Sunday, March 19, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch - March 19

As I had feared, Blogger quirks complicated our brunch plans. Even so, I received quite a few superb responses. I apologize to anyone who was unable to participate. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal by next week.

While I'm apologizing, I should mention that Anakin and Padme from Journey to the Darkside and Grizzly Bear from Everything Goes both polled their readers about exotic locations during the past week. If I was aware of these polls, they certainly weren't in my thoughts when I wrote this question last night. I believe this was a coincidence. But if anyone feels otherwise, then I'm sorry for that too.

Our brunch question was:

Please describe your most unusual or most memorable spanking locale. If you don't have any exotic locations to share, please tell us about your favorite fantasy location.

SmartNnaughty: Does my walk-in closet count?

Yes, of course. I enjoyed that story.

SpankedMinx: I'm not sure it's that unusual, but it was in a nature reserve. It wasn't planned either, which added to the sheer delectable naughtiness of it all. Another one that springs to mind was in my hubby’s work office. We sneaked back after hours. These for me have fond memories.

I meant to add fantasy location too! Location-wise, it's definitely an outdoorsy kind. I suppose it’s the risk of being caught with my knickers round my ankles. I think a beach or a barge would be nice (with the risk of being charged with indecent exposure removed!)

Anyway, what do you have at a brunch? Is it breakfast, lunch, or both?

It’s all of the above, and please take whatever your like.

Tom: Spanking on the beach is definitively our favorite. I love a nice warm evening when the sun is sinking into the sea. Due to our cold climate, this only happens in high summer. Afterward, a nice skinny dipping really strengthens the colour. I wish it were already summer.

Don: Most unusual place? We were driving in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains. It was a beautiful afternoon. We were both thinking about it. I saw a gate open and I turned off. The dirt road ended a short distance up on a mesa. You could see in all directions for miles. There was no one around except us and the cows. We opened the back doors of the van to enjoy the breeze and got down to business (The van has a queen bed). We got lost in ourselves and when we came to, there were several cows looking at us through the door.

Paul: I recall a spanking given to Mel, on the bare butt, on beautiful Dartmoor, in Devon, England, on a lovely summer's evening. It was finished as a good girl spanking should always be finished, before driving home to Cornwall.

Mel's favourite fantasy was as above, but in Piccadilly Circus, London, or Times Square, New York. I don't think that I could quite cope with the finishing as usual bit in those situations. LOL. :-)

Marcus: How about outside, next to the ship at the Treasure Island casino, during a performance? The sound effects were loud enough, no one actually knew about it. It certainly wasn't the hardest spanking ever, but it was a memorable location!

Padme: My most memorable spanking was locale was in Las Vegas. We were in a limo riding down the strip. I was seeing all the neon lights and being over his knee. The driver didn’t say a word.

Bonnie: Randy once paddled me in the hayloft of a barn. I had to bend over bales of straw. The occasion was one of Randy’s unconventional birthday spankings. I received the traditional one swat for every year (and I wasn’t exactly a kid).

Jeanmarie: On a vacation weekend to Chicago, we went shopping in Nordstrom's. I saw a fabulous pair of sling-backs in the shoe department that I felt I had to add to my already extensive collection. No amount of sexy suggesting, hot-breathed hinting, or pouty pleading convinced my boyfriend that the extravagant expenditure was worth it. We shopped more and I wheedled and whined. We dined and I dickered and negotiated, groused and I begged. I led him back to the coveted pair of shoes and created a brat-like scene, raising my voice and stamping my foot. He got the hint, sat, turned me over the little stool that salespeople sit on, raised my skirt, lowered my panties, and enumerated ten hard spanks to my bared bottom.

We ran off hand-in-hand feeling like a couple of horny teenagers, my outfit falling over knickers that were still down around my thighs. When I was sure that we weren't being followed by store security, I pulled him into the ladies' restroom where he took me from behind and spanked me thru the most intense orgasms I've EVER had.

P.S. He went back later and bought me the shoes and gave them to me as we were packing to leave. I thanked him with a blow job and anal sex (a treat he doesn't get often, but I was in this sub space and that made it tremendous). We tried to hurry afterwards, but still ended up missing our flight home. Before we dealt with the snooty stewardess for new tickets, my lover boy, Kyle, told me that it was all my fault. In the near-empty airport waiting area I raised my skirt and bent over and asked him to make it right. I got ten more on the seat of my flower-printed panties. The stewardess suddenly became all smiles.

So, I got two spankings in sexy, very public places that memorable weekend.

Mike: The most memorable was in an apartment in Manhattan. We were apartment / dog sitting on the Upper West Side. Two things made it particularly memorable - my wife (then girlfriend) standing naked leaning against the bay window overlooking the street while getting swats with my belt, and the comment she got from her friend that the neighbors asked that we not stay there again because we were "loud at night." Fortunately, no details of what was heard were passed on (as far as we know).

Tigger - Hmmm... I'd have to say on a cruise ship! We were up on deck late at night, standing at the railing and cuddling. Since we had the place to ourselves, my hubby decided to give me a little spanking right there in the moonlight! Not about to protest, of course, I put my hands on the railing and stuck my bottom out!

However, thinking that someone might come by at any minute, we decided to take things below deck. Hand in hand and laughing, we then hurried back to our cabin, where he gave me a very erotic spanking! It was very, very romantic!

Intricate Pieces: This one's a toughy. Once, Master and I went to dinner with another couple. After dinner, while waiting for dessert, we excused ourselves for a quick bathroom break. Instead, we slipped into a coat room and he grabbed me around my waist and got busy as I clung to some stranger’s coat to muffle the whimpers. LOL If that coat could talk!

Another time was in a canoe on the lake. Master made some silly comment, so I stood up to shake my butt at him. With one quick off center whack, the canoe went over and so did we. That one I still give him grief over.

Hmmm... I think I'm off now to go hunt for some other interesting spots in need of attention :)

Rose: I really don't have any exotic spanking locations to tell you about. But I have had this fantasy for about a year now. I have this great fantasy about being with my lover in a secluded area of Central Park. He binds me to a tree (obviously front to tree). I'm wearing a skirt with no panties. He lifts it and starts to spank, first with his hand, then goes into his handy backpack and brings out a flogger, and then our cat. After he's finished his spanking, he gives me a good fucking from behind. Then we get to go home and finish our play.

Thank you all once again for another wonderful brunch. You folks are the best!

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Anakin said...

Bonnie, thanks for the mention. I loved all the responses that everyone left; some really great ones. You take care and all the best.

Anonymous said...

As always, great reading!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this counts as spanking.A couple of years ago I was caned in an orchard.What was worse my Mistress left me tied to the tree while she went indoors for a while.

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