Saturday, May 13, 2006

Top 20: Slang Terms for Spanking Marks

After a couple has been married for a while, they develop their own unique vernacular. They use words in the same, unconventional ways and they share the same inside jokes. Well, Randy and I have been together for a very long time.

We were talking the other day about terms used to describe the condition of a recipient's bottom immediately following a good spanking. We assembled this list of our favorites.
  1. Paddle burns
  2. Sizzling sitter
  3. The bottom lines
  4. Loving kisses
  5. Saddle sores
  6. Rump roast
  7. Crimson reminders
  8. Parking restrictions
  9. Derriere despair
  10. Spanks for the memories
  11. Belt welts
  12. The scarlet setter
  13. Therapy marks
  14. Strap rash
  15. Red hots
  16. That special glow
  17. Butt blush
  18. Board resolutions
  19. The fire down below
  20. The glorious ouch
As Shakespeare almost said, "Would not a rosy bottom by any other name feel the heat?"

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Anonymous said...

Love them, Bonnie, especially "red hots" and "that special glow."

For us, we like to call the little red marks that sometimes come from a paddling, "speckles." *grin*


SpankedMinx said...

Fab post! We don't have any...but now we will!
Huggggggs of the Minxy kind!
x x x x

Tickle Monster said...

Hello for Sliver Spring,

My first comment from a delurked man.
My fav is "redecorating the back room".
Or "painting out back".

PS Love the site Bonnie

rose said...

oh bonnie....i love the shakespeare rewrite! perfect!


Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks. I believe I acquired some speckles myself last week.

Minx - Thanks, and hugs to you too!

Tickle - Ah, welcome Tickle! You were one of those regulars I hadn't met, until now. Thank you so much for your support and your delurk. You are always welcome here.

I like those suggestions. They remind me of another one I forgot - "Fire on the back porch."

Rose - Thanks. The Bard is endlessly corruptable.

A'marie said...

I love Parking Restrictions. :D

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