Thursday, April 27, 2006

Poll: My First Adult Spanking

My first adult spanking...

Was a complete disaster
Was basically a waste of time
Held the promise of something better
Exceeded my expectations
Was amazingly hot!
Is still in the future


Marie said...

This would be a fun Brunch topic - Mine ended with a very unexpected kiss. It was a delightful start to a wonderful time1

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Yeappie!!! This was a survey I could answer... Yes.. I had a first once in a lifetime (for now) spanking..... and it was... hotter than hot... ;-))

cuddlybum said...

You're making me a squidgy thinking about it and I can't have any fun with the beloved til NEXT weekend!!!


Good poll. He he he


Dyke Grrl said...

What a nice Friday thought for a poll! Makes me reminisce about my first adult spanking. Maybe I'll write up a post about it, although I can't remember all the details... ah, well, slightly fictionalized r/l is still a nice thing. :)

Paul said...

My first real adult spanking, I'm a Dom, led to me marrying the recipient, that led to a lifetime of mostly bliss,
I'd say very very hot, she'd say that's how she stayed, that with a giggle and a twinkle.

veelane said...

Your blog

My Bottom Smarts

was reviewed today by Veronica Lane
see it here:
Veronica Lane Reviews Sex Blogs

Paul said...

A well deserved review Bonnie, well done.
Isn't it great when nice people get nice results.
Love you Bonnie,

CeeCi said...

Marvelous poll, brought back a great memory and since we're getting together tonight I just might have to mention it!!!

jeanmarie said...

Phenomenal question; I'd LOVE to reminesce about it on a Sunday Brunch, as well as hear about others. Like most others, my first time was good, not great, but still yummy, holding infinite promise of things to cum. I have to stop writing or I'll get carried away...
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

Marie and Jean Marie - You're both very perceptive. Don't be surprised if Sunday morning's coffee is served with precisely this question!

Jo - Oooo. That sounds wonderful!

Cuddlybum - Sorry. I really didn't mean to leave you squidgy. This subject matter simply does that to many of us!

Dyke Grrl - I would love to read your story. Please do!

Paul - Now that's a happy ending! :D

Vee - That is so cool! Thank you! I will dedicate a post to this milestone, but for now, I really appreciate your generous review!

CeeCi - Aloha and welcome back! I hope tonight's reunion will be every bit as memorable as your first encounter.

padme said...

I said...held the promise of something better for my first adult spanking. I was only 16 when a boyfriend spanked me for the first time. I was really too young to know what I wanted. Great survey...

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