Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Eleven

This week, we feature three relatively new blogs that I really enjoy.

SpnkrBryan's Blog - Following in the footsteps of our dear Aunty, Bryan serves up a steady diet of amateur spanking photos and fun commentary. He also mixes in pictures from commercial spanking web sites. Bryan offers spankos high quality content, refreshed regularly, and without advertising.

Angel Girl in Love - Pandora is a single mother and spanko living in South Africa. Her blog consists largely of short, fascinating, and focused vignettes. She sees her European gentlemen only periodically and longs for his touch between visits. As a result, her entries cycle fluidly from desire to anticipation to celebration and back again. I appreciate Pandora for her interesting perspective and unique style. I think you will as well.

Cassie's Space - When she first wrote to me a few months ago, Cassie was unsure of herself. She was an experienced spanko, but didn't know whether or how to share her experiences and insights. Today, however, Cassie is an accomplished blogger. She delivers the rare combination of sage wisdom and wide-eyed wonder. Whether recounting spankings past or looking toward the future, Cassie's writing never fails to captivate.
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Mistress Sky said...

You know, Bonnie, much as I enjoy your spankologue series, I always go check the blogs you write about, and my list of favourites is getting unmanageable!!! On the plus side, I'm making some amazing discoveries....
Sky x

Cassie said...

You are the sweetest thing! I have just loved becoming a blogger and all the friends I have met here. I have to limit my time on line until I have the house to myself. But if Tom insists on working I just might spend more time writing!

Thank you so much for this vote of confidence. I don't know what I am doing half the time but it is so much fun!!

Much love,

Eva said...

Bonnie~ I'm with Sky, there are some amazing discoveries out there (Sky herself being one of them)! Pandora and Cassie are already favorites and Bryan soon will be!!


Paul said...

Bonnie you always choose such interesting blogs, Bryan I'll look at the other to are alreadt favourites.

Banana Boy said...

I've never really experienced spanking but looking through this blog and the links has really peaked my interest.
I'll be keen to read more.

Bonnie said...

Sky - Have you seen my blogroll lately? Seriously, I love sharing all of these wonderful bloggers. The great thing is that there are quite a few more that I have yet to mention.

Cassie - You are doing great with your blog. The two most important attributes of a great blogger are having a compelling story to share and the ability to tell it well. You have both!

Eva - Behind every great blog is a talented, interesting person. After all this time, perhaps I shouldn't be as amazed as I am, but finding a great new spanko blog still knocks me over. These are too good not to share.

Paul - Thanks!

BB - Hi! Welcome to MBS. Please feel free to look around, follow links, and ask questions if you choose.

Pandora Sox said...

Dearest Bonnie

Thank you so much for the words you have written about me, from the bottom of my heart - or maybe heart of my bottom :-)
My apologies for this late acknowledgement - I haven't been online since last week, as you know we were happiliy spanking the weekend away. My Man has gone back home on Sunday evening.
I value and appreciate your support from the days I first posted on Blogger.
You are special.
Love, hugs and happy spanks x x x

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