Tuesday, June 20, 2006


You might recall that I promised an explanation for my tardy arrival at our weekly spanko brunch. Well, here’s what I was doing…

Early in the week, I asked Randy what he wanted for Fathers’ Day. “You,” was his only response. Never mind that he can have that pretty much any other day of the year. As the week progressed, he dropped some subtle and not-so-subtle hints that he might have something special up his sleeve for Sunday.

After so many years together, he might as well not ever bother acting coy. I can just tell when he’s cooking up some special treatment. The dead giveaway was Friday evening when he just looked at me and grinned like a fool. At that moment, I recognized that something was afoot. My attempts to query him were rebuffed with annoyed amusement.

Saturday came and went without incident. Not another word was spoken about the present he planned to claim. By Sunday morning, I had almost forgotten. When I awoke, the clock read 7:45am. I noticed that Randy was up and out of bed before me. That’s a rarity, especially on a Sunday. I got up, used the bathroom, got a drink of water, and brushed my teeth (just in case). I got back into bed because I was still tired and it felt very comfortable to slip between clean sheets. Soon, I was slumbering again.

Some time later, I awoke to the presence of my dear husband kneeling beside me. Even in my sleepy state, I would have welcomed his touch. But he didn’t touch me. He was instead working above me. I lazily rolled over to gaze at his masterstroke in the making. He was busy rigging cords so a framed mirror could hang from the hook he installed in our bedroom ceiling. He struggled for a bit before settling on a position where the edge of the mirror closest to the head of the bed was tipped up toward the ceiling.

“Sorry, Hon,” he said as he settled in next to me. “I couldn’t stop to explain until the mirror was right.” “OK, whatever,” I thought. I squeezed my eyes shut against the undeniable daylight streaming through the blinds. When he began kissing my neck, however, I started paying more attention. Before long, he was nibbling at my breasts and sending erotic shock waves straight through me. Randy now had my interest.

“Turn on your stomach,” he directed. I did, knowing full well what would soon follow. My lover arranged a couple of pillows beneath my hips. I couldn’t avoid considering the irony that I would soon need to employ pillows on the opposite side. He tugged up my nightgown to expose my bottom, still clad in a pair of comfortable white cotton briefs. Rather than lower my panties, he raised them – right up between my cheeks.

Randy then handed me a small hand mirror. It was, appropriately, shaped like a paddle, though it was too delicate for that purpose. He told me to turn it so I could see the mirror hanging overhead. When I did, he asked me what I saw. I told him I could see the back of my head (“Does my hair really look that?”). He jiggled his overhead assembly and then repeated his request. This time, I told him I could see my lower back, bottom, and thighs. “Perfect,” he proclaimed.

I now realized that he wanted me to witness my own spanking. Not only would I feel every swat, I was expected to watch them land as well. I was simultaneously intrigued and unnerved by this prospect. Fortunately, he didn’t leave me much time to ponder my fate.

I wasn’t even watching when the first blow from the wooden hairbrush made contact with my pale skin. I sure felt it though. It detonated across the surface of my upturned bottom with an intense burn. I struggled to regain my composure enough to allow me to reposition my small mirror. I missed the second sizzling swat delivered to the opposite side as well. By the time my lover returned his sadistic attention to the first cheek, I witnessed the savage collision between polished wood and rounded flesh. Although it was every bit as painful as the two preceding whacks, I was suddenly and surprisingly fascinated by this spanking show in which I was the star. Down came the brush. Up came the blush. Again and again, I stared and cringed, cringed and stared as Randy repeated his percussive Fathers’ Day message.

Somewhere around the halfway point, it occurred to me that I rather liked enjoyed being both spankee and voyeur at the same time. It was almost an out-of-body spanking experience, except that I still felt every single blazing impact. There was a brief golden moment, frozen in time, where I watched the wicked punishment brush descending, as if in slow motion. Far from dreading the violent contact, I resolved to welcome it. I wanted to be the proud owner of that red, red bottom I saw in the mirror. I wanted to be the horny, spanked wife. It suited me. In fact, I totally deserved it all. I woke up for a spanking. All day long, I was destined to carry a distinctive glow put there by my lover.

I buried my face in the pillow and watched no more. Undeterred, Randy continued whacking away until he decided I was finished. My bottom throbbed, but all I could think about was the heat between my thighs. The very air was scented with my arousal.

Apparently, Randy’s thoughts ran in parallel because, as if with a single motion, he rolled me onto my back, slid off my panties, lifted and parted my knees, and lowered himself upon me. As quickly as that, our coital tango had begun. The speed with which my first orgasm overtook me robbed me of both my breath and my senses. Later, I reflected that Fathers’ Day is not an occasion for slow, romantic warm-ups. In the depths of passion, though, I knew only that the pleasure and pain were my yin and yang. Together, they blended to produce a wondrous explosion of joy.

Afterward, as we were lying close, Randy asked me if I watched our lovemaking in the mirror. I told him that thought hadn’t even occurred to me until after the events had concluded. Both mind and body, I explained, quite fully occupied with his ferocious love. I did, however, enjoy watching my bottom compress, recoil, grow pale and then redden with each stroke of the brush. We had played with mirrors before, but never so effectively. This was an excellent Fathers’ Day celebration, even though I felt like the one receiving the gift!

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Pandora Sox said...

Great photo of a (your) bottom made for spanking :-)

There are so many relationships where the passion and pleasure have disappeared over time, where married life after the first few years has turned into a comfortable, boring routine.

What I see in your marraige is that you and Randy have not only preserved the passion and excitement but enhanced it with closeness and intimacy that only time could bring. It is wonderful and makes me less cynical and more hopeful about love, men and relationships.Thank you.

orchid said...

This is such an awesome recounting. I think I'll point Spadix to this post, in the event he might like to take some ideas from your innovative hubby. Happy spanking!

Scarlett said...

Wonderful story - it is great to know that such passion, love and fun can exist and grow within an established marriage.
Good for your both!

Damnation's Cellar said...

Yum! This is a great reason to be late... to anything.

Tigger said...

Yikes Bonnie,

I'd definitely consider that an excused tardy... and I had no idea that Randy had been quite so thorough that morning. Otherwise I'd have sent a whole pile of pillows with my hugs!

That is a beautiful summary though, and an even more wondrous gift for the two of you. Considering that he enjoys spanking you as much as you enjoy being spanked, the gift seems equally beneficial! Great story... very innovative and inspiring!


Anonymous said...

To me, that sounds like the perfect excuse for being tardy!!! And mirrors are fun, aren't they, for both spanking and making love!!!


Paul said...

What a great fathers day gift, it's nice that your bottom is available for special occasions and that you both enjoy it so much.
The couple that joyfully spank together will joyfully love and live together 'til the end of their days.
Thanks Bonnie, lovely post.

Shimon said...

the story was great, but the pic of the butt on top of the page is so hot, its driving me crazy. the owner of that butt can spank me or have me spank her any time she wants

freshairlover said...

I love that story. Very hot.

Hmmm, I'll have to get a mirror installed immediately.

tulsa said...

That sounds like a great day!

I can't imagine having to watch myself like that during a spanking, but it sounds like a well executed event :)

cuddlybum said...

Oooh mirrors....I think I'm going to guide the belvoed elsewhere til this comes off the front page!!


SmartNnaughty said...

How delightful, Bonnie. This was great reading!


Janeen said...

What a great idea! I always want to see the damage afterward, which is why we have so many pictures. We have video taped before, but watching it while it happens sounds very interesting!

I love hearing about the things Randy cooks up. He reminds me of someone I know, I get a bit nervous when Will has something up his sleeve, but it's always enjoyable.

Bonnie said...

Pandora - Made for spanking? That's precisely what Randy says, right before he spanks me!

Comfortable doesn't have to mean boring. It's just a matter of remembering to stoke the fire.

Orchid - Thank you. I can tell you that even after all this time, he still manages to surprise me sometimes.

Scarlett - In a way, it's actually better because we instinctively know each other's boundaries.

DC - Yeah. I figured these circumstances warranted a slight delay.

Tigger - He was so thorough in fact that I could still feel a little bit of ouch yesterday afternoon. It was only happy Fathers' Day.

Tigger Too - Yes. We may have to play some more with mirrors. Knowing Randy, his next addition will probably be theatrical fog.

Paul - Thanks! Yes, my bottom is available for all holidays and special events.

Shimon - If it really drives you crazy, perhaps I should stop posting pictures...

Fresh - It was great fun. We've played with mirrors at various times, but I never before had that overhead view of my spanking.

Tulsa - I really enjoyed. Perhaps you would as well once you get over the slightly unnerving part about watching yourself get spanked.

Cuddly - Good luck, but it sounds as though your beloved goes pretty much where he chooses.

SNN - Thank you!

Janeen - Feel free to borrow this technique (but we like your pictures too).

Nervous is a good word for that odd blend of vague apprehension and free floating anticipation. But strangely, we somehow manage to like that feeling!

Cherrie said...

Every lover's bedroom should have mirrors. This was certainly a creative use of them!

Katie_Spades said...

That was a wonderful story but I am so sorry that you had to witness your own spanking with a mirror. That only makes it worse because you anticipate it more than you would normally. Jake one time had me fully bend over for the cane with my hnads completely on the ground so I could witness the swaying of the cane back and forth and that was a nightmare but at least I didn't have to watch it happen with a mirror. you poor thing, but thank you for the wonderful story!


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