Sunday, August 20, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 20

This week, we considered the dimensions of a perfect spanking. Your descriptions were exquisitely delicious.

Brian: Our version of the perfect spanking is Diane's morning spankings before I go to work. She is always impatient and can't wait to go over my knee. I only use my hand, and I tease her by spanking softly until she waggles her bottom. Then I spank harder until a pink blush like roses spreads across her cheeks. I kiss her bottom when we are done. This starts off our day on a high note.

Bonnie: My perfect spanking is not exotic or extreme in any way. It’s familiar and as comfortable as a thorough spanking can be. The setting is our bedroom. No one else is anywhere around and we have no obligations.

The theme is pure erotic arousal. While this spanking is technically foreplay, it is every bit as exciting and pleasurable for me as what inevitably follows.

Both of us are as naked as the day we were born. He sits on the edge of the bed and I lie across his lap. The spanking begins with a long slow warm-up. He uses his hand to skillfully raise both my temperature and my anticipation. It hurts, but in a delicious, tingly way.

When he decides that this extended warm-up is complete, he picks up a leather paddle and begins applying it to my willing flesh. His pace is slow, but deliberate. Each impact generates a loud report that reverberates in my soul. After a while, my groans of pleasure rival the sound of the spanking in pure volume. But we don’t care. He encourages me to enjoy every delightful moment.

With that, he transfers the flexible paddle to his other hand and reaches for a vibrating probe. Applying the buzzing toy to my most sensitive locale, he now freely mixes swats with stimulation. Before long, I am bucking so hard that he must hold me tight to prevent my body from tumbling onto the floor.

The lovemaking that follows is slow, sensual, and satisfying. He takes the time to rekindle my fires by kissing and licking all of the special hot spots that he alone knows. The joining, when it arrives, is welcome and pleasing. We experience a oneness as our sweet afterglow fades into glorious slumber.

Tigger: Eroticism, build-up, openness and vulnerability stoke the flames of an ever increasing passion, exemplified through the warmth of his palm. His pace builds steadily as his hands alternately knead my burning cheeks and stray between my legs for the slick moistness growing there.

Leather is my favorite toy besides his hand, too, but by this time, it really wouldn't matter what he used. I am in heaven and my body craves the release of orgasm culminating with the sweetest release of pain, the perfect pain and pleasure merger.

As he paddles and strokes me to a massive orgasmic release, his fingers probe deeply inside me even as the spasms are still tapering off. Finally, he pulls me up on top of him and I seat myself firmly onto him, each of us claiming our rightful place. His hands close around my well-spanked bottom once more, squeezing and gripping, prompting groans of ecstasy as I thrust up and down on him.

When his release comes moments later, I cross the threshold of orgasm once more as he fills me deep inside my body, my heart and my soul.

Jean Marie: This column has often inspired my perfect spanking scenario. I get aroused by reading and writing for it, and then go upstairs to awaken my love. When my sleep t-shirt is pulled up and my panties down, this is Kyle's first clue to my desires. The position I squirm into across his lap confirms it. He spanks my bare and eager ass sensually, but soundly. When I'm well-warmed by his big hand, he tells me to fetch an implement. Often, it's my favorite, the leather strap. He strops me standing up, with me bent over the bed. As the long lesson goes on, I sink to my knees and have a good, cleansing cry. The perfect spanking would continue, but often Kyle is so turned-on, he first cuddles and consoles me, and then mounts me from behind. The perfect spanking alternates between lovemaking and more punishment late into the morning, with me climaxing so often that the sheets get soaked. We fall back asleep in each others’ arms. We later awaken to make breakfast and eat it back in bed. Kyle nibbles at my nasty bits as we eat off of one another. Playful spanks inspire another round of lovemaking. We rise to shower together. I love stinging slaps on my wet tushy, so I'm spanked and fucked yet again. This Sunday session can go on until mid-afternoon.

Sessions like this rekindle our love bond, a connection that can get strained during the week.

Tigger Too - The situation is definitely romantic, erotic, and sensual! The setting is our bedroom, and I'm lying over my hubby's lap while he sits with his back against the headboard. That position is one of my favorites!

Like the one Bonnie described, this spanking is all about foreplay! My hubby spends a glorious amount of time rubbing and caressing my bottom before he even begins the spanking, running his hand over my bottom and up and down my legs until I'm practically melting!

The spanking starts out with a slow warm-up, the spanks light, with lots of caressing in between. When my bottom is nicely warmed, he slides his hand between my legs and touches me. *sigh*

Then, after teasing me for awhile, he goes back to spanking again, this a little harder, and soon, I'm wiggling and squirming all over the place. But not as much as I do when he starts spanking me with the Cracker Barrel paddle, which would be my implement of choice for the perfect spanking!

Again, the spanking isn't just a series of smacks with the paddle, but a pleasurable combination of smacks and caresses. And of course, he squeezes my stinging bottom with his hand, too! That's one of my favorite parts of a spanking!

After the spanking, while my bottom is red-hot and glowing, my hubby rubs KY warming massage oil all over my stinging cheeks! I sooo can't get enough of that! *sigh* After that, we make love, slowly and sensuously, then cuddle up in each other's arms!

The perfect spanking makes me feel incredibly loved and cherished! *sigh*

Susan: Total domination is what I need. D tells me to be ready at six sharp, including a thin black skirt, white silk knickers, stockings and heels. At six, I am nervously ready. D gives me an airline eye mask. When I put it on, I can see nothing. He takes my arm and leads me to another room. I reach out and feel a leather roll at waist height. It's our trestle. "Bend over," he orders. I lower myself down, hands down the legs, ankles spread, and in a moment he has tightened the velcro straps about them holding each limb securely. My bottom is now vulnerably high and tight.

Something nudges my lips, so I open my mouth. A rubber ball gag is slipped into it. Now I am helpless. All my senses are gone except for hearing and touch. I haven’t even a safe word. So I must trust D. My cheeks cringe as I feel a sharp “thwick.” A burning line erupts across the seat of my skirt. It's that swishy little cane. D prefers to cane over clothing, and I get six juicy ones, making me gasp and squirm. He leaves me there for a while, as the stripes on my bottom are blossoming. He then pulls up my skirt. What next? "Whack", it is definitely a paddle on my woefully thin knickers. How it stings, livening the cane stripes and super heating my bottom. He paddles away at my poor bottom, until it feels burning and swollen. This time the pause is longer, but I'm sure he is not finished with me yet. Hands pull my knickers down to my stocking tops. I wish for just a bare spanking. But it’s no such luck as the biting leather tails of the French martinet nip every part of my spread cheeks and thighs, and sometimes my inner secrets, which are now getting very randy! I sense D close behind me. Which hole will he choose? I hope not my bum, because I really need him where it matters. "Ooooh!" Thats's just what I got.

Mary: The situation for me begins with me needing a little discipline, nothing serious, but definitely needing a little reminding to mind my behavior. It starts out in the living room, and over his knee. He is in no hurry to take my panties down and uses his hand to spank. He scolds and requires "Yes sir" for answers. There may be an intermission of corner time to reflect on why I am being spanked. When I am back over his lap, panties are down and he rubs my bottom a bit before spanking. I feel relaxed and safe, if yet a bit jumpy every time I lose contact with his hand and not knowing when the first spank will land again. I love when he questions me about what happens to naughty girls, and I have to say that they are spanked. He will follow with asking how. I explain that they are spanked on a bare bottom, which just makes me tingle to say. Eventually, he moves from his hand to our small black paddle. It has a delicious sting. I might start to complain and kick, but he holds me firmly to his lap and as the spanking continues. My frustrations are relieved with my wiggles and kicks.

Next, the action moves to the bedroom. There I will certainly get a taste of his belt. By this time, I am craving it. I especially love to be placed on my tummy lying over pillows for the belt. After my bottom is perfectly red and rosy, he rubs my bottom, kisses my face and tells me how I am his good girl now. We kiss, cuddle, and with sweet reassurances from him, I start to focus on how all that heat on my bottom is working itself into a fire in my groin. I begin to kiss more passionately, and my hands start rubbing and searching his body. Soon I am once again lying with a pillow under my hips, but I am on my back. You may think the pillow is for the sore bum, but I have discovered that for me that pelvic tilt adds just the right angle for exquisite pleasure when he enters me. With him on top, I notice that tenderness from the spanking and I want him all the more. He slides gently in and out, sometimes teasing me mercilessly until I am begging, “pleeeeeeeassse!” I am so primed and ready that the first orgasm comes readily and I am often gifted with two or three more before we are done. There is the final collapse entwined into each other's arms and I often whisper to him that, "I just love being your good girl." Everything feels right with the world.

Curtis: For me as a spanko, spanking is sexual in and of itself or as part of a sexual scenario. As a switch it goes both ways.

My ideal scenario -- one which has happened on occasion -- involves a little threatening and then she is placed over my lap (and on something that provides comfort for both of us -- couch or bed). It involves some warm-up over one layer, some warm-up over another layer and finally the inevitable baring of the bottom. It involves the hand only -- spanking, rubbing, spanking, rubbing, some manual stimulation to orgasm and that sequence being repeated many times for a long, langorous spanking, imparting color and sting, but also providing arousal whether or not it is augmented by orgasmic stimulation. After a long time, it is my turn to be over her lap with my pants down but my underwear on as she starts spanking those first before lowering them and spanking my bare bottom -- also by hand, also for a long time and also with increased intensity until I am either sufficiently aroused to have an orgasm over her lap or we proceed to mad passionate love-making. If we're together long enough, that sequence might be repeated later or in the morning. Snuggling, spooning and sleeping after we're both sated is part of the menu.

Theresa: Well, my Danny Mayye spankings are obviously perfect to me. But what I have had in mind lately is a spanking for me by W. I want to be across his lap on the sofa. His arm tight across my waist. I am envisioning a rather long hand spanking. Then, after a little play, a nice long, sexy paddling. Maybe he would use a ping pong paddle. We both seem to have a fondness for that implement, though there aren't too many implements we don't like or agree upon. I am not a cane kind of girl and W is not a cane kind of guy. W will talk to me, and I will beg. He will tell me I am a bad girl, and a cry baby. I'll forget a "sir" now and then and answer him with a "huh." I'll also mouth off but only once or twice before he fixes these problems. During this spanking, W will hold me down tight. He likes it when I fight and scream and try to get away. Obviously my little 5' 2 frame is no match for his 6' 1. Nonetheless, to keep my man happy, I will squirm, kick, squeal, and try to get away. It does something for his masculinity to hold me down and control me. I have to admit, it gets my juices flowing too!

Paul: Let’s consider a perfect spanking. A perfect spanking in my book is one where the spankee gets exactly what she needs, given with love.

I remember the first good girl spanking that I gave to Mel. The time was the summer of ’61, the place was a good hotel in the centre of Paris, and the occasion was our honeymoon. We arrived late on the 21st of June, Mel’s birthday and our wedding day. We ordered a light snack from room service, barely managed to eat it and fell into bed. I locked the door, switched out the lights and climbed into bed. When I went to gather Mel into my arms, blow me if she wasn’t asleep. We slept the clock round. Even small weddings are tiring.

I don’t really think that I need to describe what occurred the next morning before we rang down for breakfast or indeed after breakfast and off and on for the rest of Thursday and Friday. When we awoke on Saturday morning, I suggested that we take breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then have a stroll around Paris. Mel agreed. We had a very affable greeting from the Maitre D’ and were seated and a fuss made all round. I thought it was very nice but Mel was a little embarrassed.

After breakfast, we strolled around Paris taking in the sights. We’d both been there before, so there were no great surprises. We had a light lunch in Montmartre and slowly returned to our hotel.

I thought that it was time to introduce my girl to my favourite form of foreplay. I sat on the bed leaning against the headboard, I put a pillow on my left, Mel was in the bathroom repairing her face. I called her out of the bathroom, scowled, and said, “what do you think you are doing?” “Repairing my face,” she said. I said “you can’t improve on perfection, get over here now and take your dress off.” She wore silk panties and nothing else. “Climb over my lap,” I said. “Why? What have I done?” She replied.

“You’ve been a naughty girl. What have you been thinking of these last three days?” She bit her lip and blushed. Mel then got over my lap and made herself comfortable, she wasn’t quite sure what would happen, but she trusted me. I started by stroking her from the back of her neck to the back of her knees, then stroking and squeezing her bottom, then bouncing my hands off each cheek. I then went back to caressing and then smacking a little harder. After a while, I slipped her panties off. I then started to play with her flower and clit while spanking her lightly with my left hand. As she started to moan and purr, I started to spank harder. Soon she started to beg. After a dozen hard smacks, she was shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

As she recovered, I slipped out of my clothes. She enjoyed three more orgasms before I climaxed deep inside her. This was the best session we had enjoyed so far. We slept until dinner time. Now that’s what I call a perfect spanking.

Elis: The perfect spanking for me would include a bit a discipline. I have no desire for him to be mad, maybe just frustrated with my griping or my general lack of willingness to do more around the house. It’s the spanking he thinks I actually need, the one he just wants to give, as opposed to the ones I want. I would like to be sent to the bedroom to wait. When he comes back, he bends me over the end of the bed for a long warm up with clothes on. He tells me that I need to straighten up, to quit letting work get to me and to do the things at home that I need to take care of. Then, after he removes my clothes and has me get on the bed, he uses several of our implements, his choice. I just want to give myself over to the experience. No decisions, no control, and no worries, just living in the moment where nothing else can intrude. When he is finished I am done, spent, cleansed of outside stress. Then I want the bliss of beautiful lovemaking. If it was the perfect spanking, I would be able to feel it the next day. Throughout the next day, I want to remember. Every time I sit down and every time I stand up, I would remember.

Anon for Now: My ultimate spanking fantasy is similar to Elis’. Mine includes discipline. I would like to be told early on I was in trouble. Once the kids were in bed, he would have me go to our room and wait for him with a paddle in hand. Then he would come in and have me take off my clothes while he watched fully dressed. He would have me tell him why I was here and then have me get in position after handing him the paddle (or whichever implement). He would then give me a slight warm-up followed by a discipline spanking. After he stopped, I would be sobbing, but no longer kicking or fighting. I would be taken to almost to the point where I felt I needed to use the "safe" word. He would then grab me up and cuddle and kiss me until I was calm. He would hold and comfort me. Then we would make love as all had been forgiven and we would feel closer than ever. That is my fantasy.

I have a husband who will do some spanking and sometimes some moderate discipline spanking, but I don't think he will ever get over the fear of hurting me or ever become "non-vanilla." Perhaps my fantasy is the unknown, that which I have yet to experience. I think my husband has fulfilled all of my other spanking fantasies. So I enjoy what I get and encourage it as much as I can! :-)

Thank you, dear brunchers, and we'll see you next week!

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