Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Fourteen

I love spanko blogs. With examples like these, is it any wonder?

Mistress Sky - I'm not sure how I managed to get through thirteen weeks of spankologues without mentioning Mistress Sky. Regardless, it's time to correct this oversight. Sky is a domme who is happily submissive at home. As a switch, she is able to share her extensive experience from both sides. Her blog offers truly a little bit of everything. From personal experiences to web discoveries, and from hotness to hilarity to head scratching, Sky has it all. However, the best part, for me, is the gentle wisdom of the author herself. I'm a regular reader and look forward to each new contribution.

A Spanker's View - As the name suggests, this blog focuses upon the perspective from the skinny end of the paddle. Marcus has enjoyed several spanking relationships and his writing reflects his considerable experience as a spanker. I always welcome a gentleman blogger's thoughts because they often view the world in ways I hadn't considered and because of their relative scarcity. Marcus treats his readers to personal experiences and memories, photos, word associations, and much more. Check it out!

The B____ Inside - At the risk of disclosing a closely guarded secret, Bella is the latest incarnation of an interesting woman who is quite familiar to many spanko bloggers. She describes herself as "married, polyamorous, submissive, and thirty-something." Reading further, one discovers that Bella is also imaginative, adventurous, and fun. Her new blog presents well written fictional stories, real life accounts, and general observations. Life may be a B_____, but suddenly, that's not such a bad thing!

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Tiggr said...

All three are great picks, Bonnie. I, too, have no idea how you missed Sky for so long... I know she is a daily read for you and me, too.

Maybe it was because checking in with her is kinda like breathing... she's so down-to-earth and natural yet always tells it just like it is. (Thankfully).

I, too, appreciate Bella's new blog and have enjoyed her in more alias' but she's still the same fun, caring spanko...

Hugs and so sorry again for my mess up this morning. (That's why I have CeeCi to help with my html... cause I'm dangerous when unsupervised).


Mistress Sky said...

Dear Bonnie!!

You did mention me a long time ago when I first started out... and I'll always be grateful for your encouragement. If there was a *worshipping* smilie available, I'd be using it right now!! Blogging-Guru Bonnie!
Thank you for all that you said - now I just have to try and live up to it (No pressure?!!!).


Anonymous said...

is Bella the blogger formerly known as "Patty"?

bella said...

A very belated "Thank You" to Bonnie for including me in the Spankologue. I am truly honored.

(Who has never been known as Patty)

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