Friday, June 16, 2006

Implement Stories: Orchid

Continuing with our implement series, it's my pleasure to present Orchid and her unusual custom ping-pong paddle.

My all-time favorite implement is the wonderfully versatile and always-present-without-any-preparation-or-fumbling-for-a-toy hand. I figure you'll get plenty of pictures of those, though I must say I'm partial to my hubby's hand (since it's the only one that has ever spanked me erotically). I also enjoy a good wooden spooning, though I can't take very much of it until I'm plenty warmed-up with a hand spanking. I like a good flogging with a soft flogger as well as anything else, though I don't suppose that counts as spanking so much as, well, flogging. We have a wooden hairbrush I've been eyeing curiously and hungrily.

We're pretty new to the spanking thing, and I don't get it nearly as often as I'd like to (then again, when I do get it - wow!), so there's room to explore implements and styles.

I'm attaching a picture of a little toy I made in about five minutes (or less!). I look forward to having it used on me. It's a fairly hefty ping pong paddle (hefty as far as ping pong paddles go, I suppose) with a smooth rubber surface (as opposed to the nubby sort of rubber on most ping pong paddles). One one side is the gently stingy rubber. On the other side, I glued a piece of extremely soft novelty fleece that I picked up from the fabric store. It's so silky soft and feels delectable on bare skin (my hands and my calf, thus far, haven't tried it on my behind). When fabric store lady asked about the project I was buying it for, I told her that I was making a soft fluffy pillow for the baby. It would make an awful comfy pillow, but I think it makes a fine paddle covering on one side, when I want a softer, thuddier touch. The glue did spike a smidgen of the fabric once it dried, but it isn't too hard to be comfy, and I suspect the tufts that are glue-spiked will soften with use. Once the glue was good and dry, I simply cut around the outside of the paddle to trim off the excess fabric, so no measuring or fussing involved at all. Easy, and I expect this will become a favorite implement. When we get around to using it, I'll be sure to post a detailed report. : )

Thank you, Orchid, and best wishes with your new paddle!


Anonymous said...

Love that paddle!!! We have a leather one that has faux fur on one side, and I love to have my bottom rubbed with the fur side in between spanks!!!


Paul said...

That sounds like fun Tigger, we didn't have paddles in my day.
Reading about them makes me wish we had.
Interesting read Orchid, and once again thanks Bonnie, you know what I think about MBS. *G*

Anonymous said...

The Martinette never seems to feature; perhaps because you have to go to France to find one. My David makes his own; he gets half a dozen long leather boot laces, doubles them in half, and uses another to bind the doubled end into a handle, so that there are twelve thin leather lashes, but don't forget to cut off the metal tips if they have them , allthough for a litle extra bite he sometimes puts a few knots in the end. The martinette fans out all over my bare bottom, and he swishes it from one side and then the other, so that it covers every inch of my exposed rear, and if I am in a spread-bent pose it tickles all sorts of interesting places. It raises a glorious burning sting, and leaves my bottom crisscrosed in fine red lines, but with litle to show next day. One of my favourites. Susan.

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