Monday, March 13, 2006

The First Annual MBS Spanking Festival

Sometimes my imagination runs away. If you see it, please send it home.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Come One, Come All!
Step right up for the greatest entertainment experience yet seen in these parts.

I present, for your amusement and education, the first annual MBS spanking festival!

That’s right. You heard me correctly. We’re going to have a spanking festival right here in this town.
So what does one do at said spanking festival you ask me? Well, allow me to enlighten you.

We have spanking singers
We have spanking demonstrations
We have the infamous spanking booth

We have Welto the Clown and his bag of tricks
We have spanking slot machines (yes, you really can bet your ass!)
We have the finest implement crafters from far and near

Now, what about a freak show, you ask me? Heh. We’ve got freaks all right, and geeks, and plenty of cheeks too. Our side show takes place around back.

Looking for some grown-up refreshments, you say? You’ll love St. Andrew’s Pub. Just tell Ruthie you’re there to tie one on…

…And just because we don’t allow kids doesn’t mean there aren’t any rides! Let me tell you. We do the old “crack the whip” in a whole new way!

Spanking clothes, spanking toys, spanking furniture, and spanking art - It’s all right here.

Paddles, floggers, brushes, belts, straps, canes, and crops – There’s no better selection anywhere. Try before you buy.

Step right up! That’s it. Don’t push. We have plenty of tickets for everyone. That’s only five bucks a head. Your tail gets in at no extra charge. Have fun, everybody, and enjoy the festival!

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Marcus said...

I want to run the Spanking-Go-Round. :)

rivka said...

LOL... who's sitting in the flogging booth? And you know... that ferris wheel COULD BE...yes, yes I think it is... a GIANT spanking machine!! With all sorts of implements attached to each partition... *weg*

Paul said...

WEG Bonnie,
I'd love to run the Spanko-matic, the bigger the load, the longer and harder the spanking. :-)
Come one, come all, central heating provided at no extra cost. LOL. :-)

ella said...

Oh my God, that sounds SOOOOO fun!

Anonymous said...

Now, that would soooooooo FUN!!! *grin*


dwcmike said...

Okay, so shouldn't we take this one step farther. Consider posting tomorrow that all readers in a spanking relationship, should either give or receive a real spanking (whether play or discipline is at the participants whim) this weekend during the fair. Futhermore, they should then record briefly the actual date and time and a (short?) description of the real spanking, and the aftercare (if any) on your blog next Monday. Thus, this would be a Saint Paddy's day fair, with many people being paddled.
Everyone could start planning with their partner how to have at least one hour of free time together this weekend.
bottoms up

Bonnie said...

Marcus - I imagine the brass ring might be replaced by a brat loop.

Rivka - Great minds... I thought that too when I chose the picture!

Paul - Hmmm. I could end up really sore with an arrangement like that.

Ella - Doesn't it? Welcome to MBS. I'm glad you joined in the discussion.

Tigger - I totally agree. I have a very silly mental picture of Welto the Clown. Let's just say that a spanking with one of his big orange shoes would be memorable on several levels.

Mike - That would put a whole different twist on our brunch. I wouldn't have to get out as many chairs for the occasion. :D

Anonymous said...

Love the festival can't wait until next year of course my butt may heal by then.


PS I thought I was the only one with a twisted brain

SpankedMinx said...

Oh wow, I wanna participate (anything for a spank) Can I throw a coconut and get put in the stocks for being bad?

If not I'm happy with candy floss and a toffee apple or two.

Not keen on the huge orange shoe idea!


Spanked x x x x

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