Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Twelve

It's time again to tour the best spanko blogs on the Web.

El Tercer Ojo - Mija is an icon in the online spanko community. For more than ten years, she has been active in Usenet groups, on her web site, and in the blogging world. Mija is also a driving force behind the Punishment Book. As an excellent author, diarist, and commentator, Mija explores and explains the domestic discipline lifestyle. I consider both Mija and her husband, Paul, great influences for me and our community as a whole.

All Good Things - I fondly recall Paqster as one of my very first commenters. He was there when I had few visitors and even fewer who actually commented. Now a blogger himself, Paqster brings us a blog loosely based upon Aunty Agony's winning formula. He blends interesting amateur spanking photographs with clever commentary. For those who enjoy candid pictures of spontaneous swatting, All Good Things is definitely worth a visit.

New Beginnings - Elis is a wife and mother who long harbored unfulfilled spanking desires. First she lurked the spanko blogs. Then she added thoughtful comments. In time, Elis gained the confidence to start a blog of her own. New Beginnings chronicles the path of discovery that she and her husband, Nick, still walk together. Her blog is an expression of emerging joy and revelation. Their relationship is better than ever before and every day holds an exciting new lesson. What fun!

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SpankedMinx said...

hello bonnie, long time no read!

hope u & randy are good

love spanked!


Tigger said...

Sorry Bonnie, I sort of "borrowed" your spankologue idea and promoted a few blogs today, too... I checked your site last night and nothing new so felt safe putting up my post... sorry! I hope I didn't step on your toes in any way.

Big hugs to you and Randy,

New Beginnings said...

Thank-you, Thank-you! So much has happened since I stumbled onto your site. And all of it has been fantastic!

Finding myself on your spankologue is like willing a major award. I wish I could call family and friends to brag, but I guess not. I am content with Nick being proud of me!


Bonnie said...

Minxy! - Hi! It has been a while, hasn't it? It's great to hear from you. Randy and I are doing great. We're between trips right now, but I should be able to do a better job of keeping up the blog.

Tigger - I wouldn't dream of telling you what to write. I'm sure someone had this idea long before I did. Besides, there are so many great blogs that it's impossible to present them all.

Elis - You're most welcome. Your blog is certainly deserving of recognition. I know my readers will love it!

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