Saturday, January 07, 2006

Spanko Slang

I believe there are times when vanilla vocabulary doesn't adequately allow for the events of a triple chocolate fudge ripple rocky road tin roof banana split with whipped cream and a cherry on top lifestyle. To address this unfortunate deficit, I have donned my amateur Noah Webster beanie.

I propose that it should be easier to discuss the feelings and experiences all spankos know well. Here, for the first time anywhere, I present for your linguistic delight, ten new terms designed with spankos in mind.

  1. Squitchee - The itchy/ouchie feeling a bottom gets about four hours after a serious spanking, especially when leather implements are involved

  2. Wrunch - A tight squeezing massage of the buttocks, typically used during lovemaking following a spanking

  3. Afterswat - A rogue spank delivered after the apparent completion of a spanking

  4. Flustration - The feeling one gets when desiring a much needed and long neglected spanking

  5. Adaptogear - Otherwise vanilla objects that can used as spanking implements

  6. Croization - A temporary numbness of the bottom that can result from repeated application of a heavy paddle

  7. Yorfa - An imaginary line at mid-thigh to which panties are customarily lowered in preparation for an OTK spanking

  8. Frelification - A feeling of reluctant doubt that sometimes arises immediately after volunteering for a spanking

  9. Convelsing - A fruitless attempt to talk one's way out of a planned spanking

  10. Virching - Vigorous, rhythmic, and usually futile rubbing of the bottom performed in hopes of reducing the acute discomfort of a recent spanking
Please feel free to employ use this new terminology in any situation where it fits. Who knows? One day, some of these words might even appear in a real dictionary.



Anonymous said...

Love those, Bonie!!! Especially the Adaptogear - which for us seems to revolve around kitchem implements! - and Afterswat - which I received just the other day on my poor unsuspecting, already red-hot bottom!!!


little one said...

Bonnie, once again you made me giggle. Love the terminology! :) Happy Sunday. :)

spankmewithaspoon said...

Pure Genius Bonnie! You could take out a blogsite to house your just your dictionary. This is a BIG contribution to the community, and humankind in general.

Marcus said...

Now, the first five words make sense to me. I really don't get the last five, though I understand the sentiment of the feelings there.

I do like the idea of where your panties are lowered, but where does the word Yorfa come from?

padme said...

I think that was one of the cutest blog posts ever. I love the dictionary idea. So neat! :)
Hope you had a good weekend, bonnie.

Purplefireyopal said...

I have just found your site thanks to Janeen's site. I love her site, and I love reading what you post to her blogs, so I decided to check out your blog.

I am so glad I did. It is great!!
I am new to the world of spankos, and I am very glad I found it.

I love your stories as well as your fun posts. I was not sure how to respond to your past blogs, so I decided to respond to your most recent blog. I did not know if you went back and checked comments from past blogs.

I love your style of writing, and your take on the world of spankos.
Thank you for a very entertaining and heartfelt blog.

And thank you aslo for posting a recap of your ficiton stories I have read a lot of them, and I can not wait to read them all.


Bonnie said...

Tigger - I'm glad you enjoyed my linguistic escapade. I tried to choose concepts, objects, and experiences that would be familiar.

Little - Thanks. Sometimes I think people take life (and spankings) too seriously. I say we might as well have some fun.

Spankme - Hi! I'm glad you stopped by. I love your blog.

Marcus - Yorfa comes straight out of my little twisted mind. It's sort of onomatopoeic. Imagine, if you will, a pair of bikini-style panties being quickly yanked down and around, stetching the elastic in the process. Once the fabric clears the spankee's hips, the garment snaps back to its original relaxed shape. Yorfa!

I have equally tenuous explanations for most of the others, but the real objective was to invent a few new words and have some fun doing so.

Padme - Thank you!

Purple - Welcome to MBS! Janeen does a fantastic job. I wish I had half her design talent.

Thank you for your kind words. I seek to make this blog one that is worth visiting again and again. When I began, I wondered how much one could write about spankings and spankos. As it turns out, the possibilities are nearly endless.

I do check comments associated with recent posts, but less so for those in the past. If you have a thought you want to share, it's probably best to comment on a recent post or send me an e-mail. I welcome either. In fact, many of the features you see here were suggested directly or indirectly by readers.

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