Monday, January 29, 2007

Implement Stories #1: Todd and Suzy

Most MBS readers know Todd and Suzy and their blog, American Spanking Society. They were generous enough to submit two implement stories for publication here. So to kick off this round of Implement Stories, here are Todd and Suzy.

The first picture is of our wooden paddle. This is the first spanking implement we got as a couple. It's Suzy's least favorite implement. This is used pretty much only for harder spankings, which recently have been 'diet' spankings. Here is a story detailing a diet spanking given with this paddle.

The photograph above shows our leather/cushioned paddle. We picked this up a couple of months ago. It has a soft, cushioned side, and a stingy leather side. We both really enjoy the fun options this paddle offers. Here is a story about this paddle.

Thanks to you both for sharing your toys and your spankings.

If other readers would like to contribute photos and/or tales of their favorite (or infamous) spanking implements, there's still time left to join in. Simply e-mail me your entries and I will post them here. For those who have already submitted implements, thank you! Yours will be appearing here in the coming days.

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Paul said...

Thanks Bonnie, great stories Todd and Suzy, thanks for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Doc said...

Those stories were excellent. I can't help but think that that is an excellent dieting method, and that Suzy's birthday paddle is very fun looking!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing our pictures and stories with your friendly readers. We absolutely crushed our record for most hits on a Monday... and received lots of positive and kind feedback from new readers. Very much appreciated! You've always been such a help to us. :)

Really looking forward to future installments... and we do encourage your readers to share.

Thank you to Paul and Doc for their nice comments here too!

~Todd & Suzy

padme said...

Great story Todd and Suzy and looks like a very nice paddle. :)

Bonnie said...

Paul - You're most welcome. Stay tuned, because there are lots more implement stories yet to come!

Doc - I thought these implements would be perfect to start our implement stories series. They provide just the right blend of serious and fun.

Todd and Suzy - Thank you so much for contributing! That wooden paddle would gain my attention fast! The next couple of weeks promise to be great fun around here.

Padme - Todd and Suzy are definitely connoisseurs de la fessee.

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