Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keyword Chaos Has Returned

You asked for it... Here are some more search phrases that people use to find MBS:

  • spankee eva - Keep up the good work, Adam!

  • mbs horsing around - Actually, I have an equestrian spanking story around here somewhere

  • bonnies tits - They're small, but they serve their purpose

  • spanking enema - Not an activity I'd want to clean up after

  • homemade spanking machines - Rube Goldberg would be proud

  • cheerleaders punished for going wild - Order right now and we'll throw in a second amazing DVD, Truckers Gone Wild!

  • how to use toothbrush for anal joy - Don't you dare put that thing back in the bathroom!

  • embarrassing pink thong - Flossing is important for proper hygiene

  • best spanking blogs - You can find them in my blogroll

  • misbehaving bottoms - Why those naughty bottoms have been sitting around all day

  • please miss not on my bear bottom - If it's a real bear, you'd better hope you miss

  • man with duck tape on butt - Now there's a fashion statement

  • big butt plug - I have no idea why the Guinness Book wouldn't accept a seven foot plug

  • spice girls unbutton my bottom - Hey Sporty, bottoms don't unbutton. Just spread it apart.

  • spanko heaven - You know that wing can generate a real nice sting. Keep flapping!

  • paddle fly swatter frying pan spatula - Frying pan? That's a bit thuddy for my taste and it smells like bacon

  • best woods for a spanking paddle - Pick a woods where no one will see you

  • I purposely showed my panty to my brother - Ew

  • jewel anal probe - What the discriminating kinksters are wearing this season

  • miniature butt plug - It goes with the Barbie House of Kink playset

  • wanking panties - Whoa, let's keep both hands on the wheel!

  • painless spanking paddle - I don't think you're using that thing properly

  • santa is coming porn - Ho, ho, ho!

  • I am a submissive girl with big nipples - Thank you for sharing

  • bubble butts and tight girdles - Look out, she's going to blow!

  • granny panties vs. thongs - The ultimate grudge match: This time, it's for keeps!

  • mandrill ass color - Leave those apes alone!

  • first time rubbing a woman's butt story - It was round and smooth, like a ripe melon

  • do women want to be spanked? - Sometimes we do

  • learning to wear panties - So what's to learn?

  • silent spanking implement - You might find it, but you'll have a lot tougher time locating a silent spanking partner!

  • mbs porn account - No, no, no. This is not porn and no account is required

  • bonnie please don't go - I'm right here!

  • wonderful panty stories - As I pulled up my new briefs, I got the sudden urge to fly

  • hubby caught in bed having sex with a doll - Oh, yeah, like Chatty Cathy is going to keep a secret

  • used spanking magazine - It was still rolled up

  • oatmeal treatment bare bottom - I don't think you get the same health benefits from fiber when it's used that way

  • big ass spankings - We finally found a use for this big ass paddle

  • where a girl's spanking ought to be administered - Right where she sits down

  • butt was raw - Nothing that can't be cured with a little cooking

  • sex toy named frisky - One of ours is named "Buzz Lightyear"

  • chaos butt - Beware the awesome power...

  • my thong vote - It was a narrow victory

  • thank you for spanking me - May I have another?

  • pure spankings - Absolutely no filler!

  • does my wife need a good spanking? - Why are you asking me? Go talk to her!

  • instant spanking - I think reconstituted instant spankings are too lumpy

  • bad girls being spanked - Spanking good girls is a lot more fun

  • free spanking panties - I wonder if the spanking is free or the panties?

  • wedding day spankings pictures - Now let's get a shot with both sets of parents

  • fresh spankings - This is the kind of thing you'd never want to serve stale

  • when to quit wearing a thong - I can think of several activities that are a whole lot easier when it's off

  • should wives be spanked? - Only if they enjoy it!

  • spectacles of a woman spanked in public - Men do beat asses of girls who wear glasses

  • spank Maryland - OK, missy, get those crab cakes over my knee!

  • people who like to talk about spanking bare - I'd rather just get on with it

  • adult spanking thermometer - This might be the most impractical implement ever

  • can cheerleaders wear thongs? - I don't see why not, as long as they are under the uniform

  • swish whack ow - Bada bing, Bada boom!

  • bare ass hockey player - Now that's what I call "high sticking!"

  • please play with my bottom - Can Sweet Cheeks come out to play?

  • spanking griddle - Now there's a mighty unwieldy implement

  • girls in underwear giving each other wedgies - It was a slow day down at the Omega Tau Kappa sorority house

  • d/s aim tighty whities - OK, whatever...

  • it's my duty to spank your booty - The man has a plan to bring heat to the seat

  • how to smack a bottom really hard - Well, let's see... Pull your arm back all the way, swing it forward really fast, and aim for the fleshy portions

  • spanking domes - It's the woodshed of the future

  • no bare back jeans spanking - Absolutely no hunting, fishing, swimming or trespassing either!

  • buy or purchase chair or couch numbness and tingling - I couldn't make up stuff this odd

  • handprints spanking art - That would be a lively exhibition

  • directory of women who enjoy spanking - Just look 'em up in the Red Pages

  • dancing after a spanking - I'm quite familiar with the hop and rub two-step

  • spanking tight jeans - Put a spanko woman inside them and it's even more fun

  • big hiney spanking - You're just trying to sweet talk me...

  • spank my goat - So, a monkey isn't good enough for you?

  • I found pantyhose in his dresser - Hubby has been robbing banks on the side

  • who wants to spank my girl? - This game could get way out of hand

  • homemade miniature catapult - I have a feeling that kitty-cat's life is about to become more interesting


Spanky said...


These are very, very funny as usual! I especially like the "wedding day spankings pictures" and "girls in underwear giving each other wedgies." What a coincidence that we both picked today to post keywords! Great spanko minds think alike, I guess.

Thanks for your nice comments on our blog and your inspiration! When I grow up, I want to blog just like you!


Cassie said...

I just love these! As always you are the best writer. These and the mail bag are my favories!!


grace said...

It's hard to believe that people would actually type some of these words into their search engines!

Then again....maybe it's NOT so hard to believe!

Too funny!

Caryagal said...

OH Bonnie! I always love these! Too funny what people put in to search! And to think to find you I just put in romantic spanking stories! I guess I'm just not creative enough!!!
thanks for a great laugh!


Anonymous said...

What a great laugh Bonnie. You couldn't make 'em up could you ? Do people REALLY type these things into search engines ? Perhaps it's just to give us all a good laugh.



Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Too funny, Bonnie!!!


gordy31 said...

bonnie,you just crack me up. stay well.gordy31

Paul said...

Thanks for the chuckles Bonnie, love em.
Warm hugs,

padme said...

Hey bonnie,
:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to hear from you! I have many weird search engines also that have gotten people to my blog. Some of them are just too funny or strange.
Hope you are doing well.

Bonnie said...

Spanky - Even though I've run this feature at least a dozen times, I'm still amazed by the many flavors of weirdness found in these search terms. In some cases, I can't even imagine what they were hoping to find.

My favorites are the people who reach MBS using some obscure combination of seemingly unrelated words and then spend an hour reading thirty pages. I'd like to think perhaps I converted them in mid-browse.

Cassie - Thank you! I must admit that Randy sometimes helps compose the responses. It's a fun collaboration because all we do is laugh.

Grace - I always wondered if people type in oddball phrases in hopes of finding their way into Keyword Chaos. However, as Randy points out, it would be nearly impossible to find MBS by entering random words into a seach engine.

I think these people really were searching for something, even if their purpose is opaque.

Carye - You're very welcome. This feature is one of my favorites too.

OPB - Yes, they really do type this stuff. As I say, I couldn't make up word combinations this strange.

Tigger - Thanks!

Gordy - Thank you.

Paul - You're welcome.

Padme - I'll bet you do get some good search terms. They're a never ending source of amusement around here.

Kayley said...

I passed by the day you posted them and then I got caught up in my work... but today I remembered what I needed to read!! You know I love the Keyword Chaosç :) It's the best for a good laugh. Thanks! :)


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