Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coffee, Tea, or Hairbrush?

Here’s a golden oldie! This was my trip report from a working vacation we took about five years ago. As you will see, the climate was even warmer than I anticipated. I thought retelling this tale tonight might be a pleasant way to bid farewell to February.

As I've described here before, Randy and I have many rituals. Travel rituals are some of my favorites. As we were packing Wednesday evening, I ran down to the basement to get a load of laundry from the dryer. While I was doing that, Randy was upstairs in the bedroom replacing the comfortable cotton briefs in my suitcase with hot pink thongs. He bought these thongs for me a couple years ago as another way to ask for a spanking. Our ritual works like this - anytime I wear a thong, I'm asking him to swat my bottom. It's a simple signal and it works well. Very well!

Randy's panty raid was an amateurish attempt and I discovered it almost immediately. I elected not to acknowledge his sleight of hand. As I continued to pack, my mind began to wander. I thought about Randy. He must have been very turned on by the idea of taking me to a tropical paradise and spanking me every day. I decided I liked that idea too. The thongs stayed where they were, except for one that I saved to wear the following day. To even the score, I slipped our dogleg wooden hairbrush into the bottom of his suitcase. We went to bed with no discussion of the contents of our respective suitcases.

On Thursday, we flew to our destination without incident. We checked into a very nice luxury hotel right near the beach. When we got to our room, we implemented another of our rituals. Upon arrival in a new room, Randy always celebrates our arrival by bending me over the side of the bed. When I dropped my jeans, he gasped. No kidding! I actually surprised him for once. There, before his eyes, was my invitingly bare behind framed with pink thongs that screamed "spank me hard right now!"

I quickly learned that he knew as much about the hairbrush as I did about the thongs. I guess after you've been with someone for twenty years you begin to pick up a few patterns. He removed the brush from his suitcase and promptly began applying to my bottom. He employed lots of wrist and just enough arm to generate a really intense sting. Almost every stoke landed squarely on my sit spots. Ouch!

After the spanking and before the requisite lovemaking, we went out for dinner. I squirmed in my seat while we dined on seafood. Upon our return to the hotel, I nearly tackled my lover. There's just something about being on vacation by ourselves away from home that triggers a ravenous sexual hunger in both of us. We wrestled like newlyweds.

The following day we visited one of the local wildlife parks. It was fun, but tiring. We just weren't used to the heat and humidity. We returned to our room in the late afternoon. We decided upon a shower. As we stripped off our sweaty clothes, Randy made a big deal of pointing out my thong (as though I didn't fully comprehend its significance). So into the shower we went. We washed and shampooed each other. When we both felt clean and refreshed, Randy reached out of the shower and grabbed the hairbrush!

I placed my hands against the wall facing away from the showerhead. Randy grabbed me around the waist with his left arm. As the warm water rained down on my bottom, so did a few dozen well-placed swats. The merits of a wet bottom spanking have been well documented, so I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say, my shower spanking was both painful and thorough. One exciting aspect was the way the thwack sound made by wood striking my wet skin resonated though that bathroom. If this vacation had a soundtrack, that was it!

Upon getting out of the shower, I inspected the damage in a mirror. My derriere was a brilliant crimson. Seeing what I was doing, Randy chuckled and said "Yep, that's one well-toasted bottom. You'd better get used to it!" Just about then, it dawned on me that getting spanked with the hairbrush everyday might be more than I wanted.

Again, we went to dinner before making love. It's not my favorite arrangement, but at that resort, you have to go to dinner early or you won't get in. We went to an Asian restaurant. The food was very good, but I had great difficulty staying in my seat. After we returned to our room, again the clothes came off. This time, I received my reward. I knelt on the bed while he approached me from behind. Pain and pleasure were equal partners in the subsequent proceedings. After we finished, we lay in bed embracing and entangled. We talked for a while before drifting into a well-deserved slumber.

The next day was the final day before Randy's conference began (Truth be known, this was the real reason for our trip). In the morning, we went swimming in a gigantic outdoor swimming pool. We had a good time, but I found myself somewhat preoccupied with pulling my suit down in back. I could definitely still feel his handiwork. After our swim, we rented small speedboats and roared around the lakes and canals.

As we had done the two previous days, we returned to the hotel just in time for a brisk spanking before dinner. This time, Randy had me strip naked and grasp my ankles. Before I had time to think about my predicament, the spanking had begun. He worked quickly using a snapping motion with his wrist. Giving the condition of my bottom, it didn't take long before I was howling. I almost asked him to stop, but decided to tough it out. Upon completion, Randy guided me to the bed. Once there, he demonstrated his affection with his hands and mouth. I was nearly jumping off the bed by the time he mounted me. It was very satisfying.

We must have been working hard because we both fell asleep right there on the bed. When we awoke, it was nine o'clock. We decided to go out to eat anyway. Our tardiness was repaid with an hour-long wait to be seated. Randy sat on a bench. I didn't. I could hardly believe how incredibly hot my bottom was. I wanted to rub it, but it was just too public a location. When we finally got our dinner, it was only mediocre. Oh well. I guess everything can't be perfect!

On Sunday, we had a great brunch. If it seems like we did a lot of eating on this trip, we certainly did. Afterward, Randy went to his conference and I went swimming. I had a great day. I read my book. I lay by the pool. I took a nap. Just in time for dinner, Randy returned. We talked about our respective days for a bit. I didn't want to bring up the inevitable subject, but eventually, he did. I think he was waiting to see if I would mention it. He sat on the bed while I positioned myself over his lap. Despite the condition of my bottom, he didn’t hesitate to get started. Again the hairbrush performed its harsh dance across my exposed skin. From the first smack, I felt a searing, burning sting. After about twenty solid whacks, I decided I had had enough. I invoked my safeword! This isn't unprecedented, but it hasn't happened often. I pride myself on being able to absorb a lot of spanking. This time, I just couldn't take any more. Randy immediately picked me up and held me. I buried my head in his chest and just hugged him. We stayed in this position without saying a word for many minutes. Finally, I said "please make gentle love to me." He did and it was so sweet. I loved him at that moment as much as I ever have. Later, we ordered room service and watched some TV before retiring.

On Monday, Randy was scheduled to be gone again all day. However, before he left for the conference, he handed me what appeared to be a business card. It was an appointment card for me that afternoon with a masseuse! Ooooo. What a great idea! I went swimming and enjoyed lounging around until it was time for my appointment. The massage was extremely relaxing. Fortunately, it covered only the back, shoulders, neck, and head. My lower half was definitely not ready for prime time. By the time she was finished with me, I felt so drained I could hardly walk straight (but I had a smile on my face). As I drifted back to our room, my mind shifted to my fate. Would Randy spank me again? I didn't know.

As soon as Randy walked in the door, I could see that he was tired. He greeted me warmly and then said, "Well, Bon, let's get this over" as he sat on the bed. Gulp! I wasn't very enthusiastic, but I did bare my bottom and lay across his lap. Maybe those thongs weren't such a great idea I thought. As he so often does, Randy surprised me. The first swat was soft and gentle. It was his hand. Normally, he seldom does this (mostly because he claims my bottom is a lot tougher than his hand). He spanked me, but in a soft, sensuous way. Throughout, he interspersed liberal rubbing and probing. The results were just as you might predict. It was the perfect end to a great day.

The next two days offered more of the same. Days by the pool with my book. Evenings discovering new definitions for excitement with my dear husband. We went to a dinner theater one night and the Hard Rock Cafe another. Each night, he gave me a hand spanking followed by rich erotic adventures.

The hairbrush didn't appear again until the morning we left. After taking his shower, he came out of the bathroom smacking the brush against his hand. That gesture always means trouble for me. He asked, "Are you still wearing that naughty thong?" knowing full well the answer to his query. "Yes," I replied in a slightly sheepish voice. He rolled me onto my tummy and pulled up my nightgown. He used a slow, steady pace while alternating sides. It was hard and it hurt, but at that moment, it barely mattered. My husband was demonstrating how much he loves me. I can tell you that the results of his love stayed with me all the way home.

It was an excellent trip. I would go again today without hesitation. I love my spankings almost as much as I love my Randy. I hope to get plenty of both in the years to come.

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Marcus said...

Wow. That's an event I would love to be able to do for my lady someday. Thanks for sharing a story that made me hot enough to melt steel. :)

wind walker said...

that sounds like an amazing trip!!! i love hearing stories about how well you and randy know each other...and yet still surprise each other...

IntricatePieces said...

oh my my sounds absolutely wonderful. what a great adventure...Yum!

hmmm now I'm thinkin i am sooo in need of a vacaton... or is that maybe just in need of a spanking? grins either way I think I'd be satisfied :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...I love a good spanking anytime, but a spanking on vacation!!! Absolutely yummy!!!

Great story!!!


Paul. said...

Great story Bonnie, brings back happy memories of a certain Chalet on the East Coast, the UK that is.

Caia said...

What a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing it:)


Bonnie said...

Marcus - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my tale.

Wind - It was amazing. I usually expect there will spanking and lovemaking. Beyond that, these adventures are mostly a surprise for me!

Intricate - A vacation would be welcome here too about now.

I hope you are well and happy...

Tigger - Yummy indeed! It was great fun.

Paul - Thanks!

Caia - You are, as always, most welcome.

rose said...

wow....made me laugh, cry and squirm....thanks! what a great story!

Bonnie said...

Rose - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

would it ever occur to you that the man might need a spanking once in a while?

Anonymous said...

God, I so love intelligent women. And you're a spanko to boot! No fucking fair : )

Anonymous said...

If things were fair (let alone what you've gone and done), we'd come out chatting from a movie and then... It's nice that we can still dream... I'd tell you not to do that anymore, except I can't wait for the next installment! Perverse, yeah... life tends to be, don't it? OK, super-duper perverse that, and life is any number of elocuent qualifiers...

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is thanks Bonnie! Tremendusly appreciated. And no, I'm not a Limey, just write like one, go figure.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed your stories and comments. as a matter of fact i ended up masturbating and could not wait to tell my suggestion which really worked for my wife and i when she was alive. spamking became much fun and once in a while she wanted to spank me. i enjoyed it but often she didnt stop right away after the password. leaving me with a red hot bottom. i then took her over my knees and this corrected the problem.now that she is gone i have tried self spanking but it isnt as good as having your mate spank you.

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