Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Holiday Brunch

With houseguests arriving soon, I hadn't really prepared too much for brunch. In fact, I considered calling it off for this week. Then it occurred to me that readers might want to stop by should they get a spare minute during this busy season. So let's just make this one nice and casual.

Have you any holiday wishes you would like to share?

Just leave a comment as you see fit. After a while, I'll post an edited summary.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

Love to All,


jeanmarie said...

I wish this community of friends the merriest of Christmases, and the most wonderful on new years.

I wish every spanko as many play spankings as they can handle, and as many punishment spankings as they deserve.

I wish our gracious host the very best, because she exemplifies that daily on this blog.

And I wish that I'd get what I truly have coming to me this holiday, so that I won't be able to sit for Christmas dinner.

Jean Marie

Amber said...

Merry Christmas to you, Bonnie, and all of your readers.


Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, I wish you all that you wish yourself, and then some. I'm sure that Randy likes to push your limits a little.
Have a wonderful time.
Warm hugs,

Bonnie said...

You know me. I simply had to turn this assignment into a top ten list.

My holiday wishes are…

1. Food for those who are hungry

2. Companionship for those who are alone

3. Patience for those who move slowly

4. Relief for those who live in pain

5. Shelter for those who have no home

6. Warmth for those who are shivering

7. Understanding for those who are unable to explain

8. Renewal for those whose lives have become stagnant

9. Compassion for those who fail

10. Peace for the entire world

I also wish a good old-fashioned bare-bottomed spanking for everyone who deserves it, and two such spankings for everyone who desires it! :D

Happy holidays, my dear friends!

Kallisto said...

Wow, Bonnie, I think you covered it all. Our best wishes to everyone during this holiday season, and all through the new year!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...


I gotta a freakin' wish!

I wish you, Bonnie, your family and all your devoted readers a safe & joyous holiday season!

So THERE!!!!! Take that!!!


Reesa Roberts said...

My wish is for safe travels for all who are going home for Christmas - I have a lot of family traveling here this year!


Doc said...

I wish for all the small kindnesses we do oneanother to be recognized.

...and to put out some propaganda, if you feel like reading a small peice on some holiday cheer, unrelated to spanking or sex, I have a post about that, just click on the name.

Merry Christmas everyone, and remember to take some holiday cheer for yourselves while you run around in the hassle of it all.

Mistress Sky said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all - I think your list just about sums it up, Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie for the blog. It helps to read your cheerful words.

Happy Christmas


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Bonnie. I have loved reading your blog. Hope you and anyone who reads this, have a very wonderful christmas.

New Beginnings said...

I agree with everything Jeanmarie said and everything you said! Love to everyone this Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Bonnie.

~Todd & Suzy

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