Sunday, October 15, 2006

MBS Sunday Brunch #39

Today, we celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. Paul, our wise widower from Cornwall, is celebrating his birthday. This brunch is dedicated to him.

Please share a favorite spanking-related memory, fantasy, or thought that you think Paul might enjoy. Let's put a smile on his face that lasts all day long!

I invite you to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion. Please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of the discussion.


jeanmarie said...

Dear Paul,
I'm in an unhappy relationship where we only come together (pun intended) over spanking; I aggravate him until he paddles me. I've been deeply touched by your past postings, reminescing over what you shared with your wife. Your gentle thoughts have brought a tear to my eye more often than a hard hand across my deserving derriere ever did.
Happy B'day!

New Beginnings said...

Paul, you left these memories on Cassie’s blog as comments months ago and she said I could use them here. I remember everything I have read about you and Mel and they are definitely among my most favorite spanking stories.

I remember when I bought Mel her first car, a little MG Singer coupe, she suddenly developed a very heavy right foot, three speeding tickets in six months, you'll understand that speeding comes under the category of endangering herself, in our house always a punishable offence, the first offence, well first car, excitement, she'll learn, OTK hand spanking, my hand is big her butt was quite small, so she didn't get off lightly. Second offence, like Tom I was away for three days, I knew that Mel was nervous, I thought that she was missing me, she didn't tell me for two days after I got home. Yes I was very upset and angry, I didn't punish until the next day, she got twice what she would have received had she told me straight away, the third time lets just say she was sitting sensitive for well over a week. As far as I know she never got another ticket and over the years she graduated to bigger and more powerful cars.

I used to give Mel a good girl spanking before we went out of an evening not every-time but often, if we were going to a gathering where there were likely to be woman on the hunt, just to remind her that she was mine, that it didn't matter how many ladies (sic) were waving their bits and pieces at me or making come to bed eyes at me, she was the only one, so she enjoyed the party with a butt that reminded her just who's she was.

Happy Birthday Paul!


Eva said...

Bonnie~ What a great brunch idea!! Happy Birthday, Paul!! We all love you.

A story? Hmmm... the one that's coming to mind is something that happened just today. We were in a walmart with all our kids. We found something we'd been look for... or at least I had been looking for. Adam carried it... it was just a small little item. No big deal. Anyhow, as our kids rounded the corner and were out of our site, he reached over and womped me pretty good with it.

I laughed and said "thanks, I love reminders."

The item? It was an ice cream scoop. What's a birthday without ice cream??


Grace said...

Happy Birthday Paul!

Did I ever tell you about the time we were in church with the wildchild, she was 2 at the time. She was being really naughty, but church was almost over. It was time for the final prayer and everyone in the church had their head bowed for prayer. The wildchild started talking loud. I grabbed her and started heading down the aisle to the foyer. As I'm walking quickly down the aisle the wildchild yells REALLY LOUD.... DON'T SPANK ME!

Bless the Pastors heart, he kept on praying, but the rest of the church was definatly chuckling.

I, of course, headed straight for the car.

Sorry, not very sexy, but it's good for a laugh!

Love you Paul!

Lily said...


I don't have time to share a story right now (I should have left for work 10 minutes ago) but I will try to come back later.

Any way I just wanted to wish Paul a very Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely day.

Take care,



Tiggr said...

My most memorable (and "impressive") story as told by Paul regards a certain punishment spanking by the ocean during his honeymoon with his blushing bride...

As I recall, the little darling had foolishly and recklessly just risked her life in a daring attempt to have fun, so the ever-resourceful Paul tossed her up on the rocks and gave her a sound lashing with his belt.

It was the only time he ever spanked in anger (fueled by fear, no less)... and it is a lesson I have recalled in my mind more than once when asking to be punished myself.

As to my most favorite spanking to share with Paul, well, that hasn't happened yet but hopefully will... I've offered (with Dante's sincerest good wishes) to take the spanking that Paul would be giving Mel today in honor of his brithday, following their household tradition... I'll be sure to fill everyone in on the details if/when it happens!

I love you, Paul!

Paul said...

Bonnie, such a generous gesture. Once again I'm overwhelmed by the response.
I started commenting to try and feel a part of a community where I was considered relatively normal.
You people are something else, if I didn't know that you all have your feet firmly planted on Mother earth, I'd thing that you had come from another planet.
You are all wonderful, and I'm blessed to know you.
Warm hugs Bonnie and a big thank you,

Anne Elizabeth said...

with all this attention from everyone, you must be having the most wonderful of birthdays !!!!

The spanking I remember most fondly is when I was on my hands and knees and he was behind me while we were having sex.... He left the most delicious handprints !!!!

Anne Elizabeth

bratscorcher said...

Paul, Happy Birthday, and congrats on this unique honor,

a favorite memory?

what about that time you had left your office one late Friday for a business trip and had to come back as you realized you had forgotten your brief case. as you approached your office door you heard a telltale moaning "ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh!"

"Dear God!" you thought, in shock, Fifi, my secretary is in trouble!

you kick open the door only to discover than rather being in trouble, Fifi who thought she was in the clear w/Paul having left to catch his flight was herself traveling to dreamland via her trusty multi-speed deluxe vibrator.

only after she screamed to the pleasure of her third orgasm did Fifi realize that her shocked boss was standing there in stunned disbelief.

Naughty Fifi, knealt before her Master, "I so sorry Sir. So very very sorry!" Fifi pleaded in her charming French accent. "I must be punished, must be punished SEVERELY!" Fifi begged, even as she, w/out command, unbuckled the belt and drew down the zipper and began to give exquisite oral pleasure to Paul. After all, Fifi was of the firm belief that her Superior should be thick and throbbing the entire time that he was administering a necessary correction to his naughty secretary's bare bottom...

well, you can all see where the story is heading. A special memory to us mere mortals, but probably a typical day in the office for Paul.

Happy Birthday!
-- B.

brian said...

Happy Birthday Paul,

I will share this sestina style poem I wrote called "Bottoms Up"

"Bottoms Up"

walking her wool slacks molded her bottom
setting my wineglass back on the table
stood up to greet her kissed soft cheek
sparkling smile that reaches her eyes
whispers in ear today I was naughty
breath in her hair scent of perfume.

do I smell an expensive perfume
if it is I'll be spanking that bottom
I didn't mean to oh why am I naughty
perhaps a lesson bent over this table
in public she cried with fear in her eyes
how else can I punish such cheek.

please sir not here tears on her cheek
all this for a little bottle of perfume
you know the rules no wool in my eyes
over my knee proper place for your bottom
nervously twists ring her hands on the table
I'm taking you home my lover who's naughty.

remove your clothes my sweet naughty
slowly turn round show me your cheek
stretch yourself out over that table
seen from behind can smell her perfume
my firm hand starts smacking pale bottom
look in the mirror and open your eyes.

reflected in light her misty blue eyes
trembling mouth with a pout looks naughty
hairbrush strokes cracking on pink bottom
timing each blow on her flexing cheek
odor of roses her feminine perfume
an essence that flows onto the table.

writhing her hips grind into table
panting and weeping with unfocused eyes
higher she spirals pulses lusty perfume
she thrusts back begging more I'm naughty
please harder faster all over my cheek
long thorough strapping makes a red bottom.

sprawled on the table you've learned not to be naughty.
with pleading eyes looks back rubbing hot sore cheek.
was it worth the perfume to have a well roasted bottom.

CeeCi said...

Happy Birthday, Paul. I hope you're having a splendid day!

After returning from market one day, Paul. had had enough of Mel's sauciness. She'd been rather bratty the entire time and was in need of a reminder. In the kitchen, Paul. used the closest thing at hand to paddle his beloved with, a frozen fish. A mackerel if I recall. Anyway, as the spanking ensued, the frozen fish began defrosting, then it began disintegrating. Undaunted our perturbed Head of Household continued with the spanking. Once his correction ended they realized they had made a huge mess throughout the kitchen.

The hilarity of the situation caused the two lovers to laugh with delight!

Nothing like a smackerel with a mackerel, now is there?

Happy Birthday, Paul.! I love you.

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

Bonnie said...

I’ve been saving a story for this occasion. A couple of weeks ago, Randy and I had plans to attend a live performance. As I was getting dressed, he walked into the bedroom and spoke those three little words that make my heart flutter. “Assume the position.” This wasn’t a request so much as a command.

At our house, “the position” means that I get on hands and knees upon the bed. When thus situated, my bottom is easily accessible for whatever treatment Randy deems appropriate. On this evening, he chose a small thin cane. Far from the traditional school cane, this diminutive model is more appropriate for sensuous endeavors.

After lifting my slip and sliding down my pantyhose and panties, the spanking began. What Randy delivered was not six of the best, but more like sixty of the excellent. He employed a quick flicking motion as he caned my target repeatedly. No one stroke was terribly painful, but the gradual accumulation left my bottom very pink and stingingly sore. Needless to say, I absolutely loved his careful attention.

My gentleman may not have begun this interlude with the intention of making love, but I put the idea in the forefront of his thinking by demonstrating my gratitude. He returned the favor in most exquisite fashion. We rushed to make it to our play just as the curtain was opening. For us, however, the performance was definitely anti-climatic!

Happy birthday, Paul!

Theresa said...

Ok Paul..a naked woman spread out over the hood of the car, it's raining. Just use your imagination and the implement of your choice!

Hugs and Happy Birthday

caryagal said...

Happy Birthday Paul!
Here is my special story for your wonderful birthday! May it be perfect in every way!

After reading the wonderful different positions on some blogs I had discussed a couple with my hubby (these were from one of Bonnie's past brunches). Weeks went by and we hadn't tried anything special that we hadn't before. (Though I definitely wasn't bored!). Then the other night out of the blue it happened. I was stressed beyond belief. My mother had some invasive hospital tests that I had brought her to that day. She was a mess having not slept the night before. That had worn off on me. I was looking at the next day and thinking about waking up 4:30 am in the morning to take my two year old daughter to have surgery. Though this surgery was very minor in the course of things, it had brought back rough memories of our oldest son in the hospital. Of his fight for life, his pace maker operation, his heart transplant, and then of us holding him as he died in our arms. I couldn't focus on anything. I had been snaping at our 4 wonderful children for dumb things that any young kids would be expected to do. We got all the kids to sleep and I was trying to relax, knowing that I would not sleep that night. Then my wonderful hubby came in. Asked how I was doing so tenderly. I sobbed out my worry and sadness while he held me close. I told him how I'd never sleep. How I wasn't sure how I'd make it through the next day, though I knew I would. He calmly got up, said wait here. He went to our dresser and turned on the lava light and off the tv. He then proceeded to gently call me over to him. He sat down and had me get over his lap in a position we had discussed weeks and weeks before. One that was allegedly more comfortable. Still OTK, but with the bed supporting my upper body. He proceeded to spank me first by hand then with a hickory paddle that is my favorite implement. Then he caressed me, held me and cuddled with me. We made tender love, then the last thing I remember is snuggling, spooning in his arms. I was surprised when he woke me for the surgery for I had slept the whole night. All went well and was uneventful as far as the surgery. I was NOT a basket case, but a calm loving mother that I needed to be. I was there for all of my children the next day relaxed and feeling completely loved.

When I thought of you today I realized how many times my hubby is like you. He knows what I need in my most stressed, upset moments. He is loving, tender, caring, and wonderful. All of these qualities that show so much in your love of Mel and your kind comments on peoples blogs. I don't have a blog, but I feel I know you. You are a wonderful person and greatly valued by all of us. Happy Birthday, Paul!


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