Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Poetry of Paddles in Motion

Sometimes, I feel like yelling from the rooftop. I’d like to scream, “My husband just spanked my bare bottom and made love to me, and it was fantastic! Yippee!”

However, all that carrying on would surely start the neighbors talking. Worse yet, I’m simply too old to be falling off the roof. Therefore, I’ll choose to do my crowing right here.

A Beat Poem
(or a Rhyming Spanko’s Stream of Consciousness…)

Swinging for the fences
Come and swat me now
Raise the spanko census
Say it with a pow!

Put me in position
Pull my panties down
Be my own musician
Make the sweetest sound

Take me in your strong arms
Over lap I’ll turn
Show all your male charms
Let me feel the burn

Now ignite a big flame
Right upon my skin
Make me call out your name
Trying not to grin

Spank me 'til I'm toasted
Bruises are all right
For you this is posted
Be my love tonight!

When the spanking is done
Snuggle close to me
Now begins the real fun
Let us roll with glee

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Spanky said...

Bonnie, wonderful post! As you know we have recently rediscovered the wooden paddle also. Thanks for your advice on which parts are most appropriate for paddling; I'm sure Kallisto will have a full report today.


bella said...

Worse yet, I’m simply too old to be falling off the roof.

LOL, Bonnie.

Groovy poem.

[snap, snap]


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, Bonnie!!! Great poem!!!


SmartNnaughty said...


As I read your poetry, I sang it to the tune of jingle bells. It just needed a refrain. I'm so glad you aren't falling off any rooftops.

I remember your offerings from last Christmas. Will there be more this year?


Doc said...

*snap snap snap* Oh that was excellent. I love poetry *snap snap snap*

Paul said...

I really loved this little poem Bonnie, it is great.
Please try not to go falling off any roofs, we would miss you lots.
BTW is snap what passes for applause these days?
Warm hugs,

Katie_Spades said...

OMG Bonnie, you are so talented! I loved it. Brilliant!

Thanks for sharing!


Bonnie said...

Spanky - I read the full report and I'm impressed by your technique. Well done (in every sense)!

Bella - Thanks!

Tigger - Thank you!

SNN (Simultaneously Named Nancy) - You know, I did never get that Jingle Bells parody in shape. Well, December starts tomorrow so I guess I'll have to get to work.

Doc - Thank you!

Paul - I'm going to do my best to stay close to Earth.

Kate - Thanks! Sometimes my kink drives me to rhyme. Now is that hardcore or what?

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