Sunday, December 31, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #50

Welcome to a special year-end edition of our Sunday spanko brunch. Not only are we celebrating New Year's Eve, this is our 50th brunch and the 500th post here on My Bottom Smarts!

I could ask you the usual lame questions about New Year's resolutions and the like, but why bother? After all, we should be celebrating. Let's instead look back with fondness at all that's worth remembering.

Please describe your favorite spanko moment(s) from 2006. How has this year changed your relationship, your love life, and your spankings?

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


A'marie said...

My first "real" spanking was this year - on Halloween. It wasn't perfect, but the atmosphere was deliciously amusing. There was just something about the cool night air flowing from the open window and the children's voices that made it quite the experience.

Needless to say, no candy was handed out.

Doc said...

My first spanking(s), the true awakening of my desire for them, my first posting about them, my first commenting on spanko blogs... my first spanko poem, posted on December 29th. This has been a monumental spanko year.

Along with it has come some posting of struggle and denial, overall though - '06 has been a good one.

Coincidence that it's all these special posty type things today!

Mistress Sky said...

Happy New Year, Bonnie!

For me, being open about spankings and the role they have in my life, by starting my blog, has been the most intense experience so far this year.

Realising that sex is less fun without the spankings as foreplay was an event in itself and a balmy realisation that the Raven enjoys them as much as I do, has made our relationship evolve and grow stronger in every way.

And your encouragement to express myself will never be forgotten.


Spanky said...

Wow! What a great question. 2006 will always be a memorable year for us, because it was just a few months ago that I e-mailed Kallisto the link to your blog on the off chance she might find it interesting. Boy, did she ever! I think she stayed up several hours that first night reading through your archives.

Your blog and our resulting spanko life have made a 100% positive improvement in our relationship and our love life. Since that day almost 2 months ago, I think we have had tingling spankings and great sex every day but 3 or 4. And we've started our own spanko blog. Our attitudes toward each other are immeasurably increased for the better. I don't think we've felt like this since the first year we were married, and it wasn't this good!

Did I mention we owe it all to you and your blog? (I can't stop saying it, and can't begin to thank you enough!) I hope that Kallisto will comment here also! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

After 4 or 5 years of rare spankings when we found ourselves completely alone, this has been our absolute best year. One day after our middle child got married and moved out our youngest child returned to her summer job two hours from home. Two days after THAT we put our oldest on a plane to return to her job/home 800 miles away.

I had told Adam prior to this that when the kids left I wanted to resume the spanking life and get a bit more serious. He agreed. We couldn't have been home from the airport more than an hour before he had me over his knee. We haven't quit since with the exception of a brief hiatus here and there when kids have been home or other life circumstance has gotten in the way.

Within a day or two of all that, I found all these wonderful blogs. A week later I started my own. And again, I haven't looked back.

But to pick just one moment from this past year? I suppose if I picked just one favorite, defining moment, it had to be (now here's an unexpected twist to all that) the time the flappy thing flew off the crop TWICE in the middle of a spanking, but the moment the nest emptied is THE moment that changed our lives.

Kallisto said...

Hey Bonnie--Happy New Year! Great questions, as usual. As Spanky said, this has been a real banner year for us. It has been the year that we moved from randomly "playing" with spanking now and then, to embracing it. The change in our lives has been unbelievable. I have gone from fears of losing interest in sex (no reflection on Spanky, all just me), to thinking about spanking and sex almost all the time. I love the way it has brought us closer together, and given our marriage and love life a real jump start. I love that we blog about this, and I love reading the other blogs too! Especially yours!

Paul said...

I suppose the best thing about 2006 was getting fully into this spanko corner of blog land and feeling fully accepted thanks to you and some others.
I haven't spanked anybody or been spanked, but I've opened up and am live more on the outside, I now feel as if I belong.
Thanks Bonnie, BTW I liked your comment on Sparkles post, I'm sure some of us would enjoy your of topic articles.
Happy New Year.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great brunch question, Bonnie!!!

I absolutely love all the spankings my hubby gives me, but I have to say that one of my most favorite ones was the role-play we did where I dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl and my hubby played the role of strict principal. It was the first time we had ever done any kind of role-play and it was amazing!!! Not to mention incredibly hot!!!


CIN-D-GIRL said...

Great question Bonnie ... it's great to read about everyone's reflections on the past year.
I'd have to say that one of the best times for me this year with Dave, doesn't actually involve much spanking!
We often go to a 4th of July rally together, meeting half way between us and then going on to the rally together. I was fine on the drive to meet him, but then got very sick after getting there.
Nothing like being sick in a campground! And in the morning Dave told me that we just couldn't go to the rally ... I was crushed.
But! He followed me all the way home, then tucked me into bed and took care of me all afternoon and night.
I was better the next morning, so we drove all the way back to the rally!
Then my poor guy was sick the next morning, and we had to drive the bike all the way back with himn in near dire straits by the time we got home.
He ended up much sicker than I was, and for two days he mostly slept.
But ... it was one of the first times we'd spent extended time together without spanking - though there was an occaisional odd spank here and there ... for the most part we just ... were. Taking care of each other.
After that long weekend, we both reflected that it showed us how much there is to Us outside of spanking interests. We were truly Us ... and I still feel the magic of that weekend when I think about it.
Sorta crazy ... but it truly was great, aside from the actual being sick part! And I think it brought us closer together in some ways.
Just a reminder to take nothing for granted ... live and love the best you can, while you can.

Anonymous said...

Well I haven't yet recieved a "real" spanking. But I'd have to say the best of 2006 was getting up the courage to tell my husband I want to be spanked. I only told him a couple weeks ago :) so I still have to get my spankings.

Caryagal said...

Hi Bonnie!

I think that finding your site and becoming rejuvinated and re-interested in spanking and sex has been the banner moment of 2006 for me. I am suddenly not only interested but obsessed with my husband, Papa Shrek. I don't know what happened other than turning 41 but I am truely enjoying the reawakening as is Papa Shrek. Your site has helped me become much more comfortable with myself and everything spanking related. Thank you for a wonderful site, amazing questions with wonderful insight, and all your wonderful spanking tales.


CindysDave said...

When I first read the topic I was ... stumped! So ... I cheated, and read the previous comments!

Cindy hit the nail on the head, so I will try to elaborate without being redundant. I'll only say that the 4th of July biker rally was definitely a real growth experience within Us. And trying to ride a big touring bike with the one you cherish most as passenger while preferring Death's Door to continuing the ride is something I never want to repeat!

Because our relationship has always been long distance, and the vast majority of it in motels and hotels in the midwest, the Us we developed was very focused, and isolated, and for the most part sheltered from the real world.

When we both got so sick the 4th of July weekend it was one of the firs times we've had to face 'reality' together, in person. But this year has been different in that we've spent a lot more time together at her house than ever before.

And we've had to deal with her kids and her son's dogs and her granddaughter a lot more than ever before during these times. It's forced us to be 'real'. Real inside of Our Time. There was even one spanking that went bad, so to speak, as a result of that. But we've been discussing it today, and will work through it ... as we do with everything.

Cindy's home is awesome. I just love it! And I have always be soft and calm there from the very few moment; even when her world has moved inside those four walls and I've had to resort to a warning glance or a semi-hidden swat instead of a pants-and-panties-down spanking on the spot!

And this year she was able to visit my apartment for the first time. Able to see my world. We took two long motorcycle rides as I showed her all the places she'd heard about over the phone, emails, or IMs.

So my answer, our answer, is anti-answer to your brunch! We grew and became closer and more in love than ever OUTSIDE of spanking. And don't think for a minute we're giving up spanking! We're just growing around it.


New Beginnings said...

Finding your blog has been the changing point in my life. From the inside I know that I am not the same person who came here to read in May.

Because of your blog and others I did come out to Nick after 23 years of marriage. The change is unbeliveable! I love the spanking, I love the touching, I love the sex (wouldn't have been able to say this as little as 8 months ago). I like who I am now, I like who we are now. I didn't call my blog New Beginnings for nothing. The change has been nothing short than a rebirth of our marriage.

To pick one momet, however, that would have been the first time he used his belt. He was showing me that he was serious about helping with the weight loss. It caught me by surprise, my complaint before that time was always that he was too gentle. He was not gentle, he was firm. It hurt! I was bruised! I was walking on air for days! Too bad I wasn't sittng on air! LOL I just knew he was there for me and always would be.

I wish you all the joy you brought to us this year!


Anonymous said...

Definatley Susan's birthday last summer. Back from

her birthday dinner, she found herself hairpinned over my knee, her lovley white moon, tight and spread, framed by the raised skirt of her designer dress, and her lowered La Senza panties with matching suspenders.A voice from under her skirt said,"Make this one to remember". I did. I won't be so ungallant as to divulge Susan's age, but by the final spank, the white moon had turned into a red tomato. She wriggled off my lap, unzipped me, straddled me as I still sat on the sofa, and helped herself to her final birthday present. David.

Jigsaw Analogy said...

It's been a complicated year for me, and (I think) especially for W. We've both grown and explored more, and become very tentative with each other. In the long run, I can't regret the paths I'm trying to navigate, but I really do wish I weren't navigating quite so many paths simultaneously!

That said, I think one of my favorite spanking memories of this year is the discovery that a few firm smacks to the tops of my thighs helps me immensely in keeping my cool while driving; most recently, it was on the way to pick up my MIL and thence to a family gathering (and, while waiting for my MIL, I was made to turn around and receive several smacks to my backside, in the car, on a not so quiet street!!).

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and above all, fortunate new year.

Bonnie said...

I find it difficult to pick just one magical moment because there are quite a few contenders. I published a list of my twenty favorite posts from 2006, but that’s not really a satisfactory answer.

I guess rather than citing one discrete event, my response would have to be the overall growth of our relationship, spurred in no small measure by the interaction here on this blog. Developing a new spanko article every day has definitely kept my mind on my bottom and all the things I want Randy to do with it. For his part, reading the products of my twisted mind has energized and emboldened my dear husband to further explore this kink we share. I’m not sure whether I was spanked more often in 2006, but I believe we both enjoyed it more.

Thank you to everyone who offered praise for me or for MBS. I honestly wasn’t fishing for that, but I do appreciate your kind words. You folks are simply wonderful.

Amber said...

Oh, God - it was discovering the blogland which made me drink deeply in the spanko experiences in r/l. Thanks all the blogging spankos out there!

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