Sunday, April 23, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #14

Welcome back, everyone, to our Spanko Sunday Brunch. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of juice. I encourage you to taste anything that looks appealing. There are no assigned seats, so mingle as much as you please.

We're here today to talk about spanking in the context of adult relationships. Specifically, our question of the week involves the use of stress relief spankings.

Do you employ stress relief spankings in your relationship? If so, how do they differ from other spankings, and what benefits do you derive from them?

You can respond by adding a comment below, sending me an e-mail, or by posting your answer on your own blog.

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom and experience.


cuddlybum said...

Hey, I'm first here - and maaaaan do I need that orange juice!!(It was a good night last night though!!!)

I just asked the beloved about this as well - he reckons punishment spankings are harder, fun spankings are shorter with more rubbing and stroking, stress relief spankings go on and on and on til I'm all destressed (and to a certain extent HE's destressed as well!)

Stress relief spankings help deal with a lot of tension that builds up over nothing specific - when I start to feel all tetchy and too big for my skin......Afterwards, alright, I feel sore, but I also feel relaxed and happy. The belvoed reckons punishments are short adn over and done with - mind you he's never been at the receiving end of his idea of a 'short sharp spanking'!

The stress relief spankings are a major part of how we're so strong together cos they're a safe place and time for me to fall apart and the beloved will pick me up and put me back together afterwards.Anything goes during those spankings - I don't have to think I can just let it all out and then the air is clear and everyone's happy again. And if something major comes out, we can talk about it a lot more calmly after the stress has been dealt with!!

Big longwinded, Bonnie, sorry, edit as you like........


rose said...

funny, it seems that most of our spankings included stress relief. that's often my first reaction to his spankings, is that my emotions and stress leave my body......there are often copious tears. then i drift into the sensations of the spankings and float off into a lovely space........

Cameo said...

Im with Rose, lol. For me and Boss, when we have time, if it's not erotic, it's all too often stress-relief rather than disciplinary. We both need it - and will prolly need it MORE once things get organized on his end better. He works very hard at his job (he works for a major telecommunications firm in the CSR dept., they are trying to shift him to training/supervisory), and I'll be a stay at home mom with three kids underfoot (two of them teenagers, and one of THOSE with some medical difficulties). Boy, do I EVER need stress-busters as much as he does!

Caia said...

Stress relief is a big one for me. Its probably the primary reason for spanking around here. When I get stressed (which I do too often) I take it out on Sam. So, he might not come out and say I need some stress relief, but he will spank for letting my stress affect our relationship.

Usually if he decides I am in need of a spanking, I don't agree right away. I usually end up fighting him. So, I get my anger and stress out by fighting him, then the spanking will wash it all away, especially if it brings me to tears.

Stress relief spankings leave me feeling very peaceful and loved. If I am sore afterward, the peace can last for several days. Its a wonderful thing:)


jeanmarie said...

Hmmm, let's see...
We enjoy erotic spankings, foreplay of the foremost excellence, when all the sensations are sensual and leading inexorably to sex. The sex is inevitably passionate, aerobic, exhaustive and exhausting.
He enjoys administering punishment spankings, which are abrupt, painfully severe, chastising with the hand or implement to my seat, while harsh lecturing words berate my guilty conscience.
Our relationship benefits from stress-relieving spankings. Sometimes Kyle will tell me that I deserve one, pull me over his lap then and there (and we've been in some funny and/or public places at these times). But more often than not, I'll ask for it. Sometimes this will be couched in some transgressing act, the brat misbehaving in some obvious way, but I've boldly pulled my pants down, stuck my bare ass in his face, and announced that I simply but profoundly need a good spanking on many occasions. Kyle has never let me down, or let me up before my karma is cleansed, my face is bathed in tears, and my butt is very red.
The BEST is when he gives me a really thorough stress-buster, first with the hand and then with the belt, and we holds me afterward so securely, kissing my tears away, caressing my injured pride and smarting fanny, and we just evolve from cuddling and comforting to having a warm and fuzzy fuck.
So the short answer is YES, stress-relieving spankings differ from other forms of discipline, and are an integral part of our relationship.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

Stress relief spankings are so much a part of our spanking life. I usually ask for them but if he feels I am being overwhelemed he wilk suggest a "little paly time" to get me back to normal. After so many years togethr I usually agree; except for those time when the stress is coming in from all over. Usually he will say something and I'll answe Does it look like I'm in the mood for a spanking which results in me being put iver his knee for an attuide adjustment but it works for us. If anyone doesn't do stress releif panking I suggest today would be a nice day to start

padme said...

A cup of coffee sounds really nice right now. I just got up after a very late night. :)
We definatly do stress relief spankings. On Friday night is a example of that. I was craving a spanking really bad. Master Anakin was very tired after being up early and a long week. Nothing sexual happened...just a few canes and a nice stress relief spanking so we could both sleep better. He told me that it helps him to to release the stress by spanking my ass.

I find if I havn't had a spanking now in a week I start to crave one to relief the stress that builds up.

Some spankings are discipline. Some are erotic. Some are fun. And some are just like Friday...stress relief spankings.
:) Hope you had a good weekend bonnie...great question for the brunch!

Bonnie said...

I liked the comments by Cuddlybum and Padme about stress relief spankings benefiting both participants. That’s been our experience too.

I normally deal with stress pretty effectively, but once in a while I just go into overload. When this happens, Randy usually suggests spanking therapy. As Patricia said, I generally agree. Regardless of how we get there, we find these stress relief spankings to be very beneficial.

For more information, please see my recent Spanking 101 post.

Marie said...

In the end all spankings relieve stress for me. Punishment spankings usually start our sharp - no warm up. But when I have been mostly good, but maybe a little grumpy he knows I need spanked to relieve the stress before I turn into a real brat. Then the spanking starts out slow and warm, over his knee hand spanking. My panties even stay up at first. Eventually we move on to the bare and paddle and maybe even the belt. I am spared the cane - I hate it and I get it only when I am being punished.

Anonymous said...

I saw your reply to my Susan"s mischevous comment on 4/22.I think the delightful view you present on the blog in those bottom hugging jeans is dead sexy,(what about bending over in a tight skirt?), and one that 'asks for a spanking'. I would be delighted to oblige, but I know that your bottom is strictly reserved for your Randy ! To make up for this, I told Susan to put on her tightest and thinnest trousers, and then place her plump bottom over the back of the settee, after which I laid on two dozen hearty whacks with our 'special spanker'. (This a beach flip-flop sandel attached to a long flexable handle, originally made as a fly-swatter. It lands on target at high speed, and stings like the very devil. It was a favourite of Paula Russell, the famous spanking artist.) Susan is now nursing two very red cheeks. David.

Bonnie said...

David - Although I didn't respond in the affirmative, Susan's question was entirely legitimate. Spank her if you must, but please not on my account.

As for the tight skirt, I own plenty of skirts, but I can't recall any that I would describe as particularly tight. I have some more pictures I will post as the opportunity presents arises.

Anonymous said...

We do use stress-relief spankings, actually!!!

In fact, I needed one just the other morning. I don't know what it was, but I just needed a spanking when I woke up. Of course, weekday mornings can be a little hectic, but while we were having breakfast, I mentioned to my hubby that I needed a spanking. I thought he'd say that he'll keep that in mind and give me one that night, like he usually does, but he surprised me by telling me to go into the bedroom and bend over the bed after we finished eating breakfast.

In the bedroom, I got another surprise though, when he took out our big sorority-style paddle...and though my eyes went a little wide at that, my pulse skipped a beat, too!!! I got twenty-five good smacks with the paddle, after which, with my bottom all hot and stinging pleasantly, I jumped up and gave him a big hug and a sexy kiss. I soooooooo needed that spanking!!!*sigh*

I'm not sure how they really differ from other spankings he gives me, other than they're not necessarily always erotic. But the definitely do wonders for me, I can tell you that!!! After one, I feel completely and totally relaxed, and way less-stressed than I did before!!!


Paul said...

Stress relief spankings Bonnie, an important part of any sponko couples program, don't always end with sex, though mostly. Not so severe as punishment, often longer and harder than atitude adjustment spankings and finally and best, often relief for both partners after all stress can be very contagious. I'm a bit late today Bonnie, been busy.

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