) is a pair of high-rise panties in a leopard skin pattern. She looks better-than-bare in those!

AnonVII said...

'Tis I again - the one who likes the leopard skin undies on m'lady. Since I'm not the only Anonymous, and to avoid confusion, I'll henceforth call myself AnonVII, allowing my anonymity to remain, only not entirely. BTW, happy St. Paddy's Day from a Celtie lad!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has spanked many-a-bottom over the years, I have to go with nylon as well as the ides of 'peeling'

Panties; Something about their 'most intimate appearl' on display that helps with the mindset. When the panties are lowered midway through a spanking, the woman seems to feel, well, more spanked.


Anonymous said...

panties are bautiful - they hide but don't conceal. in my view, they frame a treasure waiting to be fully explored. a few warm up slaps nicely bring out a pink glow hidden under thin frabic and invite further exploration along with an invitation of mutual pleasures to follow.

metricpete said...

Your poll is clever in that there is no obvious choice. G-strings and thongs are generally not liked by spankers as it removes that wonderful moment of revelation when they are pulled down. Hi-cut briefs can be quite nice but again they take away some of that revealing moment. Grey is a colour that rarely works with underwear and on a list of my favourite colours it would be last. I'm not sure about the red and white boy shorts. They can look more like a bikini than panties and I like underwear to look like underwear. Which leaves two choices. Nylon briefs and granny pants. Nylon briefs can look attractive or can look chep but it depends on the style so I eliminate them. So we are left with your white cotton granny pants. A lot of girls use the put down 'Granny Pants' for what I consider to be really attractive briefs. Granny pants has associations with bloomers and old ladies and most women want nothing to do with them so they go to the other extreme and wear thongs and g-strings which I hate. So as long as your granny pants are well fitting cotton briefs and not baggy bloomers I vote for them.

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