Saturday, March 25, 2006


My husband Randy truly needs no inspiration. He is a fountain of reasons to spank, and yet, most of time, he needs no reason at all. A while back, I foolishly encouraged him to read spanko blogs and now he's hooked. My creative colleagues provide him with lots of great ideas, all of which leave me with a very sore bottom.

Last night, Randy showed me this photo of the lovely Sierra Salem. Needless to say, shortly thereafter, I found myself bound in a similar position and receiving a very thorough going over with the strap.

It was fun, and I was totally into the experience, but it was quite painful as well. The bondage element is wonderful because it helps to put me into a submissive place where I can accept and embrace my spanking. After that, it becomes almost as though I am an interested witness to the proceedings as much as a participant. At that stage, I am clay for my lover to mold as he chooses.

I was in such a fog that I have a difficult time recalling exactly what happened next. I remember him using vibrators and giving me a hand spanking. I know we made love, but the details are sketchy (and the man who has the full story is still asleep).

The color has faded this morning, but my bottom still feels a bit tender. I was told to expect more of the same tonight, only different. Perhaps I'm crazy, but even as I sit here squirming in my seat, I find myself longing to learn what spanking adventure is next on his list...

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Paul said...

what did you expect, oh foolish girl. LMAO LOL
Mel my beloved brat, gone but never forgotten, always got sooo wet when I told her that she would be tied to the bed and spanked, she said, Good Girls, which is what we mostly did, were so sexy when she was tied, she loved it.
Great post Bonnie, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand, Bonnie!!! Just hearing my hubby say the word, "spanking," is enough to turn me on!!!!

Oh, and BTW, we just got the spanking strop from the London Tanner, and even though it was a good-girl spanking, well, let's just say that it made quite an impression!!! And I love every minute of getting spanked with it!!!


Bonnie said...

Paul - All right, I'm a foolish girl. It's a good thing the standard treatment for foolish girls is something I enjoy!

Tigger - Nothing makes an impression quite like leather. In fact, I'm still impressed!

jeanmarie said...

I love hearing that you get off on bondage, too. Just being told to fetch the old neckties loverboy uses to restrain me to the bedposts gets me creamy, and the powerlessness of bare butt perched atop a stack of pillows without being able to do more than wriggle has made me explode before he even touches me, across the butt or anywhere else.
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

Jean Marie - Restraint is definitely a part of our repertoire. My reaction is just as your describe. It makes everything else more real and more intense.

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