Friday, March 17, 2006

More Crazy Search Words

I'm sorry this blog has been mostly unavailable lately. Blogspot is obviously very ill. Hopefully, the friendly administrators will get it all cleaned up soon.

Here are some more search terms that people used to find this blog. Most of these I expect. This is a blog about spanking, after all.

The third to the last entry is definitely wishful thinking. Storm never gives up, does he?

I call your attention to the final phrase.

Big Wobbly Bottom Spanking!

I doesn't trouble me that someone typed in those words. It bothers me only a little that the search engine sent them here. What truly bugs me is that the person liked what he or she found so much that they spent a half hour looking around and reading posts.

Apparently, they like my big wobbly bottom spankings.

        "Honey, does this dress make my bottom look wobbly?"

Wobbly indeed. Humpf!


A Nawty Mouz said...

Oh my, Bonnie, you sound like a bit of a spoiled brat there. Oh dear, I think Blogspot's illness has gotten you bit whiny.

Didn't you check the Google search yourself? You know how searches on Google are collated. Basically, the web page with the most instances of all of the search terms, and with the most references to that web page, are listed first or higher in the list. The search terms aren't necessarily found together in the web pages in the order given, unless the searcher surrounds the search terms in quotes.

So, I tried the search of (Big Wobbly Bottom Spanking) and no quotes. And, you weren't the first web page listed. Your web page was the 10th.

You were beat out by "Spanking BBW - Spank those big round asses!" for the number 1 spot. And, I quote the excerpt: "Her husband uses his hand to spank her big juicy bottom and eventually decides ... sour at the same time, thinks Emma Jay as it whacks her wobbly bottom. ..."

Your web page excerpt on the search results was "My Bottom Smarts: October 2005". And, I quote from the search excerpt: "I found myself turning my back to a wall so my big, wide (very well spanked) bottom wouldn’t be quite so much on display. ..." Notice the lack of wobbly in the excerpt! Wobbly is found in a separate post on the archive page. And, I quote from the Google cache of that web page: "I felt so wobbly that Randy had to help me get out of the tub." ... "I finally reached the point where my legs became too wobbly to stand."

Hmmm, it seems you have wobbly legs. Now, why would you have wobbly legs? And, you thought someone found your blog because of your Big Wobbly Bottom. Well, guess what, you have know assured that your blog will be the first one listed when they are looking for "Big Wobbly Bottom Spanking" as soon as Google gets around to indexing this post. So, see what whining gets you? You got more attention. That sure sounds like a spoiled brat to me.

So, here's to "Big Wobbly Bottom Spanking".


Bonnie said...

Nawty - I figured it was something like that. I was merely joking about that less than appealing search string leading to my blog.

Thanks for the explanation!

Paul said...

blogspot has been difficult, one must persevere.
A lot of us admire your jean clad bottom, nicely sized to take a good warm up without fear of bruising, but wobbly, never!!!
But whether a nawty mouz has the right of it, I wouldn't know, Randy might.:-)

SpankedMinx said...

Erm blog has been a dog, definatley. I say "Big Up Wobbly Bottoms" If it leads people to this fab blog! I may just put that in my profile.

Have a great Saturday!


Big Wobbly Bottom Minx x x x x

Marcus said...

Big bottoms are good, and bottoms wobble when spanked (even solid, firm ones). So, if your bottom happens to be big, then it must be a big, wobbly bottom in the middle of a spanking.

But you wouldn't know about that, would you? You don't get the delightful sight of your bottom during a spanking.

I bet it's delicious. ;)

Yeah, blogger is weird lately.

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