Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rituals in Action

I really need to watch what I write in this blog. I receive a lot of positive feedback from the Spanking 101 articles. I’m always pleased when readers tell me that they adopt and adapt my suggestions. When my own husband gets ideas, however, that’s a different matter entirely.

Randy liked my essay about rituals. After he read it, he reminded me of a few of ours that I neglected to mention. In particular, he sometimes gives me a list of toys for the evening and then asks me to lay them out on the bed. He also thought I should mention having to explicitly request my spanking.

Last night, Randy wanted to see whether he could manage to touch all of the rituals I mentioned. He didn’t actually hit every one, but he covered the majority of the list.
  • I fetched the slapper
  • I lowered my jeans and underwear
  • I bent over his lap
  • I counted the (ouch!) strokes
When he decided I had received my fair share of swats, he directed me to stand in the corner. This is not one of our regular rituals. I suppose we’ve done it before as a kind of submissiveness test, but it’s been ages. At this point, I was feeling well spanked and in the mood for almost anything. I would much rather have moved straight to the bed, but for the time being, I was willing to play along.

So there I stood with my nose in the corner and my pants at my ankles. I could tell that Randy was enjoying the view, but this arrangement wasn’t doing much for me. He left the room for a moment with the instruction, “Stay right there.” When he returned, I thought I heard him chuckle. As soon as I turned to see, he commanded me to get my nose back in the corner. I decided the whole business was silly and pointless. Instead of making love, we’re doing what?


For a split second, my little corner was brightly illuminated. That mumble-frumble took my picture while I was standing there like that! I totally didn’t know what to say.

Years ago, he took a lot of pictures of me. In those days, we used conventional film that had to be developed in a darkroom. We weren’t about to give those kind of pictures to a commercial service, so we did it ourselves. The funny part was that I knew how to develop photographs and he didn’t. As a result, there were a number of unflattering pictures that simply didn’t turn out. Oh well.

With the digital camera, the game has changed completely. It’s his and he shoots what he likes. I don’t like to have my picture taken, and least of all at a moment like that. He knows this, and until yesterday, had displayed admirable restraint.

I wanted to give Randy a piece of my mind for violating what I thought was an implicit understanding. But I just couldn’t. He was giddy about his digital study in pink. He told me that he was delighted by how well the picture turned out and wanted to show me. Reluctantly, I gazed at the tiny monitor on the back of his camera. Even at two inches square and blurry, I hated it.

“That never goes anywhere!” I insisted.

“Don’t worry. It’s in safe hands.” Cautiously, I believed him. “Until you leave me,” he continued, “Then I’ll post it on Flickr.” I rolled my eyes and pulled up my pants.

“Not so fast!” Randy purposefully removed his clothes and then mine. After a quick but efficient hand spanking, we made love on top of the bed. He used his tongue to find the epicenter of my pleasure. Within a couple of minutes, he had me writhing and bucking with orgasmic release. He squeezed my stinging buttocks to compound the flurry of sensations.

After I finished, he turned me over and brought me to a kneeling position with my head down. There, he joined me from behind. My body offered no resistance. That irresistible slippery sliding in-and-out movement relit the flames of my passion. He found the friction fabulous as well. His completion was powerful and sudden. My lover gasped deeply and clung tightly to my hips as he delivered his contribution. By this time, I too was comfortably lost in the mists of joy that surrounded us. We ultimately collapsed, together and entangled.

Later, as we snuggled under the covers, I asked Randy, “So why the picture?” He grinned and gave me the answer I least wanted to hear. “Oh, that. It’s our newest ritual.”

I wonder if there is some way I can ban him from reading this blog…

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dwcmike said...

This is getting too good. If you crop the picture, you can remove every part of your room, so that the room is not recognizable. Then, I think it would be appropriate to post this one picture. I did on my blog, without any repercussions, and I am certain it is safe for you. You could ask Randy, or take a poll of your readers.
Lastly, it will get buried in the blog over the months, hardly ever to be seen again.
bottoms up

Bonnie said...

Mike - After seeing that picture, I'm more certain than ever that I need to keep my pants on around here.

I don't know whether I'm more concerned that the photo is not a good representation, or that it might be! Either way, it's not a flattering shot.

How about if I just dig up another faded jeans picture?

Marcus said...

Heh heh... oh my... you have me laughing so hard. You know, I have to admire Randy... and you for sharing this. I love Randy's mind and I love how you find yourself in these predicaments.

You are such a sweetheart, Bonnie.

Janeen said...

All in all it sounds like you both had a great time, I hope the picture doesn't accidentally get deleted from the camera during transfer. ;)

I hate having my pic taken too, but Will usually has a camera in his hands so I guess I've adapted, (a lot of unflattering pictures disappear due to technical difficulties though ;)

SmartNnaughty said...


I have to like that Randy. Someday you might want to SHARE your pictures with you adoring fans!


Anonymous said...

That is too cute, Bonnie!!! We just started incorporating corner-time into our spanking play (love it, BTW) so your story made me smile!!! And as for photos, well, let's just say that those digital cameras are wonderful things!!! *grin*


Caia said...

I feel for ya Bonnie! I don't like having my picture taken either, especially one like that. But Sam has taken some in the past. I'm sure they have all been deleted!!!


CeeCi said...

What is it about boys and electronic toys? I was taking a peaceful shower the other night when **BLINDING** light burst over me and a chuckle ensued. MoJo was outside the shower stall snapping pictures...butthead. I felt like a little fish in a bowl. He on the other hand thought it was quite hilarious. Good thing...he was using MY digital camera. Bad thing...he found it in the first place. Gotta love that 'Delete' button.

Bonnie said...

Marcus - Thanks. I can assure you that these predicaments of not of my construction! I wonder myself how he manages to rope me in time and again.

Janeen - Yes, we did have a fine time. Hmmm. Technical difficulties? Isn't it time again for cosmic rays?

Smart - Perhaps, but it won't be THAT picture.

Tigger - Wonderful. Yes. That was precisely the word for which I was searching. Thank you. :D

Caia - At that moment, I actually had nothing to say. That's pretty rare. It wouldn't be a total disaster if this picture were to meet an unfortunate and untimely end.

CeeCi - You know it! I could appear on one of those daytime talk shows entitled "My husband tortured me with an electronic device." Never mind that it's a camera.

The only trouble with the accidental deletion scenario is that, if I know Randy (and I do), he has extra copies squirreled away.

I hope to see you all at the brunch tomorrow!

rivka said...

LOL! That is hilarious... I love it. Being a picture nut, it goes both ways with Rico and I. *g*

Anonymous said...

Corner time has always been part of our rituals and I think my husbadn gets more from it than I do. he can sit there and watch my red nake butt for hours. The invention of digitial cameras are the death of me to. He has that dam thing every where. Last night he too a picute of my butt as I was working into the bathroom with only a THONG on. You know the say whats thedifference between men and boys the price of thier toys


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