Monday, July 17, 2006

Ten Reasons to Shut Up and Take Your Spanking

  1. You'll feel better afterward

  2. Pink is so your color

  3. We have other things to do today

  4. A spanking never killed anyone

  5. The pain is cathartic

  6. It's the submissive thing to do

  7. It'll keep you from sitting around all day

  8. Spankings are a big turn-on

  9. C'mon, it'll be fun

  10. You deserve it!
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freshairlover said...

Pink is my color.

Eva said...

A spanking IS a big turn-on.

Dyke Grrl said...

I will feel better afterward.

adam said...

Hi Bonnie: #7, gave me a big chuckle!! Thank you!

BTW: The Sunday Brunch (July 16th) was classic. Really enjoyed the different perspectives, on a very complex subject.

Cheers, to all who contributed to this discussion!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Bonnie!!! Especially love numbers eight and nine because I so agree that spankings are such a turn-on and so much fun!!!


Cassie said...

These are wonderful reasons. I think I'll cross-stitch them on a sampler!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, I've used all of them, but 8 and 9 the most
Cassie, and then give the sampler to Tom, dare you. :-)

Yours said...

lol. love all the reasons!

Doc said...

ooo lala! So true.

Though you forgot "because you know you want it!"

Bonnie said...

Everyone - I'm glad you enjoyed this little bit of fun. After yesterday's excellent, but somewhat serious discussion at brunch, I thought it was time for something lighter.

Adam - I agree. Yesterday's brunch was one of our best!

Cassie - Please be my guest! I'd love to see that.

Doc - That's great! I wish I'd thought of that one. Thanks.

Marcus said...

I've never used 7, and I hope that 4 is true. I've used all the rest though. BWG.

Mistress Sky said...

How about 11. - You know you want it!! (Almost always true in my case LOL)

ginger said...

It doesn't keep ME from sitting around all day! :)


dwcmike said...

wonderful to read. If your better half believes you need a spanking, simply shut-up and take your spanking. #1 you will feel better afterwards.

rose said...

all of the reasons i love my spankings! you make me smile, bonnie!


Mary said...

I love it (8 - Spanking is a turn on) and he says so (10 You deserve it)! What other reasons do you need? Ps in my case it is looking good in red!

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