Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spanko Word Jumble

Here's something fun for spankos who like unscrambling letters. Below are ten mixed up words that relate to our favorite subject. Rearrange the letters to find the spanko words. To see if you're right, just click the word.











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Dyke Grrl said...

Fun! Word games! Thanks for the amusement.

Last summer, I made a post with
where there's a code you have to figure out. Alas, no one gave them a try... (And I no longer know where the answer key is, so I'd have to solve them myself before I could post a solution.)

Now we just need someone to come up with a spanko logic puzzle, or crossword, or dot-to-dot, and we'd have a whole book full of puzzles for amusement while we're on a plane or otherwise stuck in a boring situation!

Bonnie said...

Dyke Grrl - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed these puzzles. I previously posted a spanko crosswordand word find. I have a few more ideas I will probably pursue at some point. we may yet assemble that spanko puzzle book!

Anonymous said...

Spanking games are always so fun!!!


Shimon said...

Dyke Girl - I just went cyrptoquizzes and solved your puzzles. Would you like the answers.

good girl said...

What a great idea! You have the funnest spanking blog out there!

Frank Spanko said...

Bonnie Dearest -

A very stimulating puzzle indeed. I correctly answered 9 of the 10. You have made me realize that spankings can hurt the head as well as the seat.


Bonnie said...

Tigger - I completely agree!

GG - I believe that if you can't have a little fun with your spankings, there no sense even bending over.

Frank - Well done! ...Or perhaps I should I say Fantastic!

AC said...
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