Sunday, January 28, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #54

Once again, it's time for our weekly get-together. Please fill your cup, grab some goodies, and find a comfortable seat.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted top ten lists of arguments why a spanking now is better than a spanking later, or vice versa. I would like to hear your thoughts on this debate.

If a spanking is inevitable, but it can be administered either immediately or later in the same day, which option would you prefer and why?

I hope you will provide your thoughts to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has shared their insights, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


Pagan said...

Hm...I'm not sure if you had disciplinary spankings in mind when you asked the question, but I'm going to answer it from the standpoint of someone who only receives playful/erotic spankings.

Can I have both? WEG

I guess it would depend, really. If it was a playful, impromptu spanking, there's something to be said for being summarily snatched, overpowered and spanked without further ado. Yum. Sometimes the unexpected ones are the most fun.

On the other hand, having him lean over in a reasonably public setting and whisper his plans for me into my ear is almost unspeakably HOT. Just knowing that later that evening, when the stress of the day is over and our charges are asleep in their beds, I will be spending some quality time over his lap is enough to have me flustered and aroused for most of the day.

So again...given the choice? YES.

paqster said...

punishment spanking..immediately, definitely

playspanking...anytime is the right time. but pagan is right, nothing is hotter than knowing a spanking is coming soon...

jeanmarie said...

Even though immediacy is hot; being seized, bared, bent and beaten has the incindiary appeal of quickie sex, I have to vote for delaying the gratification. Anticipation is wonderful, Carly Simon (a reputed spanko) wrote a song about it. I love having to simmer in my own juices, knowing that I'm sure to get scorched later.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

We only do erotic spanking, so anticipation is part of the wonderful part for me. Sometimes my spouse will whisper to me 'ready for your spanking?', when I didn't expect it. Those are also great. I guess I vote for both!!

Grizzly Bear said...

Later in the same day, I love letting my girl know that she is getting a spanking but not telling her when it will be.

Then surprising her with it when she least expects it.

Anonymous said...

Later, please. I just love being told in the morning just what is going to happen to my bottom that evening, so I can think about all day with happy anticipation, as the baring of my bot gets closer. S.

padme said...

I would have to say later in the day. We have young children so it's very hard most of the time for spankings to be administered immediately. Usually it's when they are in bed and we get some alone time. On days like Friday when I knew it was coming also I found it very arousing to wait all day thinking about it...wondering what it will be like and that. :)

Anticipation for me is always a big part of the fun!
Great question bonnie!

Mary said...

I am all for delayed gratification. Due to the fact that we do not co-habitate and now there is distance to deal with - it has almost always worked out where there is the anticipation. Since I find the anticipatioon brings on such sweet, intoxicating arousal - I like it. Our vesrsion of phone sex/e-mail sex would be his describing in explicit detail just exactly what treatment my bottom has coming. I can feel the flow of blood shift to the nether regions when I picture the events to follow later on. The closer the hour comes the more the butterflies dance in my stomach - and the more wet I become. Since I am usually "forbiden" to touch myself at this point in time - the cravings for release grow stronger until it is almost agony. By the time my lover arives and my bottom is bared - I want that spanking so bad. If I have a nice long warm up - then it is all pleasurable pain. If there is some discipline involved and the warm up is absent - after the first real "painful" swats I am changing my mind about craving the spank rapidly. However, there is no choice but to take what I have coming and his taking control like that totally makes me hot. After it is over - I am begging for him to fill me and ripe for orgasm. So for me - Time for anticipation is best.

Anonymous said...

I like my microwave because it gets things hot real fast.
But I love my crock pot because I get to savor the smells all day long, and build up a ravenous hunger.
I like being spanked spontaneously, but I love anticipation. Being told in the morning as we kiss so-long that my bottom will be warmed after dinner, being e-mailed at noon as a reminder of the inevitable, flirting as we cook together, then adjorning to our boudoir after supper - I stay aroused all day and orgasm so intensely during and after the spanks...
Great question, Bon!

Frank Spanko said...

My Dearest Bonnie -

An excellent questions to ponder. But, after some thought, what comes to mind is the old adage:

Good things come to those who wait.

Besides, the anticipation is half of the fun.


Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures said...

I have to prefer the anticipation of the spanking Bonnie...for either discipline or play.

Basically I'm never going to know exactly what He's going to do during our "session" so both are somewhat a surprise...but thinking about it all week , the build of anticipation, the embarrassment of his daily lectures until the fateful day, definitely gets the weather changing, and before you know it, I'm at a catagory 4 LOL!

All in all, I have a few triggers that work well, anticipation, embarrassment, scoldings and then the punishment/or play.


Eva said...

Now AND later. That's what I say. If I had to choose one over the other though I would say later because the anticipation is the best/worst.


Paul said...

Bonnie, Mel generally received her play spankings in the evenings, so she would dwell on it all day. Sometimes she got one in the morning, she liked that but wondered if she would get another in the evening, keep her guessing, kept her hot.
Her rare discipline spankings were given as soon after the offence as possible, waiting only made it worse.
Thanks Bonnie,
Warm hugs,

Caryagal said...

For me I would prefer later rather than right away. I like the wait. it keeps me on my toes, focused on spanking, and normally aroused! I like to think of the special time we will have together after the kids go to sleep. It makes me focus more on my husband which I love.


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