Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poll: How Many Implements?

How many spanking implements do you own?

Two to four
Five to ten
Ten to twenty
More than twenty


jeanmarie said...

As I tried to convey in "Melding Into One," implements are not just the things bought at the Pleasure Chest. One of the most memorable spankings I ever received was administered with a handy book. I needed more of a lesson than his sore hand could provide, it was there on the bedside table, he used it with spectacular results. Another time I got a lesson with a slide-rule in my dorm room that went way beyond sine and cosine. My former professors would be heart-warmed to know how much I've "learned" from these and other teaching tools. I bet I've been spanked with a hundred household items, could be spanked with a thousand improvised things. Today is the first day of my summer vacation as an elementary school teacher, and I think I just devised the way I'm going to spend my morning. Lover-boy is going to be late to work...
Jean Marie

cuddlybum said...

emm....this is kinda embarradding but I gotta go count!! I just can't keep track in my head, I keep getting ..... ahem .... sidetracked....


Paul said...

Bonnie, our toy chest, is a box of happy memories.
Sometimes I take the box out of the cupboard, as I oil the straps, wax the canes, make sure the cuffs are in good order, I dream.

Fireman Chris said...

We've got at least 20, though I'd have to go count to be exact. Heck, we've got five just with the brushes (2 hairbrushes, 2 short bathbrushes and 1 long one).

They currently reside in a Rubbermaid bin in our closet. Not the fanciest of toy boxes, but functional.

Tigger said...

We've got way more than twenty that were acquired for that specific purpose, but I sure do agree about the "household implements." We've used (or could use...) probably another ten or more from virtually every room in the house!

We are yard sale and flea market connoiseurs, too, for such things and when one (or better yet, both) of us is in the mood to shop, that takes on a whole new level of thrill. And if we are alone in the car, the drive home has frequently involved my bare butt drped over the passenger seat of the car with him whacking while he drives (he has ADHD so he can easily manage several tasks at once, damn it all. That's usually just the lead-in for the real fun later with the new toy(s). Haven't done that in a while. Maybe I should suggest a drive...

Thanks, Bon, for this poll. It gives me a better jumping off point for my own new blog:

Let me know what you think as it progresses. Not much there yet as I just set it up but Lord knows that I spend enough time reading other people's stuff. I felt like it was time for me to get out of the closet and start contributing to the oh, so worthy "cause."

Thanks, too, for the warm, tingly feeling I now have after letting my mind wander back over the look, feel and impression of all our wonderful toys!


padme said...

We've got more than 20...10 years of spankings is a long time to collect different implements. :)

Anonymous said...

Does the barb wire count as one?
Glad to see your doing well gorgeous!

SmartNnaughty said...


I know I'm in the 10 to 20 range. But if you had asked how many I WANT to own, that would be a different story. I still dream of having several sizes of floggers, some paddles with different thicknesses, oh, and a variety of belts.

My only problem is MG thinks he has to use them ALL for every spanking. Wherever did he get that idea?


Bonnie said...

Jean Marie - Ah yes, teaching tools. They contribute to many a lesson well learned at the very seat of knowledge.

Randy loves to adapt common household item for use as spanking implements. I once made a list of fifty such converts. Since then, I have remembered a few more. I guess where there's a will, there's a whack.

Cuddly - I definitely know what you mean. The very thought of certain toys causes me to flash back to previous applications and dream about future ones. :D

Paul - Those are happy memories indeed.

Chris - I never doubted that you would be fully prepared for any situation.

Tigger - Hooray! That's wonderful news about the blog. I'll leave you a longer message at your place, but I'm delighted you've taken the plunge. I know you have a great deal to contribute to our community.

As for spanking while driving, that's a new concept for me. Bohemian as I may be, I simply hadn't considered that possibility.

I know what you mean about finding implements in unlikely places. Yesterday, I spotted a thick wooden spatula in a discount store and simply had to buy it. Randy hasn't seen it yet, but I have to imagine it will be to his liking.

Padme - It doesn't suprise me that you and Anakin are toy collectors too. It seems to be a natural consequence of living this lifestyle for a number of years. Besides, it's fun!

Anon - Folks can play as they like, but I wouldn't recommend it!

SNN - I'm hoping that was a rhetorical question... May you receive all the toys you desire.

sparkle said...


I tried to vote, too, not knowing Chris had done so. Apparently you've got it set up so only one vote per IP address can be cast.

Smart girl.

Chris is right - we have way too many spanking implements.

Way too many.

sparkle (thinking about garage sales)

loub said...

I have spanking encounters with several different women. I am a switch but not all of the women are, some are tops and some just bottoms.

In any case as for implements it varies one lady has an entire suitcase she brings with not only a variety of implements, but a variety of sizes and shapes.

Always fun to try something new and taste the sting of a new implement.


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