Thursday, August 31, 2006

Top Ten: Reasons Why Spankings are Better Than Prozac

The following discussion is not intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental condition. It is humor of a most speculative nature. See your doctor regularly and do what she says.
  1. Zero cost

  2. You never have to wonder whether it's working

  3. No weight gain

  4. No blood tests

  5. Dosage can be modified as necessary

  6. Fast acting relief

  7. No insurance forms

  8. Arousal is the most common side effect

  9. Can be mixed with alcohol

  10. Available over the counter
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Anonymous said...

LOL... great post, Bonnie. I bet you could expand on this theme with that little blue Viagra.

FelineFrisky said...

LOL, great, just woonderful. Puts a whole new spin on therapy! :) D

Evilicious Blonde said...

Loved this list.

The last one made me burst out laughing.


secondhand said...

That last one cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Love it, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, wouldn't it be embarrassing if somebody came in while you were receiving your medicine. *G*
Great list Bonnie, you do have a most fertile mind.

Lily said...

Fantastic. How do you come up with all this stuff?



padme said...

Love this list, bonnie...
You havn't said but how is the grandchild doing? Are you enjoying being a grandma??
I hope your doing ok...

New Beginnings said...

This is so funny!! At lunch today a teacher asked me when I went on Prozac! She was sure I was on some happy pill!LOL

Anonymous said...

I love number 10 but found myself thinking "Available over dang near anything... the counter, the table, the chair, the bed, the couch, his lap... LOL


Anonymous said...

Well you may not be a qualified doctor, but it works. lol

Caia said...

So true Bonnie! And it does work. Actually someone mentioned a while back that a study was conducted in Russia (or somewhere) about the effectiveness of spanking in treating depression. The study confirmed what we already knew!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!! It works much better than any meds out there!!

Anon for now :-)

Yours said...

hahahaha thats hillarious!! no matter what the problem...spanking is the solution! yay to that! lol

paqster said...

love the forgot a couple side effects: you mentioned arousal, often uncontrollable arousal, but you neglected to mention a stinging sensation in the backside, a possible warming sensation of the buttocks that could last for hours, mild to severe bruising, possible corner time, and a possibility that you'll be standing for dinner. Other side effects include a restful sleep after the post spanking coitus, and a propensity for sleeping on your stomach.

When mixxed with alcohol, expect more severe results...

padme said...

Hey bonnie,
I mentioned the spanking party happening on Sunday in a comment but didn't hear back from you. A lot of people are coming to the party. Even a few people you know. I'd love it if you could make it. Please let me's going to be a very good spanking time!!

Mary said...

It is cheaper than prozac too!

Bonnie said...

SuZQ - I think spanking is better than a whole lot of things!

D - Thanks!

Evilicious - Yeah, I couldn't resist!

Second Hand - Great visual, isn't it? that was my favorite too.

Tigger Too - Thank you.

Paul - I'll skip the witness, but I take my medicine frequently.

Lily - It's my favorite subject. What can I say?

Padme - Funny you should ask. They are here this weekend. It seems as though the kid has doubled in size since I last saw her. At the moment, her mom is out, I am babysitting, and the baby is happily asleep. We're having a lot of fun.

Elis - As long as you keep the pillows at home, they'll never know. :D

Eva - Absolutely true!

Anon - I could play one on TV...

Caia - I remember that study. I also remember people being surprised by the results. I guess they didn't ask us...

AFN - It's certainly my medication of choice for mood elevation.

Yours - Thanks!

Paqster - Spanking is contraindicated in patients who must remain seated for extended periods of time.

Padme - I left you a message on your blog. Alas, I find my time mostly committed this weekend.

Mary - Absolutely!

Theresa said...

Friends of mine have always made fun of the fact that I have a Wellbutrin and a diet coke for breakfast! But I must agree, I would prefer a spanking then maybe some eggs!

Bonnie said...

Theresa - Now that's what I call a breakfast of champions!

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