Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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I guess it must be my turn to complete the list.

Write down seven things that make you mad.
  1. Discourteous drivers

  2. Spam e-mail

  3. Unruly HTML

  4. Intolerant people

  5. Selfishness

  6. Game players

  7. Greed

Now seven things that make you happy.
  1. Laughing children

  2. Formal gardens

  3. Getting up early to do nothing

  4. Aromatherapy massage

  5. Herbal tea

  6. Making love in the morning sun

  7. Kitties

Seven fun things that you wish you could get paid to do for a living
  1. Travel writer

  2. Artist

  3. Playwright

  4. Teacher

  5. Advice columnist

  6. Theater critic

  7. Sole member of Randy's harem


A Nawty Mouz said...

Ok Bonnie, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that your last wish will be granted with payment in full. I am sure that your harem master will personally attend to swiftly serving payment to his most favored and sole harem member. I have a feeling that you will be deeply satisfied with the generosity of his compensation. In the end, you may even feel that his generosity is far greater than your expectations. However, you should embrace each stroke of praise your harem master has for you as his gift of encouragement to continue your excellent service. I will be eager to hear how well your wish is fulfilled. Best wishes.

Paul said...

Hi Bonnie,
I doubt if anyone could improve on what a nawty mouz has said on item Nº7, things that you'd like to be paid for.
I'd go along with everything that you've written, but I don't quite understand Nº6 in things that make you mad, does game player mean something different on your side of the pond, or do you mean someone who tries to muck about with your head, if you do, I'll go along 150% with you on that.
Hugs. :-)

Anonymous said...



tboneslagirl said...

Thanks your play along Bonnie...

But don't you get paid with love from Randy already.....LOL

Bonnie said...

Nawty - You're right, of course...

Paul - Yes, I do mean "someone who tries to muck about with your head." That's precisely it.

Tigger - Thanks!

LA Girl - True enough, but I wonder if I could double dip? :D

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