Monday, May 01, 2006

A Spanko Guide to Furniture

Most of us select our home furnishings based upon style, color, theme, and function. For spankos, however, it's hard to avoid the fact that most furniture in the home will eventually be utilized in the administration of spankings. Accordingly, I thought it might be beneficial to examine common household furniture from a spanko perspective.

The table below examines the pros and cons of ten familiar types of furniture.

CouchMost people have one
Great for OTK
Use seat, arm, & back
Not portable
Perhaps too familiar
Kitchen ChairClassic punishment scene
Uncomfortable position
Long spankings impractical
ReclinerLie or kneel on seat
Rocking adds excitement
OTK not a option
Kneeling positon unstable
Bean BagSurvived the 1970s
Many spanking variations
Use with other furniture
More a change of pace
Heaven help you if it breaks!
BedClassic erotic spanking
Transition to lovemaking
Bedposts for restraint
Wide variety of positions
Not particularly exotic
Ill-suited to discipline
Not portable
Bar StoolExcellent for punishment
Easy and quick restraint
Fairly portable
Bad for long sessions
OttomanOK for almost any position
Use for spanking and sex
Both comfort and function
Limits play to one room
Few restraint options
Coffee TableConvenient locale
Easy restraint
Not comfortable
Heavy use may break it
DeskOffice/school fantasies
Play beyond the bedroom
Not very comfortable
Limited positions
Butcher BlockRestraint is easy
It's fun to be meat
Hard surface
What's this oily stuff?

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Adele Haze said...

What an extremely useful table!

Paul said...

Spanko's are usually inventive Bonnie, I've found most anything will do.
However the bed proved most useful for anything from good girl to very bad girl spanking.
Nice post Bonnie, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Bonnie!!! They really should talk about some of these things on those home shows, don't you think? *grin*


padme said...

very clever blog post, bonnie. :)

cuddlybum said...

Butcher block? What's that? (honest question, I have no idea!!)

Gotta agree with most of the rest - but I still prefer being over his knee and nothing will ever beat that. The rest is grand for a bit of variety though!!!


SpankedMinx said...

Nor me Cuddly! Great post Bon!

Bonnie said...

Adele - Thanks. A gal has to keep her options open!

Paul - You're welcome. Variety is the spice of life (and I like it *hot*).

Tigger - I'd watch!

Padme - In my search for a new angle, I end up with all sorts of unusual topics.

Cuddly and Minxy - This is a butcher block table. I've always wanted one (and not for butchering!).

Marcus said...

Cool.... learned a few new options! Heh heh heh.

Anonymous said...

oh joy! Someone else who sees the nice things about furniture. I really have a hard time going into a furniture store. I keep looking for the perfect chair or sofa. . . . the arms need to be the same hight as the back, and very over stuffed, hight is important. . ect. I was in someones house, they had the perfect spanko couch, I had trouble concentrating. ohhhhhhhhhh!

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