Friday, January 06, 2006

Bonnie's Definition of a *Good* Spanking

Have you ever received a *good* spanking? I have. I believe I know a *good* spanking when I feel it. To me a *good* spanking must have these ten essential elements:
  1. Setting the Stage - As with sex, things work best when you take your time and don't dive right in. Being theater enthusiasts, we think of this phase as setting the stage for the drama to come. Randy delights in giving me a hint a day or an hour in advance. That simple suggestion triggers of a flood of anticipatory emotions for me. When the time comes for the curtain to open, I am thoroughly primed. For his part, Randy loves to prepare intricate surprises.

  2. Buzzwords - I'm very verbal and all about language. When Randy delivers lines like "assume the position," "drop your pants, young lady," or "bend over and grab your ankles," I just melt.

  3. Physical Contact - One of my favorite parts of a good spanking is the skin to skin contact. I love to lie across Randy's lap. Many times, I can feel his shaft poking against me. It's great.

  4. Beginnings - At the start of a spanking, Randy will lay the implement upon my exposed orbs. It feels cold and smooth. It serves as notice that I am about to be spanked.

  5. Sting - The first whack is always harder than I think it is going to be. Once I get over that initial shock, a great sting settles in. I adore that ouchy, tingly feeling. If it doesn't sting, it isn't a spanking.

  6. Warmth - The way I'm wired, the best way to make me hot is to make me warm first. I love that feeling of glowing heat. Leather toys work really well.

  7. A Swat Too Far - This may sound weird to some, but I really like feeling just a little bit out of control. There is a point at which the spanking is more intense than I want at that moment. I am forced to let go and surrender. This part of the experience is more cathartic than any other.

  8. The Touch - For me, spankings and sex will always be inextricably linked. When Randy pauses his assault to rub my nub, shivers of delight pass through my entire body. It feels wonderful and offers a promise of future delights.

  9. Conclusion - Randy has his own means of determining when a spanking is over. I always thought he went by color or a stroke count or something similar. As it turns out, he bases it upon my breathing. No kidding. When he believes I am about done, he gives me eight or ten really hard swats to finish me off.

  10. The Final Act(s) - When the spanking is over, even if it's intense, I'm virtually always ready for lovemaking. I feel totally submissive and totally turned on. At that stage, I am putty-like. My Prince Charming can do nearly anything to me, and I embrace it. When it's all over, I feel totally relaxed. All of my burdens have been lifted. I'm totally in love. Life is beautiful again.
If you're going to be spanked, it might as well be a *good* one!



Anonymous said...

I so agree, Bonnie!!! Like you, spanking for me is more than just the actual act of it. It's the closeness I feel to my hubby before during and after the spanking itself. And, yes, just hearing him say the words, "I think you need a spanking," makes me melt!!!


Marcus said...

The setting does mean a lot. I like the startled look on the woman's face when I ask, "Are you ready for your spanking?" or tell her to get ready for a nice bottom warming.

Fondling the recipient of my attentions personal parts is as much a reward for me as it is her. I have never gotten less than moans of pleasure for that.

I find Randy's observation for when he feels you are about done by monitoring your breathing interesting. I'll have to try that.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - A spanking, when executed well, is so much more than just whacking someone's bottom. That element is necessary, but there can be so much more.

Marcus - All of these elements have an important role in making a spanking experience special.

As for the breathing, I'm still not sure know what he meant.

rivka said...

*g* Perfect. I couldn't agree more.

The Pink Wench said...

Yep, I agree with all of your points, for myself, I definitly need that mind candy and stage setting if it's a for a fun spanking. I can enjoy the pre stomach jitters and anticipation when I know it's playtime. However if it's for punishment, I always want to get it over with as soon as possible. I feel better, and I know Jake does.

padme said...

Your right, bonnie. If your going to get spanked better make it a good one. lol. Very excellent blog post.

Bonnie said...

Rivka - Thanks!

Pink - I often enjoy the run-up and the aftermath as much as the main event.

Punishment, at least by my definition, wouldn't qualify as a *good* spanking.

Padme - Thank you. I believe you know more than a little something about this topic!

SpankingBlogger said...

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