Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spanko Limericks Revisited

Those who have been reading MBS for a while might remember that I wrote some spanko limericks a while back.

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I've cooked up a couple of new ones.

There once was a pretty young bride
Who wanted no kink left untried
While tied to a chair
She had to declare
I do think my backside is fried

There once was a good wife named Kitten
With spankings this woman was smitten
Her man caned her well
She thought that was swell
It's all good except for the sittin'

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SpankedMinx said...

Those brought a smile to my face at 7am this morning before going to work! Thanx

More Huggggggs

Spanked x x x x

Paul said...

Great Bonnie,
I wish that I could do that, thanks.
Hugs, :-)

IntricatePieces said...

oh my gosh those are soooooo cute... grins hmmm am thinkin what a fun St. Patty's day card those would make... nothin better then a subtle hint to get things started... wonder if I can find a green cane somewhere ;)

hun I wish I had 1/16th of the talent you have in your little finger.

Happy St Patrick's day!

Anonymous said...

They're great, Bonnie!!!


padme said...

Very cute limerick for St. Patty's day!!

Cassy said...

St.Patty's day,isn't that a Texas saint?

Marcus said...

Bonnie's limericks were fun
But in order to prevent another pun
Randy took something dear
And applied it to her rear
And now her bottom is as hot as the sun.

Bonnie said...

Spanked - Happy to be of service!

Paul - Thank you.

Intricate - Thanks. Gotta love those subtle hints...

As for the talent, I beg to differ. I've seen your blog and it's absolutely beautiful.

Tigger - Thank you!

Padme - Thanks. It seemed the least I could do to salute the occasion.

Cassy - Only if he's drinking green Lone Star!

Marcus - It's official. Poetry is contagious.

rivka said...

ROFL wonderful poem to celebrate the day, Bonnie. :) Thank you.

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