Friday, June 23, 2006

Keyword Chaos

Every so often, I get the urge to examine the search words people use to find this blog. Most are exactly as you would figure: spank, bottom, red, paddle, sore, and so forth. After all, this blog is a celebration of spankings.

However, some key word combinations are a bit more unusual. For example...

  • nylon briefs slave grabbed - No tighty whities for my slave!

  • "me spank myself" - Ug! Me hungry too.

  • scrub brush nipples - Ow! Hey, those are sensitive!

  • big bottomed women caned - For your information, I earned my big bottom the old fashioned way.

  • spanked on the bottom for wearing jeans - Do you hear me, young lady? You will never, ever wear those naughty Levi's again!

  • lycra paddle bottom pain - Somehow a lycra paddle doesn't seem very scary.

  • tasteful spanking - A gentleman always holds his punishment implement with pinkies up.

  • my brother removed my panties - Ewwwww.

  • encounters with foot guys - I have to suspect this person didn't find it here.

  • midget spanking - Now let's be nice. Those are little people we're spanking.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


magdelena said...


I must admit I laugh my tits off at some of the word combinations people use to find me. I get a ridiculous amount for variations on big/fat bottoms, being spanked or otherwise. Gives me a weird kind of faith.

hugs babe,


Anonymous said...

Too funny, Bonnie!!! Love your comments!!!


Bonnie said...

Lena - Yep. Big, fat bottoms seem to be what people want when they head to their search engines. It doesn't bother me that this query leads them to my blog. After all, it simply matches words out of context, right? However, I do worry when they like what these find and decide to stay...

Tigger - This is a subject I find endlessly amusing. I have wonder about people's frame of mind when they type in these keywords. Are they intoxicated? Are they typing one-handed? Are they distracted and meant to type something else? ...Or are they simply enamoured with the concept of spanking short people? Perhaps we'll never know.

Katie_Spades said...

Bonnie - That was freaking hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing! That was phenomenal! I laughed and still am... too funny and enlightening to say the least, LOL!


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