Monday, March 20, 2006

Still More Silly Searches

I have to admit it. I'm hooked on goofy search engine queries. I continue to be amazed how people manage to find their way to this blog.

There's a weird symmetry to this game. I entertain my readers and they entertain me.

Didn't Kim Wilde sing about the Kids in America? I think she did. If she's a spanko, I hadn't heard about it.

I wonder what an embarrassing thong looks like. Perhaps pictures of dancing clowns?

As for the institutional diaper, we're just not even going to think about that.

Have a great week, everybody!


SpankedMinx said...

Weird, weird, weird. Just a not very interesting fact Kim Wilde lives just down the road from me. I know she's into gardening & healthfoods but unaware of any other hobbies! I'm gonna try the diaper search?????? Anyway what a boring post ( from me!) I'll go before u all fall asleep x x x x

Spanked ( sposed to be workin at home )

Marcus said...

You know diaper comes from your (ahem) favorite spanking position. Panties comes from getting lowered over and over. Dunno where locking came from. Style creeps up on your posts frequently. And I'm guessing institutional has shown up, but I don't recall it.

As you know, the words don't have to be together, just all on the same website.

So, that pair of thongs that goes up to just under your boobs is still a secret.


dwcmike said...

Could not resist... Bonnie, you refuse to show us a picture of you wearing a red bottom and a thong, so is that the meaning of an embarrassing thong. Personally, I would vote for any such picture being a fantastically proud and wonderful woman thong , not an embarrassing one.
bottoms are for display.

Bonnie said...

Spanked - That's really an interesting coincidence that my readers are thinking about your neighbor. Then again, I'm continually amazed by the things people will type into a search engine. Tonight, I had this one:

bouncing girdle spanking

Can a girdle bounce? I must admit I've never tried.

Marcus - I guess I understand the process by which they arrive here. What still perplexes me is why this person with rather, um, unusual tastes finds this blog interesting enough to stay and look around.

Mike - Refuse? Did I refuse?

SpankedMinx said...

LOLOLOL a bouncing girdle spanking, now there is an idea for a story!

More Hugggggggs

SPanked x x x x

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