Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fifty Alternatives to Sitting

We spankees all have those times when the concept of sitting is too unpleasant to ponder. Fortunately, there are many activities that don't require the use of those tender buttocks. I present to you as a public service, fifty common activities that don't involve sitting...

Now, if I just figure out how to update my blog while standing...


Shimon said...

thats easy. get a high stand to put your computer and key board on.

tulsa said...

or lay on your side with a laptop... my preferred method :)

jeanmarie said...

I like to rest my laptop on my dresser, so I can stand, alternating with lying down on my bed with the laptop on my pillow and an ice pack on my tushy.
On occasions too numerous to count, however, my lover has seen me in the latter position, thought it was sexy, and seduced me. Having a man bounce against a sore bottom, or spank it more in the heat of the moment, isn't conducive to healing.
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

Shimon - I was mostly kidding. I usually just sit on a cushion and squirm. I really don't mind the afterglow. In fact, I quite like it. It's just a bit inconvenient sometimes.

Tulsa - I just decided I need a laptop! Thanks for the wonderful justification (although that strategy could really backfire).

Jean Marie - Yep, been there too!

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