Monday, July 24, 2006

Panty Drawer Inventory

A while back I promised a regular reader that I would post a description of the contents of my underwear drawer. It's taken me a long while to get around to completing this assignment, but I'm ready now to indulge the panty patrol.

I have a lot of pairs of panties. No, really. I'm pretty moderate when it comes to shoes, but my underwear is out of control. I have almost every imaginable shape, style, and color. My panties run the range from delightfully comfortable to ridiculously impractical, from steamingly sexy to yawningly ho-hum, and from carefully concealing to scandalously revealing.

The funny thing is that I didn't buy most of them. Randy did! He likes the way my backside sways when I walk. He likes to decorate me to enhance the effect. As these games inevitably end with a spanking and sex, I am only too happy to play along.

It won't be practical to give you more than a representative sample of my panty drawer, but I think these highlights will provide a good sense of what can be found in there.

These full coverage cotton briefs are my "old reliables." Every woman has a few pairs that are reserved for those days when she needs comfort and convenience above all. The pair shown is white, but I have them in a number of different hues. These are Wise Buys briefs from Maidenform. Hey, I am a granny, so I don't want to hear about it!
Let's hope there is always room in our lives for elegance. These shiny, nylon and lycra briefs gently whisper refinement with each step I take. When I attend the theater wearing that stylish dress, chances are these are the panties hiding underneath. I believe Randy bought them at Nordstrom. I have several more pairs, including one that is red!
When I'm feeling happy and confident, I'm most likely to slip on these cotton high cut briefs from Jockey for Her. They're comfy without being conservative. Randy says the elasticized leg openings make 'V' lines across the back, but I don't care. Speaking of Randy, when he spanks, he is as likely to slide these up as pull them down.
At our house, thongs are synonymous with spankings. As I've said, I consider comfort and practicality essential qualities in underwear. I know many women love their thongs, but they aren't my first choice - Unless, of course, it's spanking time. When I decide I want a vigorous spanking, I need only step into one of these pink VS thongs. It's all the signal Randy needs to send me to sore rump city. He loves how the thong frames my target as he swats.

OK, panty enthusiasts, that's what's in my underwear drawer.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, Bonnie!!! My panty collection is a little out of control, too!!! But I can't help it, especially when Victoria's Secret has so many sexy ones to choose from!!! LOL!!!

I don't actually feel too bad about having so many, though, not when my hubby loves me in them so much!!! *grin*


Eva said...

Okay ladies, I want numbers. Go count them. I need to know how far behind I am.

Paul said...

Hi Bonnie, Granny or not you still have the sexiest butt in jeans in this corner of the blog world, and I know there is at least one other man who agrees with me.
Thanks for the tour of your panties draw, that helps me visualise the view that Randy gets when you slip down those sexy jeans.
Congratulations on making the 700K hits, given the quality of your blog it doesn’t surprise me, won’t be long until you hit 1000K, better start planning the party soon Bonnie. *G*

freshairlover said...

I only have 15 pairs of panties. I hate them, especially thongs, and only wear them when I am wearing a akirt.

Cassie said...

Thanks for the reminder that we have to stay sexy from the skin out. I think I'm off on a spending spree!!

Love, Cassie

jeanmarie said...

If you're out of control, I'm the Imelda Marcos of undies. I have seven pair of everyday panties, five thongs, and twenty-two special knickers for fun/play. Agent Provocateur and several other brands bought on-line figure prominently. The only rule is that special panties must be pulled down before anything more than patty-cake playful spankings are administered, so that they're not worn-out before their time. (It's fine to wear my bottom out, though.) Now I feel indulgently guilty. If my boyfriend were here, I'd go confess that I'm a spendthrift and he should be a spankthrift.
Jean Marie

kk said...

Well Master said the only thing that would have made this panty post better is if you would have wore them for the pics.

As you know my panty drawer is empty, it only has two pair of very sheer thongs in it.
Master has discarded the rest and I can only wear the thongs when told to do so by Master.

I can tell you I no longer miss wearing them. It did feel strange at first but not after a year of not wearing them at all.

You do have a very pretty panty drawer.


Tigger said...

Hey Bonnie,

I have a drawer-full of panties, but that's usually where they stay, unless I'm feeling sexy or particularly modest when going to bed. I have a wide range of boxer shorts, my little red-and-white polkadotted boy-cuts, silky/satiny high-cut panties, lacy bikinis and thongs but I prefer to wear none of them. And Dante prefers that, too, unless I'm sporting a sexy outift to get noticed (ie: spanked).


Bonnie said...

Everyone - There were a couple of male readers who were very eager for me to do this, but I don't see them around. Oh well.

Tigger Too - No, I don't feel guilty either. If Randy thought I had too many pairs, he would stop buying them.

Eva - Thirty-eight in the drawer, two in the wash, and one pair on me. That makes 41.

Paul - Thank you! I haven't given any thought to a million, but I imagine Randy will consider it cause for a spanking (but them so is Monday!).

Fresh - Until this moment, I didn't fully comprehend the significance of your nickname! LOL

Cassie - Have fun, and blame me if you like!

Hairy Bears - Hi guys!

Jean Marie - I like to think of lingerie as an investment is pleasure. the interest is soooo good!

kk - Obviously, this arrangement works very well for you. I think I might find it difficult to go panty-less all the time, but that's just me.

Tigger - Now there's a strong selling point for the bare presentation.

sparkle said...

Hi Bonnie!

I have a pair of boy briefs with a picture of Elmo on the front. This was a pair I bought on my own - when Chris saw them, he did a double (triple) take.

They're still funny.


Doc said...

Love how you're able to wield the photo option bonnie!

Great post! Just thought I'd pop in since I've been too busy to /really/ comment this week.

Bonnie said...

Sparkle - What a great way to say, "tickle me!" LOL

Doc - Thanks. Pop in anytime!

Mel said...

I have too many to count. When I don't feel like doing the washing, I can survive a with a new pair of pants everyday for at least three months. Nice idea, haven't seen it around before in the blogsphere. Just found your blog, and just realised you link to me... will be putting up a reciprocal link soon!

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Some time ago, I gave Susan a pair from Fredericks called
"The Living End". Made of lycra, they hug her like a glove, BUT there is a hole cut to reveal most of her bottom, with a tight band beneath it,which forces out her bare cheeks. like two firm apples; they bounce and jiggle superbly under her tight skirt, but skirt up and OTK offers a target no man can resist, and which bounces one's palm back like a tennis ball, and Susan says they enhance the sting ! David.

Bonnie said...

Mel - Thank you! I just found your blog and it's excellent. I plan to make it a part of my regular wanderings.

David - I'll have to check out "The Living End." (though it sounds as though "The Glowing End" might be more descriptive when Susan wears them!

Thanks for the tip.

ross said...

Oh, Bonny. Thank you so much for indulging me. I see a woman on the street and I always wonder what panties she's wearing. Now I know what you're wearing and it makes me happy. I hope you'll share more in the future. Your devoted reader and panty lover, Ross.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie - LOVE your panties! I'm one of the millions of the 'silent majority' of guys out there who actually PREFER the 'granny panty' over any other style, with the thong being a possible second place. I love your granny panty and also the second panty pic - it has a great big rear 'gusset' which is also very sexy in a panty.

My views on panties are this:

1) White is always a guys favorite. The color allows the curves to be seen better than darker colors. There's also the whole 'virginal/innocent' thing going on.

2) Cotton is NEVER - or rarely - a guys favorite. It's coarse and has no shimmer or sheen for the visual aspect. VS really needs to get a clue. Practically all they sell are cotton - because they're cheaper for them to make and they make more profit on them! It's a real drag for us guys - 99.9% of us - who prefer nylon or something silky.

3) Full-cut in the seat - as in 'granny panties', (hate that term - women don't always like wearing them just BECAUSE of this term, when they need to realize that truly most guys DO love them - though they ALSO have to say they DON'T for fear of being called weird cuz they love something their Grandma wears - like no one else is SUPPOSED to wear them, which is BS. They're the most comfortable, from what I understand, so why NOT wear them!!)

Full-cut white nylon briefs have it ALL going on. The full-in-the-seat part means you don't have ugly panty-lines cutting ACROSS your cheeks. You have SEXY panty lines FRAMING your cheeks!!! Women need to understand that men LOVE PANTYLINES!!! The only kind we DON'T like are the ones that cut INTO your cheeks and ruin the aesthetic visual. This is a fact! And think about it, why on Earth would men NOT love panty lines!!! We're visual creatures. We're VOYEURS. Of COURSE we love pantylines!! As long as the panty itself is doing it's job, which is framing the ass cheeks and not trying to make the ass look like something it's obviously not. It's like looking at someone wearing something three sizes too small.

Full cut briefs and thongs are best for spanking, though I prefer full cuts. There's more 'mystery'; more excitement of unveiling your handiwork after a good warm-up to the seat of your panties. Thongs don't give you that.

In closing, I think all panties are sexy, for the most part and in their own way. I've come to realize this is a fetish of lots of guys out there, but it doesn't have to be the end all and be all of panty choice. viva la difference! Just don;t forget that full cut is not something to be embarrassed by - it's something to enjoy turning your partner on with!

Bonnie said...

Anon - First off, welcome to MBS!

I appreciate your interest and your support. Several readers have been asking me very politely for months to do a panty post. I'm only sorry it took so long.

As you can probably tell, Randy takes an active interest in the state of my panties. To me, they're mostly underwear. However, I do recognize the positive effects a little attractively displayed material can have upon marital communications.

I know a lot of women love thongs, but I've never found them to be particularly comfortable. I gravitate more toward the brief styles. And yes, I do like cotton. If you tried wearing nylon underwear at this time of year, I think you'd quickly recognize the reason.

As for colors, I say the more, the merrier. I often try to match the color to my mood in the morning. If I slip on a red pair, for example, it's likely to be an interesting day.

I don't care about panty lines. I simply don't. Maybe I should, but I'd rather think about real issues (like what's for dinner).

Thanks for an enlightening comment.

Anonymous said...

Anon here, again. ;) Let me just say I think cetain cotton blends can be almost as sexy as nylon - and even plain ol' cotton full cut briefs are better than no full cut brief at all. Color-wise; white is alwaqys best, as I said, but lighter colors or white prints are also "acceptable". ;) I really wish you would give us a look under those jeans of yours. Why be shy? Imperfection is MORE sexy than perfection, to most, I think.

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