Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just What I Needed


The jolting sound generated by the impact of wood against flesh shocked me as much as the acute pain it yielded. Again, Randy struck my bottom with the fearsome bath brush. I wriggled in discomfort. I opened my mouth to scream, but a third burning impact stole my breath before I had the chance.

Randy tightened his grip around my waist and quickly resumed his assault. The blows fell at a rapid rate concentrating upon surfaces I previously used for sitting. I wanted to escape. This spanking was more than I had anticipated. Far more in fact. Yes, it was me who suggested that we play earlier in the day. Yes, I did lower my jeans and my underwear in preparation. Yes, I quite willingly placed myself across the lap of my lover for precisely this purpose. But it hurts!

As my spanking proceeded, all I could think was “Ow, ow, ow!” When I regained my wind, I emitted a screech that hardly sounded like my voice. I couldn’t help it. My poor rear was on fire and he obviously lacked the good sense to stop.

Each time I struggled, Randy tightened his grip and spanked that much harder. This situation, I thought, was intolerable. I wanted a fun spanking, but this session had become anything but fun.

In time, however, panic gave way to resignation and resistance to acceptance. Once Randy felt my muscles begin to relax, he loosened his hold and lightened his swats. Before long, he was rubbing my punished mounds. This sensation, while it hurt, was a most welcome one. I like having my man’s hands on my behind under any circumstances. Immediately after such a vigorous spanking, the result was positively electric. His combination of rubs, squeezes, and light smacks was enough to unleash the carnal hunger that had built within me.

I leapt from the bed and knelt in front of him. Without a request or instruction, I lowered his pants and placed his member into my mouth. Its swollen length filled my oral cavity. Up and down I bobbed, licking, stroking, and gently sucking as I went. His groans suggested that I was on the right path. His panting was short and fast. When he inhaled deeply and then held the breath, I knew his completion was near. Sure enough, I felt his jet fire against the back of my throat. He moaned with release and with pleasure. I had satisfied his need.

My lover then applied a vibrator in a most delightful manner. I climaxed three or four times before we collapsed in each others’ arms. We adore those motionless moments together, bathed in perspiration, captured by exhaustion, and bonded with love.

The spanking may have seemed like more than I wanted, but in truth, it was all that I needed. Thank you, dear husband of mine. You knew. That’s why I love you!

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Anonymous said...

I gotta admit, you make wood sound like a wonderful thing and not the evil enemy I fear. Hehehehe.

Great post, Bonnie!!


Spanky said...

Whew! This was a hot and erotic read, even by your standards! I especially liked the part where you went down on Randy, that was really hot. You are a marvelous writer...

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about brushes, they're worse even than things like canes, I suppose they are heavy and unyeilding. D has a clothes brush, not quite as long as your bathbrush, but with a bigger striking area, and after a bare bottom session with that, I am gettting near to using the safe word, something I have never so far done.It also results in very tender rear cheeks, and a sitting problem next day. Susan.

Anonymous said...

I so agree, Bonnie!!! Sometimes, I just need a spanking!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time. I am so glad you got what you needed. Those bath brushed can be brutal, and hard to submit to. Kasey

foxthatsspanked said...

I haven't had the priviledge (?) of a bath brush yet, but I know how my wooden paddles feel. I want to scream. I want to fight. I DO fight...I don't quit fighting least not yet...until its all over and then the other half of the lovemaking begins. Electric was a perfect word for the feeling of my man rubbing the sting out of my bottom. As far as the trouble sitting, its such a happy reminder of how wonderful the lovemaking was...I get that Scarlett O'Hara giggle and grin going every single time...

I hope for the something similar in the very very near future. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This was good! I guess you needed it, I know that I needed to read it!! This is a wonderful time of the year but very stressful. So glad that Randy is there for you!


CIN-D-GIRL said...

Wow ... exactly the kind of spanking I need often! And my reaction to that dang brush is just about the same, when he knows it's what I need, even if I don't know it at the time. Deeeeeeeep sigh ... great post!

CindysDave said...

Ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk ... I shouldn't have read that just before bed! Especially with any spanking or lovemaking at least 20 hours away!

[deep sigh]

But I'll be sure to read this again just before Cindy gets home from work tomorrow evening!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Bonnie.

I loved it.


mthc said...

Bonnie,i have to admit that WAS pretty erotic. Love those kind of stories!

Bonnie said...

Eva - Well, I'd call it an acquired taste (watch out for the afterburn!).

Spanky - Thanks!

Susan - Yes, that brush definitely leaves a lasting impression. But I rather enjoy feeling that insistent little ache the next day.

Tigger - Sometimes, what we need is not exactly the same as what we want.

Kasey - True, but not submitting is far worse!

Fox - That Vermont Country Store bath brush is a mighty spicy dish, but every bite is intensely memorable. It's not for all the time and it's not for everyone, but it has a place in our arsenel.

Elis - You're right. I did need it, and more than I realized.

Cindy - Thank you!

Dave - I hope your rendezvous was an enjoyable one!

OPB - Thanks!

mthc - Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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