Monday, April 03, 2006

More Search Follies

Search strings never fail to amaze us.

I guarantee Bonnie won't care for the one about "big rounded heaviness"

Even a guy knows that a skirt is a poor fashion choice for zero-g

This one is simply a cornucopia of interesting stuff


SmartNnaughty said...

I guess I don't understand how search engines work, Randy. How does "beverly hillbillies seat of the problem" end up at this blog? Any ideas?


Bonnie said...

Smart - I mentioned the Beverly Hillbillies in a post several months ago about spanking memories. I also had a story by the name of "The Seat of The Problem." They must have been the same month.

BTW, I am concerned about "big rounded heaviness." Did I really say that?

Marcus said...

It was probably something like, "I had a big welcome waiting for Randy when he got home. As he rounded the corner, I could see that glint in his eye... ... with heaviness, I lowered my pants..."

I can't see you saying big rounded heaviness about you. None of the photos you or Randy have posted come to even remotely looking that way.

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