Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bonnie's Spankologue: Part Two

It's time again for another installment of Bonnie's Spankologue. This feature, presented as a public service, is designed to introduce MBS readers to spanko blogs they may not yet have visited.

Here are three blogs I find to be both compelling and fun.

A Life Restarted - Rose is a woman I greatly admire. She is smart, strong, savvy, and resilient. The blog's title refers to her victories over cancer and over fear. Rose is submissive and very much a sexual explorer. She shares with her readers many amazing adventures. Being relatively new to the worlds of spanking, BDSM, and D/s, Rose often provides a fresh perspective.

AngelBrat's Blog - I consider Tracy a teacher and an inspiration. She brings a sense of joy and a sense of humor that make reading her blog especially rewarding. Despite being an outstanding diarist, Tracy presents a gentle humility that is very endearing. Tracy demonstrates the value of generosity by routinely providing links to fledgling spanko blogs that would not otherwise gain exposure. She also shows how a spanko blog can be wildly successful without a lot of explicit content or graphic photos. Tracy's writing offers a peek into the real world of a wife and mother who just happens to be a spanko through and through.

A Spanking Good Time - Tigger has long been one of my favorite commenters here on MBS. She is always supportive, knowledgeable, and insightful. As I've since told her, I never understood why she didn't start her own blog. She has so much to offer. Well, she did start blogging and the results are splendid. Her writings on spanking and submission are delightfully thought-provoking. ASGT is now a regular stop for me. I think you'll enjoy it as well.

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Janeen said...

Sounds like some great blogs, I will definitely check out them out.

rose said...

bonnie dear....thank you for such kind words. i am truly humbled by your comments and thoughts. and i will never be able to express adequately how much your support, words and encourgement has meant to me in the recent rocky times.

much love,

Anonymous said...

I always visit Angelbrat's blog and love it!!! And thanks for the recommendations of the other two blogs. I'll definitely check them out!!!


Pandora Sox said...

Bonnie, you are a very special person. Your links and posts have brought so many of us together by introducing strangers, to become friends and to keep on sharing the love. We value you.

AngelBrat said...

Bonnie, thank you so much for such lovely words. You have such an incredible blog here - every time I find something intelligent and thoughtful, and always filled with sweet humor. You do such a wonderful job here - keep it up. :)



Tigger said...

Dear Bonnie,

You are one of my greatest inspirations for starting my blog... I don't know how to thank you! Sorry for the delay... I didn't even realize until now that you had mentioned me since our Internet connection was out all weekend. Quit praising me so much... I really can't handle the pressure! Seriously!

Hugs and many, many thanks!

josekii said...

bonnie I love your site, smart,witty and fun.Your referrals are nice thank you.
I know Im a bit slow but where does the emerald city map fit in?

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