Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Four

The Spankologue series is my opportunity to introduce you to excellent spanko blogs. Since this is Father's Day weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the male perspective. Among spanko bloggers, men are a distinct minority. Perhaps that's because women are more inclined to share, or maybe we are more attracted to the social aspects. In any case, men's contributions to our community are unique and valuable. Here are three wonderful examples.

The Spanking Blog - It feels a bit strange to endorse the guy who practically put me on the map, but here we are. SpankBoss needs no recommendations from anyone. As the first and still the most popular spanko blogger, he is truly the Big Cahuna of spankdom. A single mention in the Spanking Blog is worth ten thousand blog hits. The blog itself is a engaging potpourri of pictures, story links, news, and insight. Topics center around spanking in all its delightful flavors - from serious to frivolous and from erotic to severe. Updates arrive on average about once per day. If you read only one spanko blog, this has to be it.

Chris' Firehouse - Chris, among other things, is the husband of Sparkle whose blog we toured previously. Unlike some male bloggers, Chris's writing is articulate, honest, descriptive, and original. As a switch, he possesses insight into the psychology underlying both spanker and spankee roles. I particularly enjoy reading the his and hers analysis of the same spankings. Chris is a volunteer firefighter, a good father, and a dedicated spanko. Although he is a relative newcomer to blogging, Chris' communications skills make him a natural.

Spanked Hubby - Even rarer than the male spanko blogger is the male spankee spanko blogger. Mike is that spankee. He receives regular discipline from his wife in the form of bare-bottomed spankings. He doesn't enjoy them, but he believes they greatly benefit both partners and their marriage as well. Mike often describes the details of these spankings and their aftermath. An interesting footnote is that Mike has concealed the existence of this blog from his wife for the past year. One has to presume that this revelation, when it arrives, could be quite painful.

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Tigger said...

Hey Bonnie,

Thanks for the commenta about my new "look"... very helpful, as always. CeeCi helped me try to sort out some of the quirks...

Thanks for giving credit and a little "play" to the guys out there who have the courage to blog among all us women. They are a truly brave and also very insightful lot.

I love hearing how the guys view things and it helps me sometimes to understand not just my hubby but also myself. And I just love Chris' blog... he is so open and honest and I find it amazing that he and Sparkle manage two blogs yet don't often write about the same things, or at least rarely in the same way.

Thanks for sharing these sites, and your comments. And for helping me!


SmartNnaughty said...


I have been a fan of all these blogs for quite some time. You made some good choices here. Early in my current blog, I saw that the male perspective is an important thing to read about.


dwcmike said...

Thanks for highlighting my blog in this posting, and the encouragement you have given me over it's lifetime. I love reading your blog daily, and I believe us to be kindred spirits in the spankee role. May we and our partners enjoy fine health and many spankings. I still await that thong photo, and may you be wearing one when you read this, with it's appropriate meaning. [eternally hopeful]
bottoms up

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Where would we be without the men in our lives? Nowhere fun, that's for certain.

These are three excellent blogs, but there are so many more. Every week as I publish this feature, I think, "I hope (person x) isn't offended that I haven't gotten to them yet. I could have simply presented the three most popular spanko blogs the first week. Instead, I make a special effort to highlight a wide range of perspectives each week. By doing this, I hope to be able to keep the Spankologue interesting and exciting for many weeks to come.

SNN - I too value the male perspective. As simple as men tell us they are, they still offer many surprises.

Mike - I think the aspect of your blog I most appreciate is your candor. You don't sugarcoat anything. You lay the truth out for all to see and invite them to draw what conclusions they will. That's a rare trait in a blogger of any stripe.

As for publishing that elusive thong shot, please don't hold your breath.

Fireman Chris said...

Bonnie, thanks very much for the kind words. I'm having a lot of fun with the blog, and yes, there will be more activity on it again soon...unfortunately, life has been interfering lately.

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