Sunday, April 30, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #15

It's that time again. I invite you to fill your cup and gather your breakfast. As we do every week, we're here to talk about spankings and the role they play in our lives.

This week's question deals with your first adult spanking. Please tell us what happened. Did you consider the spanking a success? To what extent did it set the stage for later events?

I welcome your thoughts on this topic. For the sake of brevity, I suggest a response of three paragraphs or less. I'm not going to strictly enforce this limit, but if an answer is too long, I may edit for length. You can leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post your response on your own blog. Once everyone has offered their contribution, I will post a summary of the proceedings. I look forward to reading your stories!


Mary said...

My first adult spanking.

I was in graduate school and needed some enforced discipline to get the work done and avoid playing computer games and searching for spanking sites on the internet. Graduate school started, and I obtained my first computer. The whole world opened up. I started participating in a spanking listserv group. My Sir responded to me, we lived in the same town. We discussed our interests, I shared my goals he told me the punishment he felt was appropriate over the next couple of meetings. This was not a romance but an arrangement to meet a need. We arranged a meeting place and time. I was a nervous wreck but knew I had better show up on time.
I was almost stiff I was so scared, and excited, I was really going to be spanked! The disciplinary spanking started slow, over his lap, over my skirt. Sir gradually increased the intensity and raised my skirt, lowered my panties. Every step was respectful, with a formal air. Although having my panties pulled down was embarrassing, the formality made me feel safe. Sir sent me to the corner, scolded me for my lack of self-discipline, and I received a dose of the belt before my punishment was complete. Each progression was anxiety producing - I had never had my bare behind spanked by a near stranger before. The belt was something I had asked for, and it was as punishing as I expected. After the spanking, I felt centered and ready to focus on my studies – and wrote an “A” paper on a sore bum that afternoon.
Before we parted we were standing in the room, Sir was straightening my skirt and blouse and remarked that I had behaved well. Then he gently kissed me. It astounded me. I was newly divorced, and had honestly not realized that I needed to be kissed as much as I needed to be spanked. (Maybe even more so) The relationship continued with disciplinary spanks and gentle kisses and nothing more for quite some time. It was so perfect for me; I would write and tell him how the experience was for me after most sessions. Sir used my words to develop our disciplinary sessions. That was 6 years ago, I am graduated now –from school, and -from discipline only to erotic spankings too, -from kisses to love making. It has been a slow and steady progression, and a whole lot of fun. His firm voice and hand are an essential element in keeping me well grounded and focused on my work. His kisses and love are intoxicating.

Master Enigma said...

I was in the Army in Okinawa and stumbled, literally into a club that had some BDSM action happening. I sat and watched and later a lovely female approached me and asked if I was interested in anything. I was clueless so I said sure and ended up getting spanked. It was not a big thrill and I was told that I asked too many questions! But it did open my mind to this whole realm. Now I spank and I am never spanked. But I still recall exactly what my spanking Mistress looked like and how it felt.

Pandora Sox said...

It took me many years before I decided to turn my spanking fantasy into reality. My biggest fear before that first spanking was that the real thing would be a disappointment. Something that can easily happen with fantasies.
Imagine my pleasure when I went to bed that night with my hot bottom knowing that my first real spanking wasn't the end of my fantasy - it was only the beginning of it plus more than I ever could imagine.

Danielle said...

My first spanking was a disaster. It did take place a few decades ago. I don't even remember the exact time or place. Though my husband knows everything well enough. He was/is a REAL spanker, being interested since his childhood. Me, I loathed it untill last year. In March 2005 I did take note of internet and the spankingblogs. That made me change my mind. At first becoming curious and reading everything. Later on the willing spankee and for now I can give a spanking myself, if I think my husband needs it.

Paul said...

It was our second date, Mel was a lovely girl and I was half in love with her already.
When we met she had a really naughty look in her eye, right from the word go she started to push my buttons.
I really warmed her butt, then I asked her to marry me, she said yes and we never looked back.

rose said...

my first adult spanking was a year ago this past february. it was right on the heels of a year of celibacy following my cancer surgery. my sweet sean introduced me to the world of spanking and D/s. it was a simple, over the knee spanking with only his hand (hurt enough for the first time though). the thing i noticed as sean spanked was that i was getting so wet and excited by the spanking. he'd stop his spanking to finger my pussy and clit. i was in heaven....lost in the sensations of pleause and pain mixed. he fucked me after and i found myself wanting more....much more of this mixture of pain/pleausure and the intense feelings the spanking brought up. i was totally hooked. he was gentle, patient and pushed my limits just a tad that first night. that first spanking opened up a whole new world of sensuality for me and since then, while i'm not with sean any more, the arsenal of spanking implements has grown as has my desire for more intense spankings and luckily sweet jefferson is more than willing to oblige my wants. such a sweet dom!

padme said...

I was 16 when I got my first adult spanking. I was still a virgin at the time. My boyfriend at the time and I were horsing around playing ping pong and he teased me he was going to give me a spanking. I dared him and so he did. It definatly set the stage for furthur spankings as I never forgot that experience and how turned on I got over it. I finally got up the courage to tell Master Anakin about it many years later and we began our journey of spankings. :)

Anonymous said...

This question makes me smile because my first spanking was nothing like ones my hubby gives me now. Back when he first started spanking me, we were both too new to the concept, so that first spanking was nothing more than some very light pats on my bottom in between more intimate touching while I was draped over his knee.

When my hubby and I talk about that first spanking, it makes us both smile to think how much we didn't know about spanking. But we also smile because we know that that first spanking was the beginning of something incredible!!!


MRBILL said...

Although I like to recieve as well as give a spanking, I don't specifically remember the first one I recieved, probably was in the form of a "birthday spanking" from my wife. Something I still look forward to every year.
I remember well the first spanking I gave. My girlfriend at the time was probably 17 and I was about 20. We were at her house after a date, it was getting late and I needed to get home. I told her I couldn't stay any later and she said "yes you can". We were kissing and making out and she pulled up my shirt and sucked my nipple, whereupon I melted and said you're bad and should be spanked. She said "yes you can", and I practically dragged her out to my van. I remember my legs were shaking in anticipation as I pulled her over my lap and prepared to give her what she deserved and apparently wanted. I don't remember details of the actual spanking beyond that on that night, but it was the first of many hot ones, progressing to using my belt on her ass as I shoved the cold metal buckle into her hot wet pussy and the last time when she said spank me when it feels good as she went down on my cock. I was leaving that day to fly back to my job out of state, and I wonder if my family heard the spanks as the called up the stairs that it was time to leave for the airport. I'm sure it was a long ride to the airport and back for her with a very red, hot bottom.
Years later, I still greatly enjoy spanking my wife, though it doesn't happen nearly enough!

kaylynn said...

I've never had an adult spanking but I really want one. Just because I feel like I need one in my life. I'm scared I'll meet a creeper though. I want to get one without anyone else knowing also. Someone who isn't afraid to put me over their knee, bare my bottom, and spank me for not doing the things I should. Giving me what I deserve even if I change my mind. How do I go about that??

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