Thursday, June 22, 2006

Poll: Who Bares the Bottom?

When there is a bottom to be spanked, who should bare it?


Thank you to Susan for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...


Now, if I'm over my hubby's knee, then I think it's way more sexy and erotic when he pulls down my panties. But if I'm bent over the bed, a chair, or the back of the couch for my spanking, there's something very hot about him telling me to push down my panties for him!!!


Tigger said...

I almost always have to pull them down or take them off for him before a spanking. One exception was the other night outside, when he specifically requested that I wear panties and HE pulled them down. But that is a rarity. As such, it gives me a different thrill entirely and I often find myself wishing that he cared a bit more about rituals such as taking my panties down for me. But he knows how to spank oh, so perfectly, so I relaly have no complaints.


Pandora Sox said...

The one that wants it to be bare :-)

Cassie said...

I've had to do it myself and I hate it, hate it! For me its embarrassing. When I've had to do it I felt that it was part of the punishment. I much prefer him to take complete control and thankfully, most of the time he does. Good question!


jeanmarie said...

I read this question at 7:30 AM but had to drive to my Master's class; therefore I've been thinking about it throughout the day, and it's made me so giddy.
If it's a good-girl spanking, I'll pull my panties down, thereby proclaiming that I need attending to, and that my butt and my mind are ready for it. Many is the time I've stood before my lover with knickers at half-staff and bra unclipped waiting for him to do the honors.
If it's punishment, Kyle will most often pull them down. Usually I have to be "brought around" to the idea that I'm gonna get it. This process starts with my being pulled-over (sometimes with some backtalk or bratty remark), spanked as I'm progressively bared. Often, by the time my pants or skirt are off, Kyle is ready to cease hand spanking and start with an implement. That's usually when he pulls my panties down.
I have a nice collection of some very pretty, and expensive lingerie, and Kyle knows to treat these gingerly as he treats my tush terribly, but we both get a charge out of having my britches yanked down, so I've bought lots of cheap cotton or synthetic tidy whities. The trouble is I never know when I'm going to get punished for something. Therefore we play lots of scenarios where he can rip the undies off my rump roughly.
Great question! My criteria is how aroused I get thinking and responding, and this one was a nine. Can't wait for Kyle to get home.
Jean Marie

Terri Madison said...

Well, this is along the same general theme--when there are boobs to be whipped, I'm the one who bares them, and then places the whip handle either in my cleavage or between my teeth!

This happens when I get a speeding ticket. It is also the standard punishment I receive when I'm so horny at work that I repeatedly nag hubby till he comes down to fuck me at lunchtime...

Bonnie said...

Tigger Too - That's a good point. I considered having an option for "it depends," but I figured that would just muddle the results.

Tigger - The dropping of the panties is definitely a great opportunity for a ritual, regardless of who does the honors.

Pandora - Yes, or perhaps it's the one who gets there first!

Cassie - I love your flower! This question is indeed tied up with control and dominance issues. I could it argue either way though. Perhaps it's more dominant for a man to claim that which is his right. On the other hand, requiring his partner to deliver herself to be spanked is very dominant as well. As with so many situations, a lot depends upon the scenario and the emotional dynamics at work.

Jean Marie - I fully realized when I posted this question that the real answers would be far more nuanced than the two basic options I offered. Your thoughtful response proves that point. It certainly is more complex for us as well. I was just hoping to get a sample of opinions and spark some fun discussion.

The whole question of panties is a very popular one. There is a segment of the readership that is very, very interested in what kind of panties are worn to a spanking. I'm planning to do a post on that subject in July.

Terri - Lunchtime sex / sore boobs... Lunchtime sex / sore boobs? You have interesting choices!

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