Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top Ten: Celebrity Spankos

I thought it might be fun to ask my favorite spanker to list ten celebrities he would most like to have over his lap. Here's Randy's list:
  1. Anna Nicole Smith
  2. Tonya Harding
  3. Anna Kournikova
  4. Beyonce Knowles
  5. Brittany Spears
  6. Daisy Fuentes
  7. Jeri Ryan
  8. Kathy Ireland
  9. Madonna
  10. Jennifer Lopez

It's an odd mix, but I believe I detect a pattern. There's not a single waif in the group. Obviously, he likes having a little something to swat.

Not to be upstaged on my own blog, I compiled my own list of favorite fantasy celebrity spankers.
  1. George Clooney
  2. Tommy Lee Jones
  3. Pierce Brosnan
  4. Laurence Fishburne
  5. David Duchovny
  6. Robert Redford
  7. Harrison Ford
  8. Denzel Washington
  9. Patrick Stewart
  10. Sean Connery

So who would be in your top ten?

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Anonymous said...

I can pick quick on that one!!! Viggo Mortensen and Forbes March!!!

Not that I'd ever really want to get spanked by either of them, or anyone else but my hubby actually!!! But since you asked, I only thought it right to answer!!! LOL!!!

I actually had the opportunity to meet Viggo when he was promoting his movie, Hidalgo, and let me just say...*sigh* Did I mention that I have a picture with him? (He even put his arm around me!!!) Or that he's even more gorgeous in person!!! *sigh*


Storm Rider said...

You got to be kidding me, that man has some MILES on his face, as a matter of fact I feel good standing next to him!
Thanks Bonnie, you just made my day! LOL

Anonymous said...

I fancy a lot in your list Bonnie but for me the Dom types are Robert Redford, Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart (he is the bald one from Star Trek, isnt he?)

But I really wouldnt say no to any of them spanking me. There again Im a spanking tart!!

Excellent blog BTW

Angie - London, England

A'marie said...

Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart, yes please. I was a Star Trek TNG nerd for ages. It helps that Patrick Stewart is also an amazingly gifted actor. Oh, and I loved X-Men and Hamlet and I'm getting all tingly so I need to stop now before this comment gets really creepy. :D

You have excellent taste in men!

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Oh, yes! Viggo Mortensen, how could I have forgotten him? Is it too late to change my vote?

I'm not talking about spanking or being spanked by any of these people in real life. This little bit of speculation is pure fantasy. Randy is the only man who gets to spank me and that's how it's going to stay (although if Patrick Stewart knocked on my door carrying a leather paddle, I might have to reconsider...).

Storm - Sexiness is timeless. Consider, if you will, Sean Connery. He's even older than TLJ, but he still has those same blue eyes he had when he played 007.

Angie - Hi, and welcome to MBS! I'm glad you stopped by to say hello.

Yes, Patrick Stewart is definitely the bald captain from Star Trek TNG. His voice alone is enough to make my heart race.

Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. You are most welcome to stay and look around a bit. Join in as you like.

A'Marie - Hi! I've been thinking about you. I hope everything is going well.

Yes, I too have a thing for Patrick Stewart. I recall he was in a Simpsons episode where he briefly discussed paddling (though in a very non-sexual context). I thought I was going to fall off of my chair.

Marcus said...

I decided the best way to answer your question... was to answer it from a Spanker's View. ;)

Mia said...

in no particular order...
Viggo M.
Clive Owen
Ryan Renyolds
Jason Statham
Cilliam Murphy
James Spader
Snape (From Harry Potter)
Josh Lucas

I may have considered this before...

cuddlybum said...

Not that I have ever ever thought of this before but......

Sean Connery
Heath Ledger
Colin Farrell
Gerry Ryan (He's an Irish radio celebrity, but he's just got this 'look' about him......)
David Boreanz
James Marsters
Jim Morrison - you never said they have to be alive!!
lan Mandragoran - only a character frojm Roberts Jordan's Wheel of Time series, but so totally written as a spanko in disguise!!!

Think that'll do before I give away any more of my wierdness!!


Bonnie said...

Marcus - Wow! Pictures and explanations for each... I'm impressed.

I wonder how exactly one gets to be rear of the year? I'll bet that would look interesting on a resume.

Mia - James Spader! Now there's a spanker. I forgot about him.

Snape? He's a bit too scary for my taste.

Great choices!

Cuddly - No, I didn't say they had to be alive (or even real people for that matter). Hmmm... That opens up a whole new field of candidates.

Thanks for your contribution.

padme said...

We did our survey about celebrity spankings. I know I would love to be spanked by Nic Cage. Master said Jessica Alba was one he wanted to spank.
Sean Connery kind of made me giggle. My mother has the major hots for him. :) I hear about him all the time from her.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I have been in love with Patrick Stewart since high school...and I am a great deal younger than him. I guess I just can't resist a man of authority.


rivka said...

MMm... yum. I like a few names on your list, Bonnie. (George Clooney, Denzel Washington, & Sean Connery). Course, I'd most definitely have to add Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt to the list!

Bonnie said...

Padme - I do recall your thoughts about Nicholas Cage. That's one big reason I couldn't believe I left him out of my original list. he definitely belongs among that select group.

Old man or not, I still think Sean Connery is sexy. Those eyes hold every bit as much charm as they did forty years ago when he was James Bond. And his voice... I'd better move along now.

Lee - Welcome to MBS! I'm glad you stopped to visit. Please feel free to jump into the conversation as you like.

Patrick Stewart is definitely a man of authority. In my mind's ear, he tells me to get into position with the words, "Make it so!"

Rivka - Those are both good choices too. As it turns out, there are far more than ten good fantasy spankers running around out there.

CeeCi said...

I followed Marcus' lead and posted pics and explanations of my top 10 on my blog today (2/19/06). What fun I had looking for pictures. Thank you for the idea, you're the best.

I think my list shows my age =D

Oh, and I finally had time to post the fantasy from last Sunday's Brunch.

miss kitty said...

Oooh, now, let me see... Viggo for sure, followed by James Spader, and then on to Denzel. I also have a major crush on Adam Clayton, and think he has a very deviant look in his eye. The last one I can think of is Avery Brooks, who played Cpt. Sisko on DS9. Tall, handsome and with a deep voice...

Thanks for the yummy thought process!


Anonymous said...

Sean Connery. Look for the authoritative vein in Finding Forrester. (Lecture on what a "good question" is, "What in the hell kind of sentence is that?...When you're in HERE, don't talk like you do out THERE," and especially, "You said when people USED to read my book...DIDN'T YOU?" Shivers!) Look for all the finger pointing.

Also watch The Hunt for Red October and imagine yourself curled up with Sir Sean on his submarine bed/cot. He looks so hot there.

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